Amantes Amentes

Alexandra Udinov had everything. A good home, two wonderful parents who loved her very much and an amazing teacher who taught her how to be a witch. Now she lost her beloved father and her teacher and is left alone with her mother. Alexandra is send to Hogwarts. A special school for witches and wizards. There she will make bew friends and she will also find love in the face if the most unexpected person. But will this love have a happy ending or will Alexandra's heart break even more.


6. Chapter 6


"Mum what are you doing here?" I was really surprised by her arrival. She hadn't called to inform me about coming here.

"Can I talk to my daughter and Draco please" my mother asked with her usual voice that showed authority. Miss Karp just nodded and me and Draco went outside together. As soon as we were outside she hugged him.

"It's been so long since I last saw you. You have become a wonderful young man" she said kindly.

"You have no idea" I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Alexandra please behave" seriously. She was here without even telling me she was going to come and she wanted me to behave. It was not that I didn't want her here on the contrary, but she should have warned me.

"What happened to you Alexandra? I leave you for three days and you go and get drunk? What kind of behavior is that?" She asked her voice full of disapproval.

"I didn't get drunk. You know me mum. Do you think I would go and get drunk?" I asked my voice a little more high than it should.

"First if all, lower your voice and second it's because I know you that I am disappointed. I know that losing your dad caused you great pain but that is not the way to deal with it" I couldn't believe in my ears.

"I didn't loose him mum. He is not a fucking object. He died" I yelled.

"Mind your language young lady. We have talked about this. I will deal with what you did but that's not why I came to see you. I have something to tell you"

"Why did you came then? Oh let me guess. To see this wonderful young man." I said sarcastically and pointed towards Draco.

She sighed a frustrated sigh and looked at me for a few seconds before speaking again.

"Draco is indeed a excellent young man and yes I came here to see him as well but I have something else to tell you. It's not something that has to do with you but it's a choice I made and I want to inform you about it" she stated nervously. For a second I forgot about anything else and thought about what could have made my mother nervous.

"What is it?" I asked curiously.

"I am seeing someone" she said and sighed in relief like she solved a very difficult problem.

"What do you mean you are seeing someone?" I asked curiously but I already knew the answer. I just didn't want to admit it. She was about to say something but I stopped her.

"Actually, how can you see someone else?" I asked horrified.

"Alex I know you think it's too early but me and your father weren't really in our best state. We were stating together only because we didn't want to hurt you." I couldn't believe in my ears. All this time that I thought my parents were happy together I was fooling myself. I felt a lamp in my throat and my eyes water but I would not allow myself to cry in front of Draco.

"So he did you a favor by dying then right?" I asked bitterly.

"Alex, honey please don't make this more difficult than it is. I love you and your father loved you as well. That won't change" she said cupping my face in her hands.

"But you didn't love each other right?" It came out like a question but it was more like a statement. She nodded slightly and hugged me. I felt Draco slip away from us and let the tears fall as soon as I knew he was far away. I stated there for a couple of minutes thinking about all this. I wanted my mum to be happy and if she was happy with that someone else I could live with that. I wouldn't want her to be miserable.

"I am sorry but I can't stay much. I will deal with your teacher and then leave but I will visit you as soon as possible okay?" She said and I nodded.

"I love you sweetheart"

"I love you to mum" and with that she left and I was left there on the huge hall standing on my own once again. I wanted to cry but I had no time for that. Instead i went to the bathroom and tried to pull myself together and then went back into class with my head held high. Once I entered I was momentarily tacked aback by the mess that was going on but then I noticed the teacher was away. I sat at my desk ignoring the few glances towards me.

"What happened with your mum? Did she punish you?" Hermione asked concerned.

"Of course not. She has never punished me for anything. She just came to inform me about her new love affair " I said a little too bitterly.

"You don't really approve as it seems" Hermione pointed out. My face must have given me away. Of course I didn't approve. I was feeling like I was betraying my father by going along with all this.

