The Soul Keeper

One by one. The souls pile up.
One by one. The darkness child brings.
That's me.
The Soul keeper.


3. Number Three

"From the unreal, lead me to the real.

From the darkness, lead me to the light.

From death lead me to immortality."





I had finally finished my monthly trips to Heaven and Hell, I swear those angels got on my nerves the way they stared at me like that.

It's all his fault, Lucifer's fault.

There are no words to describe just how much I despise him, yet I seem to be his favorite. I believe telling him to jump off a bridge would most likely make him like me more.

Vile isn't it?

At the current moment I'm trudging through the Sahara desert to collect a soul by hand. Yes, people enjoy cheating death but it gives them a one way gold express ticket to hell. They are Lucifer's most annoying customers, the boss is a very busy man and yet he has time to make my 'life' even worse.

I was a girl who cheated death. 

Unfortunately I can't grasp the memories of my life, I can only start remembering things from the moment our contract was sealed.


How many of these people have I gotten rid of? Eighteen now? The people who cheated death were either incredibly brave or had a raisin for a brain. Most likely the second one.

The heat was pounding on my skin and making me pull my cowl down further, it was horrible.

And I mean worse then going to see the heavenly angels horrible.


As I stumbled (blind from the sand flying into my eyes) around trying to find this place a thought occurred. A thought about your race. Humans are strange creatures, they love, hate and feel sadness.

I hate them all.

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