The Soul Keeper

One by one. The souls pile up.
One by one. The darkness child brings.
That's me.
The Soul keeper.


4. Number Four

"Death is the beginning of immortality."

- Maximilien Robespierre




I may not remember my name but I remember that moment very well.

The moment my life was taken from me, as well as my guilt, pain, suffering and happiness. It all just disappeared into the dark abyss I now remain in.

It was that moment where I gained immortality, lost my memory and lost my freedom.

I can't help but wonder if I am dead, and this is all some dream, or if I am in some sort of coma. But I know the truth, I am not dead, nor will I ever be.


I have finally reached my destination, a beautiful palace lay in front of my eyes. No doubt this man would try to seduce me with riches beyond compare. But I have no use for money, and even if I did decide to take it, Lucifer would snatch it all to use on being more whores. Just like the disgusting thing he is.


When I entered the great palace, the 'king' seemed to be waiting for me.

"Ah! The dreaded flower! Have you come to take me away?" He asked lustfully, wiggling his eyebrows. I sighed, unhooking a small capsule from the back of my belt.

I opened it, and the man collapsed. The soul had been taken. My job here was done.

The guards blood poured into the hall as I left,

Just another day.




I'm so sorry this is so short but UPDATED! YAY!

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