The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


4. The Suprise

      After a decent amount of singing, Harry decided to inform everyone what the big surprise is.

The boys had been singing for quite some time; I was so consumed with singing the lyrics with them that I had almost forgotten about the surprise that they had mentioned in the beginning. Quite honestly I really didn't care. Like I said I know I won't win, so I preferred just listening to my boys sing. That was until Harry decided to inform us of what is the big surprise.

"Hello ladies. So you may have been wondering what is going on, well tonight we are going to pull five of you on stage with us. We are going to sing a song to you lucky five" Harry said over all the yelling and screaming.

"That not the end of it though. It gets better..." Niall interjected. I was on the edge of my seat what else can be better than be serenaded by One Direction. It sounds like a freaking dream come true!

"After the show we will host a private meet and greet with the lucky winners and their party." Niall added.

HOLY SHIT! I knew for a fact that I wouldn't be chosen, but hopefully either Jordyn or Ashley will be chosen so I can go to the meet and great. How incredible!

     Brought on stage was five boxes with those familiar pieces of paper. I know Liam was my favorite, but at this moment I would love for my named to be called by any one of the boys. I looked around at all the people in the stadium... gosh there had to be about 30,000 people. Great my odds were 1 in about 30,000. Damn you One Direction! Always getting my hopes up to evidently crush them.

"So each one of us will pick one name from these five boxes. These contain your seat number and your name. Ladies please bring your ticket with you when you come up here." Liam announced. He sounded like his typical daddy direction self.

"Who wants go first" Louis asked the boys.

"I do! - Niall cheered, jumping up and down. He walked over to the first box and dug his hand in until he pulled out on piece of paper – Alrighty, I have the first lucky girl. She is setting in the top level, section D, row 28, and seat 14... Emily Anderson make your way down here babe." Niall announced, the top level was cheering for the Emily girl.

"She has a bit of a trip down" Ashley laughed.

"Yeah she does" I admitted.

Louis stepped foreword and picked a name from the top, Julissa Smith.

Next Harry picked a girl named, Amber Choi

Zayn called a girl by the name, Stephanie Morrison.

     All my hope was lost by the time that Zayn announced the fourth girls name. She bolted towards the stage squealing with glee. I couldn't blame her. The girls ranged from the ages of ten years old to maybe seventeen. I may be just a little old to be obsessed with a boy band, but in the end I don't care. I love them. Plus Jordyn and Ashley are practically the same age as me. Ashley is only 5 days younger than me and Jordyn was born in October.

     Then Liam moved over to the last box, those browns eyes fixated on the box. I can remember those brown eyes from my dream. It was so vivid. It felt like Liam was really there.

"Well last, but certainly not least... sitting on ground level, in section B—HOLY SH*T! That's my section- Row 10, Seat 1. Rian Rodriguez come over here love" Liam cheered.

     I sat there in shock, everyone in the rows next to me turned to me and cheered me on. "Rian that's you come on" Ashley said pushing me out from my chair. As I walked towards the stage I felt like time was standing still. I was walking on clouds. Oh my God... how in the hell did this happen to me? I never get this goddamn lucky. Once I reached the stage the ever so famous Paul helped me over the barricade to the stairs. When I was on stage all I could think about was not falling.

     I was standing in front of at least 30,000 people who were glaring at me wishing it was them instead of me. Then you had my two best friends who were recording every single second of it. I felt my cheeks burning with pure embarrassment. I looked at the stage as I crossed to where the boys where, when I looked up I stared at Liam who was being nudged by Niall.

"Hello ladies" Louis said shaking all our hands. I was praying that my hand weren't sweaty like it would get when I am nervous.

"We left something out... You lucky girls will be getting a signed yearbook edition of our Take Me Home album.

The girls next to me jumped up and down yelling; except for me I kept frozen in Liam's stare. Why is he staring at me? Is it what I am wearing? Do I smell bad? Just to be sure I tried to smell myself by covering my hand with my cardigan and bring it to my mouth smelling it. Nope. I smell like clean laundry. I looked over to Harry who was talking to the girl he called; Louis was too. Zayn and Niall were talking to both their girls, together.

