Amantes Amentes

Alexandra Udinov had everything. A good home, two wonderful parents who loved her very much and an amazing teacher who taught her how to be a witch. Now she lost her beloved father and her teacher and is left alone with her mother. Alexandra is send to Hogwarts. A special school for witches and wizards. There she will make bew friends and she will also find love in the face if the most unexpected person. But will this love have a happy ending or will Alexandra's heart break even more.


4. Chapter 4


As strange as it is I woke up before the alarm went off which was pretty impressing considering I never woke up before I heard the alarm. Most times actually even if the alarm went if I pretended I didn't hear it.

Well since I woke up so early I would have more time to get ready. I went to the bathroom and had a quick shower and then dressed in the Gryffindor uniform. Black skirt and white shirt with a red and yellow tie which were Gryffindor's. I wore my hair in a messy bun and applied a little eyeliner. I looked myself in the mirror and noticed I hadn't wore any shoes so I picked up my black all star and instead of going back to the room I decided to go for breakfast and wait them there.

When I arrived at the great hall very few students were there eating their breakfast. I sat at the Gryffindor table and was about to catch the butter when Hermione and Ginny jumped from nowhere.

"Do you know what time is it?" Asked Hermione not believing I got up before her.

"I went to bed pretty early yesterday." I explained and she nodded in understatement.

"What happened to your wrists?" Ginny asked and I looked down at my hands to see what she meant. They had red marks around them probably from my encounter with Draco yesterday.

"I don't know. I don't remember this." I lied hoping they would buy it. They didn't.

"It looks like someone grabbed you. Really hard" stated Hermione. She probably had guessed what had happened but did this to make me tell it to her.

"Okay fine. Draco did it. He learned about what I said to Lucius and he wasn't really happy about it"

"Obviously" said Ginny pointing at my hands.

"It really looks worse than it feels. Actually I hadn't even noticed it" I simply said. It was the truth. I had seen the marks yesterday but I didn't think they would remain.

"Let's just forget about that and talk about the party on Saturday" Hermione said with a smile spreading across her face.

"Have you decided what to wear? You can wear the dress I bought you if you want" I said in a hopeful voice.

"There is no way I am wearing that. It's too short" she said slightly embarrassed.

"Come on Hermione it's a party. That's exactly what you are supposed to wear." Ginny said and Hermione shot her a look but it was obvious she was thinking about it.

"My father is outside. He wants to talk to both of us about something" Draco's voice from behind me made me jump in surprise and I turned to glare at him but as soon as I saw him in his uniform I was left speechless. He looked very good in that white shirt and the tie looked so good in him. No sorry he looked hot. Very, very hot. Concentrate Alexandra.

"Are you crazy? I almost had a heart attack" I exclaimed in a dramatic voice. He narrowed his eyes and sighed in frustration.

"Just move" he said and grabbed my arm.

"I can walk on my own you know. You don't have to keep my by my arm" I said as I took my arm from his grip. He sighed in frustration once more but said nothing. Obviously he wasn't in the mood.

"What no threats today. I am disappointed Malfoy. Very disappointed" he suddenly came to a stop and turned to look at me.

"Just shut up and move your feet. Can you do that simple thing or are incapable if that too?" He asked in a sarcastic voice and I felt my cheeks turn bright red. He smiled obviously pleased with himself and started walking again.

We walked in silence until the headmasters office where Lucius was.

"So now that we are all here would you please confirm to my father that I apologized for my behavior" Draco said and looked at me in a face that said tell-him-or-you-will-regret-it. But I wasn't going to do it. I looked at him for several more seconds and then turned to Lucius who was looking at me. I saw Draco from my periphery smiling as he thought I was gonna do as he said but that wasn't going to happen. Instead I started crying and went straight to Lucius's open arms.

"He never said he was sorry. He came a little earlier and told me to tell you that he did or else I was going to pay. I was going to do as he said but I can't lie" I said through fake sobs. Lucius kept me in his arms and I could see Draco's horrified face.

"What the hell are you talking about? Dad she is lying" Draco growled and glared at me. I saw Lucius was going to say something but I stopped him.

"I am not lying. Look at my wrists. He came yesterday and started yelling me about calling you" I said and let out another sob. I should totally consider being an actor.

