you can't fix the broken hearted

(a/n): the story is based on if one direction wasn't famous and they went to the same high school.

Normal,how can you be something that doesn’t exist? Something so fake that it is real.I mean how can any of us be normal? When there is something different about us all nothing and I mean nothing is the same,everything is slightly different.So nobody is normal, normal is just not real.


2. a new start or another mistake

 The walls were an off white almost like a beige, the Lino that covered the floor was the same colour basically everything was. The only colour in the hospital like place was the navy blue lockers that lined most of the hallways in the school.


The sound of heel clicking against the Lino floor echoed through the hallways as our new principal, Mrs Barker gave us a tour of the school. She looked like she was in her mid-forties, her face was clear except for the few wrinkles around the corners of her ocean blue eyes while her sleek raven hair was lined with a few greys, she wore a simple black pencil skirt and a crisp white blouse. As we  came to the end of the tour mrs barker passed Clarissa and I a map of the school and our timtables and said her farewell. And that was it, we were new students at another school, hopefully we don’t stuff it up again.

*2 months ago*

I watched silently as people crowded around her, I could her wallowing sobs from meters away and I knew what was going to happen, so I turned and walked as quickly as I could. I had gotten no further than five meters away before I heard her scream my name out in a raspy voice, the voice that used to sound like an angel, the voice of my sister.


Only then did I stop and spun around to see my sister stalking towards me with all her making up smudged and tears running down her face while here hair was ruffed up were her hands hand been clawing.

“why didn’t you save them ?” she said in almost a whisper.

I stared straight into her soulless eyes and asked “why weren’t you there?” 


She never could answer that question and after years of her meltdowns, we had been to four different high schools were she would be queen bee and I would be alone and friendless cause she would get her ‘followers’  to make sure nobody wanted to be friends me. Then we would be asked to move schools because we didn’t fit in or we would be better off some where else.

We walked in a cold awkward silence the only sound were our shoes against the cement of the footpath. Once we reached the apartment the silence was broken.                                                                                                                    “Alexis, to do understand that we aren’t friends right?” I nodded in response not wanting to listen to her annoying voice again and watched as she fumbled around her handbag for the keys. Clarissa and I may be twins but we are nothing alike in looks or personality. She had bright bleach blonde hair while mine was a sandier blonde, she caked her face with make up while I only ever wore mascara. She wore anything short whenever she had the chance while I was happy with jeans and a t-shirt.

She strutted in side after opening the door and went straight to her bedroom with out saying another word, typical Clarissa. I shut the door behind me as I walked inside and looked around our apartment noticing every little feature such as the colour scheme of basically the whole apartment consisted of different shades of grey and white and how all the furniture was made out of pine wood while the art that decorated the area was rather dull which in a way brought down the feel of the atmosphere.


I made my way into the kitchen area to make a cup of tea, it was like tea was my drug because as I smelt the aroma that wafted off it my mind,muscles and nerves would completely relax,once the jug had finished boiling I watched as I poured the water in how the little swirls of flavour would seep out of the tea bag blending into the water.After I had finished brewing my drink I walked into my room and let the memories of today events flood my mind, I wonder how long were gonna last at this school evan though it was the type of school that seemed pretty carefree, I wonder if I might evan make a friend ,I wonder what my parents would think.I pulled out my sketch pad and a pencil letting the lead glide over the paper and let my worries slip away.

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