Amantes Amentes

Alexandra Udinov had everything. A good home, two wonderful parents who loved her very much and an amazing teacher who taught her how to be a witch. Now she lost her beloved father and her teacher and is left alone with her mother. Alexandra is send to Hogwarts. A special school for witches and wizards. There she will make bew friends and she will also find love in the face if the most unexpected person. But will this love have a happy ending or will Alexandra's heart break even more.


5. Chapter 5


The rest of the day went pretty quickly. I had few more classes then lunch and then studying. When evening came I went for dinner along with Ginny, Hermione, Harry and Ron.

"Are you sure you don't want any help. It will take you forever to wash all those" Hermione said gesturing the dishes. I looked at them and gave a sad sigh.

"I know but Snape is not gonna let me get any help"

"I told you Draco was not gonna let what you did slip" Hermione pointed out and I glared at her.

"Don't remind me of him. I will deal with him later" I said through greeted teeth.

"When you say deal with him you mean strangle him?" Ron asked while eating a chicken leg.

"Yeah, pretty much" I said and we all laughed.

After half an hour I was at the kitchen looking at over one hundred dishes. I sighed and started work. It was nine right now and it would take me at least three maybe four hours to finish.

As time passed and I was pretty sure I was the only one awake I started feeling a little strange. I don't know if it was the fact that I wanted to sleep or something else but I suddenly felt tears stream down my face. It was times like this that I was alone that everything I had gone through came to haunt me. Losing my dad was devastating but at least I had my mum to comfort me. Now she was miles away and probably fast asleep. Me. I was here washing dishes while crying. Pathetic. What was even more pathetic was the fact that I was here because of Draco Malfoy. That idiot. Yeah he was beautiful, very beautiful actually but that didn't stop him from being a total jerk. I just couldn't understand why he stirred such different feelings in me. One moment I hated him and the next I felt weird without him. It was frustrating.

"God I hate him" I exclaimed loudly.

"The feeling is mutual" I heard Draco's voice from behind me and jumped in surprise. I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn't hear him entering. I quickly wiped the tears from my face and tried to ignore him but it was impossible.

"No witty comments? You are disappointing me" he said with a pout on his face. I turned to glare at him and showed him my hands.

"Do you see them? I have been washing dishes for three hours. I am tired, I want to go to bed and I hate you" I was yelling without a serious reason but it felt liberating. He looked at me surprised at first but then shrugged and started walking away.

"Where are you going? You can't leave like that. I demand you say something" okay I was being a little dramatic but it was my speciality after all. He turned around and looked at me for a few seconds before talking.

"I am going to bed. It's late and I am really tired. You should go to bed to" his voice was sarcastic and I could see he was making fun of me "oh I forgot. You can't go to sleep because you have to finish washing the dishes" he added with a smile on his face and started walking away again.

"I hate you Malfoy" I yelled behind him.

"Goodnight Alexandra. Sweet dreams if you have time to see any" he said while laughing and I had to keep myself from throwing something at him.

I spent at least two more hours washing the dishes and when I went to bed it was long past midnight. For a moment I thought not sleeping at all as the sun would probably come up from any moment but as my head hit the people I had not much choice. I fell instantly asleep and had one of those strange dreams where you feel like running but you can't and you also have a cat that talks.

"Alex wake up. You are going to be late" I heard Ginny's voice and I opened my eyes slowly putting a lot of effort in doing so.

"What time is it?" It felt like I had slept for only five minutes.

"It's almost eight. We didn't wake you up for breakfast to let you sleep but lesson starts in exactly fifteen minutes." Hermione said trying to lift me from bed.

"Can't I get a day off" it would be really good if I could stay in my room today.

"It's your second day Alex. You can't stay in unless you are very sick which you aren't." Hermione put her hands on her hips which meant she was not going to talk about this anymore.

"But I am sick. I have lack of sleep. That's a sickness too" I said and tried to lie back on my bed but they stopped me.

"Alexandra will you give the satisfaction to Malfoy and show him that he achieved his goal" low blow Hermione. Low blow. But it did it's work. I reluctantly got up from bed and got ready. I knew that I was going to look like crap today anyway so I didn't put much effort doing my hair or my make up. I wore my hair in a bun and didn't apply make up at all. I dared a look at the mirror and almost fainted from the sight. I wasn't agley it anything. On the contrary I was beautiful but I had red eyes and huge dark circles under them which made me look like a ghost.

"Are you sure you want to go out like that?" Hermione asked as I got out from the bathroom and I shot her a glare.

We had History of Magic first period with someone called Miss Karp. Fortunately we arrived exactly in time. Unfortunately the only desk left for us to sit was the one beside Draco. He looked at me as we sat down and raised an eyebrow probably wondering what happened to my face. I glared at him and turned in front of me choosing to ignore him. I really wasn't in the mood today. Luck of sleep made me grumpy and moody.

"Miss Udinov this I a class not your bed" my head shot up and I rubbed it with my hands. Without realizing it I had fallen asleep on my desk.

"I am sorry professor. I didn't sleep very well" I apologized though I don't think she cared.

"Of course you didn't. That's what happens when you get drunk" Draco said and I looked at him raising an eyebrow not understanding what he was saying.

"That's a pretty heavy accusation Mr Malfoy. Do you have proof for what you are saying?" Miss Karp asked and I looked at him.

"I do but I don't know if they will be enough. As you know Miss Udinov here had some problems with professor Snape yesterday so he punished her by assigning her to wash the dishes. I went to see her last night and offer my help. You know our families are very close friends and I felt that I had to help her. So I went there and offered my help but she attacked me. At first I didn't know what was going on with her but then I smelled alcohol on her and realized she had been drinking. And then look at her. Her eyes are red. It's a clear sigh of a hangover"

"What the hell are you talking about?None of that ever happened. Tell the truth or I swear this are going to be your last moments in earth" I growled

"Miss Udinov quite. Draco is an exceptional kid and he has never broken any rules or lied so I have no reason not to believe him. You on the other hand have the exact signs of a hangover" Karp said and I couldn't believe in my ears.

"But you should really not punish her for that. I mean we all now she has been through some pretty hard stuff recently. It was a matter if time until she found something so she could get away from her problems" Draco said again and I was left looking at him with wide eyes.

"That is not an excuse. She is going to be punished. What she did was unacceptable" Karp said at last.

"Indeed it is" a voice coming from the entrance of the room startled me and i turned to look at the woman who had spoken although I already knew who it was.


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