"Draco Malfoy you are grounded and I want you to give me your phone as well as your computer. You will not be allowed to get out from school for the next month" Lucius said in a calm voice and Draco's face transformed into one of a very angry person. He didn't say anything to his father but he did shot me a look before he exited the room. And if looks could kill, that look would have turned me into ashes.

"I am sorry dear. Draco is a very difficult young man. I hope that eventually he will understand his mistake"

"I hope that too" I said giving him my puppy face. I left shortly after because my first lesson started in five minutes.

I had potions with someone called Snape and Hermione had wormed me not to be late. To my relief I arrived before he had entered the class.

I saw Hermione sitting at the front desk on her own and I went to sit with her.

"What happened? What did he want?" Hermione asked her voice full of concern. I told her everything that happened with a huge smile on my face. I was feeling pretty damn good right now. Hermione on the other hand frowned in concern.

"Come on Hermione, don't look like that. You are supposed to share my joy"

"How am I supposed to share your joy when I know it won't last long?" Hermione asked.

"How do you know?" Although I was pretty sure Draco wouldn't let that pass easily that wouldn't stop me from bring happy about my small victory.

She didn't have time to respond as the teacher entered the class. His bane totally did him justice. The guy was a creep.

"Let's not loose any more time and start work immediately. I will separate you into pairs and you will a truth potion." Snape said in a voice that seemed angry. Was he serious? Hermione had warned me about his abrupt behavior but this was something else.

"Granger you go with Potter" and like that he started pairing one student with another.

"Udinov with Malfoy" oh no. I looked at Snape who kept calling names and then turned to glare at Draco. He had a mischievous smirk on his face that meant he had a plan.

"Miss Udinov if you could please go an sit with Mr Malfoy" Snape snapped.

"I can't my foot is on pain" I said innocently.

"I said go and sit with Mr Malfoy" he growled again. Okay he might be our professor but he had no right to talk to me like that. But I got up nevertheless. I was pretty sure Draco would love to see me in trouble.

As soon as I sat on his desk Draco took my hand. To my surprise he didn't do it forcefully. He just kept my hand and looked at the red marks on my wrist. To my surprise also I felt a slight tingle as he touched my hand.

"I have to admit I am quite impressed with you. You really know how to take advantage of a situation. You are good but the thing is I am better" Draco said with a smile on his face as he started rubbing slightly my wrist. I knew I had to pull my hand but I couldn't make myself do it.

"We will see about that" I said my voice full of confidence. His smile grew wider and I had to keep myself from smiling as well. He had a wonderful smile. Yeah and terrible personality. I reminded myself.

"Professor Snape. I need to tell you something" Draco said releasing my hand. For a moment I felt kind of lonely which was strange and stupid.

Snape approached our desk and Draco leaned closer to him and whispered something to his ear. Unfortunately I wasn't enough close but as Snape turned to glare at me I realized I didn't gave to.

"Miss Udinov. My office. Now" Snape growled and I jumped in surprise at the tone of his voice. I looked at Draco who was smiling obviously very pleased with the results of whatever he had said.

"Jerk" I whispered before I got up to follow Snape. I can't believe seconds ago I was thinking about how good his hands felt on me. God how stupid I am.

We walked in silence until we reached his office.

"Do you know what respect and good manners mean miss Udinov?" Snape asked but he didn't let me to answer.

"Of course you don't. You are your fathers daughter after all. He was the same disrespectful kid as you are" Snape snapped making my face turn red. He could say anything about me but he had no right to talk like that about my father.

"I don't know what you think I did professor but you have no right to talk like that-"

"Silence. Although I don't have to tell you this Nr Malfoy informed me about what the not so appropriate words you described me with and I have to inform you that I will not accept that kind of behavior from no one and especially from a spoilt brat like you but don't worry I have the right punishment for you" he said and I started to protest but he raised a finger silencing me. I was going to kill Draco. That was for sure.

"After the dinner you are going to wash the dishes. Not only from Gryffindor but from the other houses too." He said with a smile on his face and I gaped in shock.

"All of them?" I asked in disbelief. He couldn't be serious we were talking about a lot if dishes. It would take me all night to finish. Let alone the fact that I didn't know how to wash the dishes.

"All of them" Snape confirmed.

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