Amantes Amentes

Alexandra Udinov had everything. A good home, two wonderful parents who loved her very much and an amazing teacher who taught her how to be a witch. Now she lost her beloved father and her teacher and is left alone with her mother. Alexandra is send to Hogwarts. A special school for witches and wizards. There she will make bew friends and she will also find love in the face if the most unexpected person. But will this love have a happy ending or will Alexandra's heart break even more.


2. Chapter 2


I woke up by the sound of the alarm. I looked around and saw that Hermione and Ginny were already up and dressed whether the other two girls were gone.

"Rise and shine!" Ginny said while putting her shoes on.

"What time is it? Five?" I asked as I tried to get away from my bed which I have to say was very difficult. It was so comfortable and warm.

"Actually it is seven" Hermione said and my eyes shot open.

"I never wake up at seven. I need to sleep at least twelve hours or else I will probably sleep in class." I exclaimed and started laying back in my loving bed but Hermione stopped me.

"That's not an option. You have to get up because we have a lot to do today" she said and I decided not to argue further with her. She seemed like the type of person who you shouldn't argue at all. I reluctantly got up from bed and chose my outfit for the day. The whether was pretty moody so I chose a total black outfit. Black skinny jeans, black high heeled boots, black sleeveless shirt and a black leather jacket. I let my hair down as I usually did on rainy days. I checked myself on the mirror and I was very pleased with what I was seeing. My mood wasn't the best but at least I looked good. I had long blonde hair and dark green eyes. I wasn't particularly tall and that was one of the reasons I wore heels so much but I wasn't short either. I gave myself one last glance and went back in the room.

"Wow those boots are amazing. Well everything on you is amazing but those boots" Ginny exclaimed in delight and I laughed.

"You can have them but after we get back okay" I said and her face lit up like it was Christmas.

"Really?" She asked in disbelief

"Yeah of course. I don't usually wear something twice. Not even my shoes" I said simply and she jumped at me and hugged me.

"You're awesome. Thank you!"

"Come on girls it's time to go. We didn't have time for breakfast so we will grab something on our way to Diagon Allea." Hermione said and with that we all headed out of the school to the Diagon Allea.

After three hours we had bought everything we would need for school and now we were at a book store where a writer was talking about his new book where he described his recent very dangerous experiences. In my opinion the guy was an idiot and he was telling lies but Hermione didn't think the same. She was looking at him like he was a Greek god or something although I was pretty sure he would never turn to look at her. Not that she wasn't beautiful because she was but because he was like fourty years old.

"You know what I saw a store with clothes somewhere. Do you wanna go and come get her when he is done with the fairy tales?" I suggested and Ginny giggled slightly but then her face turned down.

"What?" I asked curiously.

"I don't have enough money for that" Ginny said in a low voice and I laughed.

"Gin I will give you some then. Don't worry I can afford it" I said as she was about to protest.

She reluctantly agreed and we said Hermione we were going to come and meet her in an hour which I guessed was when this ridiculousness was going to end. As I turned around ready to leave I bumped into someone.

"I am sorry. I didn't see you" I said as I lifted my face to see who it was.

"Are you blind or something. Hasn't mommy taught you to watch where you are going?" I heard Draco's voice before I saw his face. He was looking down at me with his blue eyes which seemed cold.

"I said I am sorry. Now if you will excuse me get out of my way" I said but he didn't move.

"I don't really appreciate your tone"

"Who told you that I care if you appreciate it or not?" I said sarcastically and I heard Ginny giggle beside me.

"Of little Wiesly your here too. I should have guessed that you wouldn't find any better company that her" he said in a mocking voice and I swear I wanted to slap him right now but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction and show him that he had upset me. Instead I turned towards Ginny and asked her something that Draco didn't really like.

"Is he always being such an asshole or is it a part time job?"

"Listen here you little filthy mud blood. Maybe your father was an honorable man and maybe your Mather is an amazing woman as well but that doesn't mean I have to like you. In fact I was going to give you a chance to join the right side only because of them but now I see you already made your choice and you will have to bare the consequences of that choice" Draco growled as he grabbed my arm with extreme force because I seriously felt like my arm was going to get cut from any moment.

"I don't want your company or to be in what you call the right side for that matter. In fact I don't even wanna be around you because I am afraid I might stick some of your stupidity" I growled on his face. This time he put one hand on my waist and brought me closer to him.