"Obviously I don't but that doesn't matter. If she's happy I am not going to be the one to destroy it for her. Anyway where did Karp go?" Hermione looked at me for several seconds and then shrugged her shoulders.

"Your mum asked to talk to her. I think that after their discussion she is going to forget what happened here before which reminds me of telling you to back away from this. Did you see how easy it was for him to convince the teacher you were drunk last night? What makes you think he Han accuse you of something far more important which might get you expelled" Hermione said the last sentence in a whisper and I could totally understand where she was coming from.

"I have no time to think about that now. I will deal with it later" I said and turned in front of me as Karp entered the classroom and started the lesson. She didn't say anything to me. Not today or for the whole week for that matter.

Without even realizing it a week had passed and I was now sitting on the yard of the school under an umbrella as it was raining. It was Friday just after the classes had ended and I wanted some time alone. I still hadn't had the time to process what my mum had told me and I was still a little shaken. The whole Draco thing didn't really help things. He hadn't done or said anything to me since that day but I had caught him glancing at me a few times. Which meant I glanced at him as well but well I couldn't really hold myself. I hound myself missing my arguments with him which was stupid. I hadn't been able to get away from him when I slept either as he was in my dreams every night. I could t understand any of this. It would have been logical to think about him all the time if I was in love with him but I certainly wasn't. The guy was and idiot.

"You know it's raining right?" This thing seriously had to stop. I jumped again in surprise as Draco came to sit beside me our shoulders brushing as he sat down.

"You keep scaring the hell out of me every time you come to speak to me. Can't you make some noise or something? And yes I know it's raining" I exclaimed and he shot me a smile. That smile that showed his perfect teeth and I momentarily thought how his teeth would feel grazing my skin. I shivered to the thought and Draco's face snapped me back to reality. He was looking at probably considering what the hell I was thinking. A half smile played on his lips and I momentarily felt very embarrassed under his gaze like he could read my mind.

"Next time I will. Pinky swear" he said giving me his pinky finger. I laughed my true laugh in a long time and connected my pinky finger to his and felt a tingle where our fingers met and warmth rushed through my body.

"What happened to heartless piece of shit you were?" I asked sarcastically and he laughed slightly. I decided then that I liked his laugh more than anything else. It was an amazing sound. One I could hear all day and not get tired at all. It was totally stupid and I couldn't explain it.

"I thought we could call it a truce you know until you get over what happened with your mum" his words snapped me back into reality and I stopped smiling. I had told my mum that I was fine with her being with someone else but was a lie. I hated the fact that she moved on so fast. A part of me hated it because deep down I wished I could do the same but another hated it because it was like bet reusing her dad. Also her revelation about them being together only for my sale didn't make things easier. I always thought my parents loved each other and now I learned that it was all a play.

"I am fine. It's not a big deal. You can get back to hating me if you want" I said a bit too bitterly than I intended as I looked straight ahead of me. It was pouring rain right now and I was feeling pretty cold but it was a nice distraction.

"I can't believe I actually felt bad for you. You can't stop it from being a bitch can you?" He asked as he got up from the table and started walking away. I felt tears in my eyes once again but wiped them away quickly. I wasn't the type of girl to cry all the time. I got up and walked to my room. Thankfully no one was there. I picked up a dark red long sleeved dress that reached to my knees, black pumps and a black coat. Black was my favorite color and I mostly wore it. I went downstairs and headed towards the library where I knew Hermione was. Ginny had gone home because she had developed a fever and she wouldn't attend tomorrow's party either.

"Alex hi" Hermione's face lit up when she saw me approach her. I had been a little distant these past few days although I knew she only wanted to help. I smiled at her and sat down at the table and closed her book.

"Go get ready. We are going shopping" I stated not asking if she had other plans.

"Okay but what happened?" She asked probably wandering what was going on. I had been moody all the past week and now I wanted to go shopping. Yeah things weren't perfect but I couldn't keep crying forever. There was no point. And I knew my father wouldn't want that for me.

"I got better" I answered with a smile.

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