The Soul Keeper

One by one. The souls pile up.
One by one. The darkness child brings.
That's me.
The Soul keeper.


5. Number Five

"If I got rid of my demons, I'd lose my angels."

- Tennessee Williams




"Ah! My dreaded flower is back with a soul!" I heard Lucifer's voice echo through the halls, his voice had that hint of lust to it. He was 'cuddling' with someone, again.

I opened the door to his room to find about eight girls and boys all trying to get a kiss off him "Now be patient my little loves. I've got some business to attend to."


He took the box from the back of my waist and nipped me on the ear "Would you like to join in?" He asked, grinning.


Why did I ever make a contract with this man?


I glared into his bright green eyes "Not in a million years." I said waving my hand as I walked out.


"You'll come around one day my flower! And then you'll be mine!" He winked, walking back to his pile of people who were practically labeled 'desperate for money and attention.'


"Like hell I will." I muttered, waltzing down the hall ways. I always had far too much time off working, it was usually used up in the dining room drinking. Occasionally, when I was in a good mood, I went on a trip to the gates of heaven to deliver messages from Lucifer (usually hate mail.)

The Angels didn't like me, I was Lucifer's favourite after all, how could they ever like me? So I lived in Hell, regardless of the fact I delivered souls to Heaven as well. It was just so much easier and simple to stay with someone who claimed they cared even if he was a devil who killed for fun.


Where else could I go anyway?

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