"No one talks to me like that" he growled but I couldn't quite concentrate. His face was to close and I could feel his breath on my face. I had to remind myself that aside from the exterior he was not a good guy.

"Maybe someone should" I said and I am sure he was going to throw another witty comment but a voice stared us both.

"Alexandra my dear. I am so happy to see you again" I didn't have to see Lucius face to recognize it was him. I went straight up to him and hugged him. He had always been like a second father to me.

"I am so happy to see you too. You look pretty good Lucius. It's like you haven't aged at all" I teased him and he laughed.

"Now don't lie to your favorite old man"

"I can't hear this" I heard Draco's voice from behind me.

"Draco I see you have met the lovely Alexandra" Lucius said putting an arm around my shoulders and turning me around so I could look at Draco.

"Yeah. Lovely" he said in a sarcastic voice and I shot him a deadly glare. From his face it wasn't so deadly.

"I would love to spend more time with you but I have work to do. Whatever you need don't hesitate to call me" Lucius said smiling at me. " or you can ask Draco to call me if you can't reach me. I will see you soon dear" he said and left.

"Let's go Ginny, we gave things to do" I said as I walked out of the door and shot one last glare at Draco.

"That was weird" Ginny exclaimed when we got away of the bookstore. I looked at her with curiosity wondering what she meant.

"What does that suppose to mean" I asked causing her to give me a you-know-what-that-means but I really didn't so I kept staring at her.

"Oh come on. I mean the tension between you and Draco. I mean yeah he is pretty much always angry but that was something else. For a moment I thought he was going to hit you. And the way you looked at him. Well it was intense "

I looked at her for a few seconds and thin burst out laughing. Was she for real? What intense look was she talking about? It was more a I-want-to-kill-you look. As for the part about he hitting me well it kind of crossed my mind too.

"Why are you laughing" we both turned around to find Harry and Ron coming towards us.

"Nothing really important. How are you guys? I haven't seen you since yesterday?" I asked trying to change the subject. I really didn't feel comfortable to talk about Draco. For some unexplained reason the guy although he was a total asshole stirred some things inside of me. I knew him for only one day, I had talked to him twice and I had already strong feelings about him. I just couldn't understand if they were good or bad.

"We have been good. Now we are a little tired but nothing a good meal can't fix" Ron said and the four of us laughed.

"Well me and Ginny had some plans so you can go and find a place for us to eat and we will meat you there" I said and they all nodded on agreement.

"Who is going to tell Hermione" Ron asked and I thought for a second to tell him to go and find her but I wasn't really good at match making and maybe they didn't even like each other and it was all in my mind so I just said I would text her to let her know.

"Okay. We will see you there then" Harry said and left with Ron. Me and Ginny on the other hand headed to a little boutique I had noticed while we have been shopping for school.

After twenty minutes I had Ginny try a bunch of clothes which were perfect for her. She continued saying how she couldn't except this and that it was too much of an expense but I assured her it was fine and I meant it. I actually enjoyed buying all this clothes for her because it made her happy and it was nice to know that I made someone happy. I bought something's for myself as well as a killer dress for a welcome party that was being thrown this Saturday. Along with it I bought a dress for Hermione too. I wasn't really sure if she was going to wear it because it was kind of short and she didn't seem the type to wear such things but I would try and convince her.

An hour later we were with Harry, Ron, and Hermione at a dinner and were eating and laughing.

"You really are funny. You know when people talked about you and how you were raised I always thought you would be a spoilt brat but you really aren't" Ron said as he popped another fry on his mouth. I looked at him at first in surprise and then burst out laughing.

"Thanks Ron. That was very nice of you to say" I said between laughs.

"Can I ask you something? It's pretty personal and I am-" Harry started saying but I cut him off.

"Harry we can't be friends If you are afraid to ask me things even if they are personal or not nice. It's part of the whole friendship thing"

"Okay. I was just wondering how did you manage to get over it?"

"Harry!" Hermione and Ginny both exclaimed us they understood completely what he was referring to.

"I didn't. It's not something you can get over. I mean yeah it gets better but not because you get over it. It's just that you get used to it. I am pretty sure you know the feeling" I said trying to sound as calm as possible but it was really difficult. Talking about my father made me always feel really sad. He was such a big part if my life although he had so much work. We spent so much time together and he was my best friend. Losing him was the worst thing that had ever happened to me and I was devastated for months. At last u realized he wouldn't want me to grieve about him and that I go on with my life and that's what I tried to do although that empty feeling his absence caused hadn't evaporated to the slightest.