      Lastly, I looked back at Liam who was walking closer to me. Oh! My! F*cking! God! He was so handsome, just before they called the girls on the stage they all changed to tuxedo's. A guy in a suit was my weakness, but Liam James Payne in a tux was my kryptonite. My knee's felt like jello; I have never had this experience on stage. I was a drama student, the stage was my home. But at this moment I felt like I was in uncharted waters, like I have never been on stage before.

"Hello love, I am Liam" he said bringing my hand to his lips.

I was just about to ready to pass out when I felt his soft lips against my hand. My face had to be the same color as a tomato.

"Um my na-me is Ri-an" I stuttered.

Nice going Rian; just make a dork of yourself that will make you seem cool. Liam stared into my eyes, deeply. Why are you staring at me? You making me feel even more nervous every time I catch you staring!

"It's nice to met you Rian. I really like that name it's unique and different especially for a girl" Liam smiled.

"Thank you Liam... I like your face" I blurted out. Well f*ck my life! Liam smiled even bigger like he was trying to suppress a laugh. I felt like my face and ears were on fire. Nice one Rian!

     Then I heard the beginning chords to Little Things: G, G, D, D, C, C, D, G. I had taught myself how to play this when it first was released. It was my favorite One Direction song of all time. I also remember fangirling really bad to this music video. I was in a lecture hall watching this video on my laptop, with my headphones in of course. I cried a little, because it was the first time in a while that I felt like some cared or felt beautiful. I did have a boyfriend after my parents death, but he cheated on me. In the end I didn't feel beautiful or wanted, by anyone. What I loved the most was that I felt like Liam was singing to me, and now he really is.

     Zayn began to sing to Stephanie Morrison. She instantly became mesmerized by Zayn's incredible singing. Hell even I did until I felt someone grab my hand. It was Liam.

He stared deeply into my eyes once again, "I know you've never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile, You've never loved your stomach or your thighs the dimples in your back at the bottom of you spine. But I'll love them endlessly".

He twirled me around after he was finished. My ears where ringing, but I could hear the squeals of thousands of girls. I was convinced this had to be some elaborate dream. I had the strongest urge to pinch myself to double check if this was only a dream, but then again I didn't want to embarrass myself even more than I already had. I must of ate some really spicy food last night because there is no way this is real. I looked over at all the girls who were sobbing their eyes out, and then you have me... not crying and actually just in utter shock. Had someone told me what I was going to happen today I would have thought I would cry on stage, but I guess not. I could only focus on their angelic voices, the strange mixture of cologne with hints of perfume, and those five boys, that I adore, smiling at their raffle winners.

Liam's POV

     I knew that I was constantly staring at Rian, but I couldn't help it. She was one of the most beautiful girls I had ever laid eyes on. I was known to be the romantic one of the group, and I truly do believe in love at first sight. This is especially true when I looked at Rian. My heart raced when our eyes me, those beautiful golden brown eyes. When I looked at Rian all those horrible feelings I had vanished. The memory of Danielle evaporated into thin air. I had no idea how, being in the middle of an international tour, but I had to get to know this girl better. Damn Niall was right; you need to keep you heart open to anyone. She wasn't like most of the fans; she wasn't fighting for my attention. She looked at me like she would any normal guy. I like the sound of that... normal.

     Once the song finished all the girls, including Rian went back to their seats. I payed especially close attention to where Rian is sitting. Periodically, I would look over to her seat to make sure that not only Rian, but her friends were having a great night. This would differently not be okay with security or even management but I have to get to know this girl. Even if it turns out to be nothing I just need to know who she is. Rian Rodriguez.

"Wasn't it nice singing to those five lucky girls" Louis asked as he hung his arm over my shoulders.

"Yes it was, but most importantly I had the best time ever singing to you lovely ladies" I said smiling in Rian's direction.

"Such a kiss up" Harry teased nudging me.

"I think you guys have been the best crowd so far" Niall admitted. Everyone roared in excitement.

"As much as we'd love to sing to you guy all night we need to sing to you one more song and unfortunately this is the last song of the night" Harry announced frowning. The crowd booed until What Makes You Beautiful began to play.

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