The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


14. The Flat

     It was strange to be without the others, but Liam and I were the first one's to be dropped off at his 'flat'. In American we'd call it a high-rise apartment.

“Wow” I gasped as we entered the huge lobby.

It looked like some kind of fancy hotel. This is why Liam is never allowed to see my dorm. My dorm is probably the size of the average closet in this place.

“What love” Liam asked squeezing my hand.

I looked at him and smiled sheepishly, “This place is huge”.

Liam looked around and then back to me. “I thought that when I first moved here. You'll see my old house when we go to Wolverhampton. It's like half the size of my flat” Liam assured.

Liam's P.O.V

     Rian couldn't stop looking around at everything, but myself. I really hope she believe what I told was true. I do love her. I know loads of Directioners know that I have a new girlfriend, but I want them to get to know her. I want them to see the Rian I see. She looked stunning as she stood across from in the lift. When those golden brown eyes flickered to me, her cheeks flushed a lovely pink colour. Rian was flawless. Every time our eyes meet I feel this sort of electricity. It radiates throughout my body and I want to do I pull her close, so I can feel something other than the electricity. I know without a doubt that my family will love her to bits.

“Liam why are you staring at me” Rian asked as she stepped closer to me.

“It's because you are flawless and I cannot get over that you are mine” I admitted looking down at her.

“You are incredibly perfect Liam” Rian gushed.

I smiled down at her, “I love you Rian Michelle Rodriguez”.

She blushed, “I love you Liam James Payne”.

     That's when I gently cupped her face and began to lean into her. My eyes shut contently as I softly pressed my lips against her full, warm lips. I back her up against the wall as I deepened the kiss. I had this relentless urge to keep her close to me. We continued to kiss until the doors of the lift opened to my floor.

“Come with me miss” I smiled as our hands intertwined.

The sound of our rolling cases followed behind us. I was grinning from ear to ear, I am taking the girl of my dreams to meet my parents and visit my home. When we got to my door I moved our cases to the side so I could fumble with my keys and opened my door. I had a great idea and I knew I needed to act on it fast. I moved closer to Rian and picked her up newly-wed style.

“Liam” She screeched as I carried her through the door to my lounge.

“You are insane Liam James” Rian yelled at me. I decided it was only nice to put her back down. I kissed her before she could say another word.

“Only because you make me feel insane. God you are so gorgeous” I blurted out.

Rian looked at me and blushed as I continued, “You are so beautiful love. I was wondering if you would do me the honours of having our first date together”.

Rian eyes gleamed as she cheered, “Oh my God Liam... yes! Of course I will”.

     Rian made me smile like a fool, but I have never been so happy in my life. Nothing matters other than her happiness. These past couple of months have been incredible, because of her. She has impacted my life so much already. Rian has brought the best parts of me out, and I love her for that. Her love for life and care-free attitude makes me look at life differently. After everything she's gone through Rian only see's the good. On the aeroplane she looked at the rest of the world with awe and total bliss. I am falling so hard for this girl. Quite honestly, Rian was the American and female version of Niall. She was so care-free, bubbly, energetic, and loves life.

“I am going to grab our cases so we can get date night started” I said winking at Rian. She blushed once more, exposing my favourite shade of pink once again. I kissed her forehead on last time before heading to go grab the cases.

Rian's P.O.V.

     When Liam left for our suitcases I decided to look around. What else is there to do? He had quite a bit of photos on the walls. A lot of them were of his family, then some of the X Factor days. His family pictures were adorable. Oddly enough that was another thing that attracted me to Liam; he was extremely family-orientated. I loved that he appreciates family just as much as I do. Being in his apartment made me realize that Liam is like any other twenty year old. He was really into 'football' or what I call soccer. Don't ever let Louis hear you call it soccer... he will argue why it's called football and American are just trying to piss of every other country. Harry called it the second war against Britian and America. Liam loved Toy Story more than the average five year old, but then again I love The Little Mermaid more than an average five year old. Then we had Liam's Batman obsession. I mean the guy has a realistic Batman costume, but I love that about him. His quirks are what make him Liam Payne.

     In the couple of months that Liam and I have known each other, we haven't had much time alone. Majority of the times we were surrounded by the boys or Paddy. I feel that Paddy is warming up to me more and more. Liam adores him and Paddy is like an older brother to Liam. Although my favorite body guard of the guys is definitely Mark. Just because he's hilarious and doesn't look at me like a threat. I mean I am only 5'2 I can't really see myself as a threat. Paddy and I have shared numerous conversations, mainly about my life back home. He was fascinated about the difference in American education compared to English Education.

     Needless to say I was looking foreword to my date with Liam. I was ready to see if he was the hopeless romantic that he claims to be. I wanted to jump up and down and cheer. I am going on a date with Liam. This is going to be incredible. I needed to share my excitement with someone so I sent a quick text to Melissa.

To Melissa: Guess who is going on their first date with Liam... this girl!

     I saw that Ashley texted me while I was on the flight.

From Ashley: Hey have a good time in England! Don't forget to text me.

     Should I text her? I gave in and texted her the same thing as Melissa. Oh well if they are jealous, let them be.

     I heard the suitcase rolling along the hardwood floors and then I felt someone strong arms wrap around me. “Who are you texting love” Liam asked before kissing my neck. He really shouldn't ask questions when he kisses me because my brain become mush.

“Melissa and Ash” I answered smiling as he continued to kiss my neck. His kisses melted me like decadent chocolate on a hot summers day.

“Nice, are you ready to go love” Liam asked his breath ticking my ear.

“Can I fix my makeup” I asked turning around and looking at him.

Liam smiled at me, “Of course. The bathroom is down that hall on the right”.

     I walked over to the bathroom and opened the door. Damn this put my bathroom in the dorm to shame and it didn't even have a toliet. The tile flooring was a warm dark brown, with white walls, and granite counter tops. Wow. I pulled out my make up bag and quickly touched up my mascara and comb my hair. Since Liam like curly hair I never had to worry about straightening it. Instead I left it in it's natural wave. This made life so much easier. I popped a mint into my mouth and sprayed on some perfume before leaving the bathroom.

I walked down the hall and heard Liam on the phone arguing with some one. “How can you have an opinion on someone you've never met Harry” Liam yelled. He can't be talking to Harry Styles could he?

“You guy try to control ever aspect of our lives, but you can't control this part. I love her and I don't care if you think it would be better for the band for me to date Danielle again” Liam growled.

I have never seen him this pissed. My heart sank when I noticed they were talking about me.

“The guys love her to bits and so far there hasn't been any drama. Do I need to remind you that One Direction are your biggest clients? Thank you for the advice, but you can piss off Harry” Liam said before hanging up. That's when he looked up; I saw a wave of guilt rush through his face.

“How much of that did you hear” Liam asked wiping his eyes.

“Enough to hear that someone is particularly happy with us” I admitted walking closer to him.

“I am so sorry Love” Liam apologized shaking his head.

“Don't be Liam” I smiled as I cupped his face.

“I love you and no one is going to change that Rian” Liam whispered.

“I know that Liam and I love you” I whispered before kissing those softy, plump lips of his.

“It's time for our date” Liam said as he lead me out the door. 

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