"Yeah I know. I am sorry for asking I was just wondering if it ever gets better. I mean I sure aren't in your position. You have memories from him which must be worse but you know.." Harry said as we all fell into a comforting silence. I wanted to go somewhere and cry but I couldn't leave just like that.

"You know what? Enough of the sad conversation. lets talk about something else." Ginny said and I was about to say something but the door that opened stopped me. Well it wasn't exactly the door but who entered it. It was Draco with a blond tall girl beside him. They walked beside us and sat at the table on our right. I was to stunned for a moment to respond and I wandered what the hell was going on with me. I felt a surge of jealousy which I sure as hell shouldn't. They sat down and started laughing about something. I felt a disturbing feeling in mu stomach as I watched them talk but I couldn't take my eyes away. Suddenly Draco turned to look at me and for a second our eyes locked and I felt that dizziness.

"Can I help you with something Udinov?" He asked in a mocking voice making me jump in surprise. He was looking at me with a slight smirk on his face that I would be more than happy to wipe off but we were in a public place so that wasn't an option.

No. I... I am sorry" I said as I turned my head away feeling slightly embarrassed which I couldn't explain. There were a lot of things happening to me since I met him that I couldn't explain. I sighed in frustration as the topic in our table changed into a more cheerful one.

"Oh I completely forgot. I got you something" I said giving the bag with the dress to Hermione.

"Thank you but you didn't have too" she said looking inside the bag. I was about to tell her not to thank me just yet when she shot me a look of terror as she saw the dress. It was a red strapless short dress which was pretty fairing but it was very nice.

"I can't wear this." She exclaimed trying to pass the bag Mack to me but I refused to take it.

"I can't wear it either. It's for you. You can keep it and wear it or you can burn it. I don't care it's yours"

"You do understand that that dress costed money right and I mean a lot if money if I can recall" Ginny said and I was about to tell her that it didn't matter but Draco's voice cut me.

"Well it's not that she put some effort to gain that money unless you describe effort as going to the bank and withdrawing money."

I turned around to look at him and he was smiling an evil smile not a genuine although I was pretty sure he didn't know how to smile genuinely.

"I don't remember asking for your opinion. It's my money and I can do whatever I want with it" I said getting up from my chair. I was furious. Who did he think he was to say anything about me.

"I pretty sure it's your parents money and I never said you can't do as you please with it I just said that you are a spoilt bitch who thinks she can do anything she wants just by pretending the sad girl who lost her dad" he was in front of me right now and if the circumstances were different I might be feeling uncomfortable with him being so close but right now I couldn't think about any of it. He was saying some pretty bad things right now and I felt as he had slapped me. I could actually endure anything he would throw at me and I wouldn't care at all as long as it didn't include my father. I tried not to burst into tears right there in front of him although I pretty much looked like I would from any moment. For a second I thought I saw regret in his eyes but his cold face returned and I was sure that what I had seen was my imagination. He was a monster. He didn't have any feelings and didn't care for anyone. I cleared my throat and stepped closer to him.

"First of all. You don't know the first thing about me Draco Malfoy. Second of all i might be a spoilt bitch as you said but as far as I know you are a spoilt asshole and third don't push me to far. You are not the only one who can play this game and trust me I am much better at it. Oh and just so you know, you have no idea how bitchy I can get so as I said don't push me" my voice was a whisper but he heard every word clearly. I hoped I would startle him a little but he didn't even flinch when I called him an asshole. A smile played on his lips and then he looked at putting his hands on the table on both sides of me trapping me there. I could see Harry ready to get up and help me but Hermione beside him stopped him. I couldn't think about that right now. All I could think was how extremely close he were. When he finally spoke it was a whisper but it made its purpose.

"First of all, next time you call me anything but my name the consequences won't be pleasant. Second of all, I am more than willing to find out who can play better because it will be so much better when win but are you sure sweetheart? I really don't like you but I don't won't you to end up crying"

I looked at him and wondered what I had gotten myself into but there was no way I would back down now. I would show him exactly how much I knew how to play this game and i wouldn't be the one to end up crying he would. He took my silence as a challenge and stepped away from me motioning to the bimbo at his table to follow him. As he stepped away I felt the urge to bring him back closer to me and I immediately scolded myself for thinking such a thing.

"Game on then" he said as he turned to leave and I was left looking at him. I really didn't like someone else having the last word in a conversation I was part of but at least I had quite a view from here.

He had a really nice butt.

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