Amantes Amentes

Alexandra Udinov had everything. A good home, two wonderful parents who loved her very much and an amazing teacher who taught her how to be a witch. Now she lost her beloved father and her teacher and is left alone with her mother. Alexandra is send to Hogwarts. A special school for witches and wizards. There she will make bew friends and she will also find love in the face if the most unexpected person. But will this love have a happy ending or will Alexandra's heart break even more.


1. Chapter 1


"Everything will be fine" my mothers voice echoed in my head. Yeah because everything until now had gone so well. I was in the platform 9 3/4 waiting for a train that would take me to a school for wizards and witchcraft because you see I was a witch. Yes me Alexandra Udinov a witch. I didn't always know that of course. I learned it when I was seven. My mum and dad, Katia and Nikolai decided that it was better for me to be homeschooled. Well to tell the truth my father although he was a very powerful wizard was muggle and preferred I didn't get involved with magic and take over his company, Zetrov, when I was ready. My mother though being a very important member of the magic world and a powerful witch as well insisted I learn everything about magic. So my parents brought me a teacher who was there with me and helped me understand the full length of my powers. Some of you might ask why I suddenly decided to go to Hogwarts. Well the answer is pretty simple. When I was fifteen, about a year ago, my father and teacher were involved in an accident and none of them made it out alive. After that my mother and I were devastated and couldn't stay in the same house. You see the memories were too much. After a couple of months my mom being the extremely strong woman I always new decided to take my fathers place on the company and told me that I had to continue with my education but in a school this time.

So here I was, away from the last member of my family searching for an empty cabin on a train. After looking around for a while I decided to enter one with three people inside. I entered slowly and three faces turned to look at me. A girl with long brown hair. A boy with red hair and another with dark brown hair and glasses

"Would it be okay if I sit here?" I asked smiling at them.

"Of course. Come on. I am Hermione Granger, this is Ronald Wiesly and this is Harry Potter" Hermione said pointing first at The boy with red hair who was Ronald and then at the one with dark who was Harry.

"Nice to meet you. I am Alexandra Udinov but you can call me Alex." I said while shaking all if their hands.

"And you can call me Ron. Hermione just has the annoying habit if calling me Ronald." Ron said and glared at Hermione and I couldn't help it but laugh.

"Well, it might be because it's your full name" Hermione argued.

"That doesn't mean I have to like it or use it." Ron insisted.

"Jeez guys. You are freaking the girl out. She will think you are idiots" Harry said and we both laughed.

"On the contrary. I am quite enjoying myself. How long have you guys been together" I asked looking at Ron and Hermione. They looked at me and started laughing.

"We are just friends" Hermione stated but I could see it wasn't exactly the truth. They had chemistry between them. The way they looked at each other it was more than a friendly look.

"Sorry I didn't realize" i said.

"So your the famous Alexandra" Harry said and I looked at him in confusion.

"Your the one to talk" everyone knew who Harry Potter. The boy who lived after the most powerful wizard of all times had attacked him. No one knew how exactly a baby had managed such thing but he had and he was known among everyone in the magic world. My teacher used to tell me stories about how he survived and about how evil Voldemort was.

"I don't really like to brag" said Harry looking down obviously a little embarrassed. I could totally relate to him as my whole life people gave me the special treatment all the time like I was made from glass like I would break.

"Yeah I know what you mean" I said quietly.

"Well it's not like you can do anything about it. I mean especially you. Everyone knows your parents. They were amazing people. Everyone liked them. I had the honor to meet your father a couple years before he died-" Hermione started saying but stopped immediately seeing my face. The thought of my father haunted me and I had spent countless sleepless nights thinking about him. I faked a smiled and looked at her.

"I know but I seriously don't want anyone to treat me better just because of that. I would like to make friends because of who I am not because of my family" i said simply.

"Sure mate. No special treatment for you" Ron said and punched me slightly on the arm. I couldn't contain myself from laughing and so did Harry. Hermione on the other side didn't find it so amusing.

"Ronald Wiesly. Behave yourself" Hermione growled and me and Harry tried to maintain ourselves from laughing. Ron in the other side looked terrified.

"I didn't do anything bad. I was just being friendly." Ron exclaimed.

"You weren't being friendly. You were being rude. You never punch a girl on the arm" Hermione said again growling. I laughed once again but didn't follow their talk further. I leaned my head against the window and lost track of the world. At the beginning of the day I thought nothing good would come from all of this but now I wasn't so sure about that anymore. Harry, Hermione and Ron seemed like three very good people and I would love to be friends with them.

"Wake up sleepyhead. We are here" I heard Hermione's voice before I saw her. She was slightly shaking my arm. I looked outside the window and saw it was pitch black. I must have fallen asleep without even realizing it. I slowly got up and followed her out of the train. As soon as I got out fresh air hit my face and I felt dizzy for a second. I looked around and my eyes instantly stopped when they saw a blonde boy looking at my direction. He was as I said blonde and very tall. I couldn't see the color of his eyes but I didn't have to. He was gorgeous and he would remain gorgeous no matter what color were his eyes. He kept looking at me for a few more seconds and then his face turned to one of disgust and turned away.

"Who is that?" I asked Harry who was beside me pointing my head towards the blond god.

"That's Draco Malfoy. You should better stay away from him. He doesn't really like people except if they are in Slytherin and I am pretty sure you won't go there" Harry said and I raised an eyebrow at the name. I knew the Malfoy family. Well his parents I guess because I had never seen him.

"Why? I mean if he is the least bit as his parents he must be very nice" I said simply. Lucius and Narcissa were probably my second favorite people on the world. I had known them since I was a little kid and they used to come at our home in Russia once every month.

