The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


20. Where am I?

It seemed that I was slowly regaining the consciousness that I had forcibly lost, I first could hear what seemed to be two different voices. They sounded like the same girls who were in the restroom with me. Was I still at Thorpe Park? They had their very obvious southern accents that reminded me so much of home, but their accents where so much harsher than the ones I had heard the past couple of day. They were definitely the two voices I had heard before I was knocked unconscious. Where’s Liam? My eyes felt like they were being weighed down by 20 pound bricks, so I instead listened to every noise possible. It seemed like the only two here where those female voices. They were watching the television; it sounded like it was an English News stations, but I couldn’t hear Liam.

“I think she’s waking up” one of them stated.

“And now for the fun part” the other one laughed.

The sound of her laughter made my mouth run dry and all the hairs on the back of my neck began to stand up. That laugh was all too familiar, and I knew exactly who was in the room with me at moment. I wanted to get up and run, but as soon as I tried to run I realized that I was tied up. This girl is fucking psychotic. I can’t believe I ever consider her my best friend. That girl laughing was without a doubt Jordyn and odds are that the other one was Ashley.

“Wakey, Wakey Rian” Jordyn hissed.

I could feel her presence moving closer to me. I wanted to scream and yell so badly, but even more than that I wanted this to be just one sick and disturbing dream that I would wake up from. I wanted to wake up and see Liam sleeping peacefully next to me; that would be all the reassurance I needed.

“How are you” Jordyn asked.

Her voice was thick with pure, black hatred, and it was all geared towards me. What the hell did I ever do to her to make her hate me? I was there for her when she needed me and I always looked at her like the sister that I had always wanted. Was it when I told her that I wanted to Melissa’s roommate instead of hers? If so, Jordyn was taking this completely out of context. I only chose Melissa because we were majoring in the sane subject and we could help one another study.

“I said, how are you Rian? Bitch answer me” Jordyn yelled before I felt her hand slap me squarely across my face.

“Jordyn calm down” Ashley urged.

“Fine” Jordyn sighed.

I could feel Jordyn walking away and Ashley moving closer to me. How could I tell the difference? When Jordyn was close to me the air around me became increasingly heavy, and that didn’t happen with Ashley.

"How have you been Ri" Ashley asked softly.

Why the hell did she care how I have been? Why is she trying to act like she is still my friend? Last time I checked she is here helping Jordyn do God knows what instead of being there for me. Was Ashley’s two-faced nature obvious when I first met her? No that’s what I loved about her. Ash didn’t care who she offended; she would only say the complete truth. I thought that characteristic was admirable at the time. Man if I only knew the truth that I know now.

"Great until now, but I bet you guys-" I mumbled.

"Liam and you are really cute together. It's a shame that he won't want to be with you after Kyle gets done with him" Jordyn interrupted.

That's when my blood ran cold. Jordyn and Ashley could mess with me as much as they wanted, but messing with Liam infuriated me.

"Liam didn't ask for any of this! If you have a problem with me then settle it with me Jordyn" I yelled.

"This have everything to do with him. Oh Rian if you only knew the things Kyle is doing to him at this moment" Jordyn chuckled.

"You are a fucking psychotic bitch" I spat.

"What the fuck did you just call me" Jordyn boomed. I could feel her presence coming closer to me, but it didn't terrify me instead it fueled my anger.

"Do you want me to scream it to the heavens? You are a fucking psychotic bitch and after all this is over everyone will see it" I yelled.

"You won't live to see that happen Rian" Jordyn said calmly.

I lost all the air in my lungs. Was I actually ready to die? Of course not! I don't want to make Jordyn know that I am fearing for my life.

"You think that scares me Jordyn. You've been like this your entire life... you've been all talk and nothing else. You are pathetic" I laughed.

"You are going to regret saying that" Jordyn warned.

