you can't fix the broken hearted

(a/n): the story is based on if one direction wasn't famous and they went to the same high school.

Normal,how can you be something that doesn’t exist? Something so fake that it is real.I mean how can any of us be normal? When there is something different about us all nothing and I mean nothing is the same,everything is slightly different.So nobody is normal, normal is just not real.


1. prologue


I felt life crumble around me as I watched them in their last moments. Their pain and their fear as their killer tortured them slowly to death and all I could do is watch helplessly and paralysed.

I was 14 when it happened and after that happened nothing was the same me and my twin sister Clarissa, had to go into foster care, but that didn’t last long after 2 years we gave up on that and decided to live on our own. We’re 16 now and starting over at another new school.

But there’s something different between me and Clarissa, after our parents died she changed, I mean we both did but now she just acts stuck up and like she doesn’t even care. I lost everything my trust for anyone and my emotions now I just feel nothing. I’m empty.

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