"His parents are not nice people at all. Maybe they are with you because as I have heard Lucius Malfoy was your fathers best friend but to the rest of us. Well he hates us" Ron said making a disgusted face. I couldn't completely understand because as far as I knew Lucius was a wonderful man. I wanted to argue with him but was too tired to do so and also to caught up with Draco. To tell the truth he didn't really seem nice to me. Actually he was exactly what you could describe a bad boy.

"How are you even able to walk on those shoes. Don't get me wrong they look amazing but a little hurtful too." Hermione said looking down at my high heeled boots. For the first time I looked down to see what I was wearing and I was very satisfied. I was wearing black skinny jeans with black stiletto boots, a blue sleeveless shirt and black blazer.

"I got used to them. I love heels. I've been wearing them since I was fourteen." I said and shrugged like wearing high heels from such young age was nothing.

After twenty minutes we arrived at Hogwarts and I was left speechless by its look. It was built in Victorian style and it was huge. Maybe coming here wasn't such a bad idea after all.

"I hope you get in Gryffindor" Hermione said in a hopeful voice and I smiled at her. I hoped so too. My mother had been in Gryffindor whether my dad had been in Slytherin. I knew there was bigger chance I get in Gryffindor because I was nothing like the kids in Slytherin. As we walked slowly towards the great hall when a voice from behind me startled me.

"Miss Udinov wait." I turned around to see a short grey haired woman coming towards me.

"I am professor McGonagal. I would like to inform you that the house you will be part of will be chosen by the hat in the great hall before the welcoming ceremony starts. I wish you a good stay here and stay out if trouble" McGonagal said in a hurry and turned to leave but obviously she had more to say as she turned around again. "Oh and I am sorry for what happened to your father. He was a great man. I hope you are like him" and with that she left this time for good. With heavy heart I entered the room and froze for a second. There were so many people in here. I wasn't used to being around so much people.

"A little out of your league aren't you?" I heard a voice from behind and turned only to find Draco leaning at the the door. Finally I was at a point where I could see the color of his eyes which was dark blue which made him even more gorgeous. He was taller than I thought. Even in high heels he was at least one head taller than me.

"Excuse me?" I asked curiously. Maybe he was good looking but I wouldn't accept this kind of treatment from anyone. I hadn't done anything that could give him the right to look me with that face and also speak to me in that tone.

"Gather up children. We gave some news this year." Another voice said and I saw the headmaster of the school trying to calm everyone. I looked were Draco had been but he was obviously gone. I wondered if it was my imagination what had happened but right now I didn't have the time to think about that. I had a feeling the news that the headmaster was referring to was me. I started walking towards an empty seat but luck wasn't on my side.

"Miss Udinov. If you could please come up here" I heard the headmaster say and I walked slowly towards him. I could feel the blood drain of my face and I had to try very hard to keep myself from fainting. I arrived where he was and looked in front of me. My eyes rested on Harry's face who smiled reassuringly at me and I immediately felt better.

"Dear students, this year a new student will be attending the fifth grade. Now we would like to know which house will she be attending." Said the headmaster and pushed me towards an empty chair and then brought a hat and put it on my head. Suddenly the hat started moving and making noises.

"Mhhh such an interesting head. There are two main choices but I think you should be better in" the hat suddenly stopped talking I guess to make me die from anticipation. When he finally spoke which seemed like an eternity later I sighed on relief. "Gryffindor"

I got up from the chair and walked towards the Gryffindor table where Hermione was keeping me a seat.

"Now please enjoy the dinner. Tomorrow there will be no lessons. You will go to Diagon Allea and purchase anything you need" said headmaster and we all started to eat.

"I can't believe how lucky we are. We are going to be in the same room." Hermione said cheerfully and I laughed with true joy.

"Yeah. It will be awesome" I said and we both laughed.

"Why is Malfoy looking at you?" Ron's voice startled me I looked at the other table were Draco was sitting and I couldn't say he was looking at me. It was more like glaring.

"I have no idea and I seriously don't care at all" I said and this time we all laughed. After finishing our meal each house headed to their rooms. We climbed the moving stairs and then reached a portrait with a fat lady. One of the kids in the front said the password and a door opened showing a small tunnel which lead to a small leaving room. There was a fireplace with a couch and some armchairs around it. A huge book case and a few tables. The most amazing thing though was the huge glass wall at the far end of the room. To my pleasant surprise there was a couch there too. We didn't stay there long as it was time for sleep so we headed to our bedrooms which were at the floor above. There were two for the boys and the girls. Me Hermione and two other girls entered a room at the far end. It had five beds and each bed had a small wardrobe beside it which I was sure couldn't fit half of my clothes. I noticed that my bags were at my bed and wondered who brought them here.

"Hermione where were you. I've been searching everywhere for you." A girl with orange hair entered the room and hugged Hermione tightly.

"Hey Ginny. You look pretty good. I was with Harry, Ron and Alex here" Hermione said pointing towards me.

"Hi I am Ginny Wiesly. Nice to meet you" Ginny said giving me her hand. I took it and smiled at her.

"I am Alexandra Udinov. Nice to meet you. Are you Ron's sister?" I asked but she looked to stunned to reply.

"You mean the Alexandra Udinov?" She asked and I couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah. I am the Alexandra Udinov but that shouldn't bother you at all. I am like everyone else. Oh and call me Alex" I said and hugged her.

"Okay I will" Ginny said in a small voice.

"Now girls we will have plenty of time to bond tomorrow. Now we should go to bed because tomorrow is shopping day" Hermione said and we all laughed. After that we all went to bed as did the other two girls in our room whom I haven't met yet but I would have plenty of time for that.

Sleep came pretty easily that night. The only problem was I dreamed of Draco Malfoy which was not a good sign. Not a good sign at all

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