The first couple of punches I could feel, but after a while it was like my body became numb. Perhaps it was the sheer amount of blood I was losing. I could feel it dripping off my face and rolling down my neck. I was on the verge of blacking out again, before I heard Ashley say, "Jordyn she's losing a lot of blood. You never mentioned killing her." To think that these pieces of work were my two best friends at one point in my life. Now they are going to be my murders.

I could see a bright light, but there was a large shadow in front of it. As I neared the light two figures began to look clearer and clearer.

"Mom? Dad" I questioned.

"Rian, what are you doing here" asked one of them. If I was awake I think I would have gotten the chills, because that was undeniably my mom’s voice. I felt the tears begin to form and my throat chocked up. I have wanted to hear my parent’s voices for so long that with every word they spoke I felt complete, but I also felt increasingly alone.

"I don't know. I trusted the wrong people I suppose" I cried as I stared at my parents in front of me. Both smiled at me sympathetically, but I could tell they agreed with me. As I wiped a tear away I smiled, because no matter what they were still my parents and they were hear with me.

"I never did like Jordyn" my dad admitted.

"I know you didn't" I laughed.

It was true my dad thought Jordyn was fake. She would be extremely sweet to parents, but then she be rude to others. I would always defend Jordyn and convince my dad that she was like a sour patch kid, but most of the time parents are way better at seeing the truth than us.

"Oh Rian how is school? Your dad and I have watched you become this incredible woman. We are so proud of you" my mom asked the smile on her was beaming at me.

I could tell she wanted to change the subject. That was like my mom; she couldn’t talk badly about anyone, and I always admired that about her.

"School is great. I actually love going to NCSU. Believe it or not I have met some great people there" I answered my mom.

"I like that Melissa girl. She seems like a good friend to have" my dad added.

"She really is" I smiled.

"The reason we are here Rian is to tell you not give up. We know how your life is going to be after all this and you will have so much to live for" my dad said his tone becoming increasingly serious.

"What do you mean give up" I asked as I looked confused at my dad.

"Don't give in to the light, once you do there is no going back" my mom warned.

I began to realize what my parents were telling me and I couldn’t bear the thought of losing them for the second time. I could feel both anger and sorrow beginning to flow throughout my veins. I began to hyperventilate. I am not strong enough to keep going.

"I don't have much for me there though. My parents are dead. I have no friends. What do I have to live for" I cried.

"You can't see it now, but trust us it's something you will want to live for" my mom urged me.

“You have Melissa and Aiden. They have been worried sick about you Rian. This is an important lesson for you to learn. It isn’t about the number of friends you have, rather it is the amount of true friends you have. Melissa and Aiden are your true friends and they aren’t ready to let go of you” my dad added.

"I won't get to see you guys" I stammered over my tears.

"Sweetie we are always with you. We are constantly looking out for and that won't ever change" my mom sighed.

"We are you guardian angels Rian" my dad smiled.

I looked at them and knew that they were aware of something that I was wasn't aware of. It wasn’t like my parents to push me away, unless it was something big. I wondered why they didn’t mention the boys as my real friends. I would definitely consider them to be my real friends. I wonder what will be around the corner and why my parents want me to live, but I decided to trust them. No matter what they know what is best for me. It also comforted me to know that they would be with me as well. I am extremely lucky, because I have not one but two guardian angels.

"I have a reason to live" I asked as I wiped yet another tear from my eyes.

"You will have many reasons to live Rian. Trust us" my dad and mom said together.

“Okay. I trust you guys, but before I go. I want to tell you guys that I love you and I miss you guys so much” I managed to say through a clenched throat.

“We love you too baby” my mom smiled.

“Go get’em tiger” my dad encouraged.

I nodded smiling from ear to ear. I turned away from my parents and began to head in the opposite direction of them. I kept their faces and kept repeating what they shared with me in my head. After quite a bit of walking, I looked over my shoulders and saw that the light was only a small dot and my parents had vanished out of thin air. Once again I felt alone, but I kept heading in the other direction until I felt this overwhelming surge of awareness. I jolted up and took a deep breath of air. That is when chaos ensued around me.

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