The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


18. Story of my Life

I woke up to an empty bed yet again. What is it with Liam leaving the bed before I wake up? I was slightly hurt that he didn’t wait for me, but I was more upset that Liam wouldn’t cuddle with me as I woke up. Then the harsh reality of real life hit me; this isn’t a movie where the both of us would wake up simultaneously, or I would wake up to his soft, subtle lips gently pecking mine as he ever-so-kindly dragged me out of my dreaming state by carefully removing strands of my hair from my face. Hell I wouldn’t even mind if it was the other way around. Is that just something he doesn’t do? And it’s not like I could even ask him. Would I even want to know the answer to that question anyway?

I padded over to my suitcase and looked anything to wear. I looked at my shirts questioning if I should go more casual today or amp it a bit with one of my nicer shirts. Then I remembered that I love to be comfortable rather than to be super fashion-forward, also I didn’t quite feel like getting dolled up. I love that about Liam.  I feel like I could wear a potato sack and he’d think I was beautiful. With that being said, I pulled out yet another t-shirt with my schools logo and a pair of dark-washed skinny jeans.  I quickly put them on then I brushed my teeth, before heading outside the room. As soon as I walked downstairs I was bombarded by a 5’11, curly-hair, green-eyed male who was all too excited to see me. Yeah I am not even close to being prepared for this.

 “Rian” Harry cheered as he lifted me from the last step swinging me around. What did I do to deserve such torture? This is way more torturous then his stupid knock, knock jokes.

“Harry stop spinning me I am going to puke” I pleaded once I realized this boy wasn’t stopping.

To think that Harry Styles and me are about the same age, but I swear his maturity levels dip from an old man, to a nineteen-year-old, and then to a five-year-old.  I let out a sigh of relief once Harry put me back down on the safe, stable ground.

“Good morning Harry” I grumbled as I stepped away from him.

“Wow someone is cranky” Liam laughed as he draped his arm on my shoulders.

It probably didn’t help that I was already kind of upset with him, but I looked at Liam and gave him one of the dirtiest look I have ever given anyone. “I am not a morning person” I snapped. Both boys took a long step away from me.

“Wait… what’s going on” I asked looking at both boys.

“I forgot to mention, but we are filming for our next music video today” Liam whispered.

“Oh. When do I need to get ready” I asking trying to brighten my mood.

“You have almost an hour and a half love” Liam smiled.

“Okay” I nodded.  

Then I caught a whiff of coffee and I began to walk towards that wonderful aroma. “Who would have known you were dating a clone of Zayn” Harry whispered to Liam.

 I rolled my eyes. “I can hear you” I said as I headed towards the kitchen. I am going to sound like a typical American right now, but I need coffee like as soon as possible.

When I got into the kitchen I saw Louis sitting on the counter with a coffee mug in hand. “Hello there babe” Louis greeted, not even budging.

“Good morning Louis. Please tell me there’s coffee” I mumbled. Louis laughed as he pointed to the coffee pot, “it’s right over there and the cups are in the cabinet above. I forgot that you aren’t a morning person”.

 I smiled with delight as I filled my mug with liquid gold. I took a long sip of the coffee slightly burning my tongue, but the familiar flavor of coffee comforted me.

“Damn you drink your coffee black” Louis asked.

I smiled as I nodded my head, “You forget I am a college student Louis. I drink coffee like its water.”

Louis laughed, “I think you may have a problem.”

I smacked his arm gently and smirked, “Jerk.”

After I finished drinking my coffee I moved to the living room were Harry, Louis and Liam we are sitting on the couch talking about the music video. I picked the only spot that was open which was in between Louis and Liam. Liam’s hand instinctively found mine and he gave it a gentle squeeze as if he was asking me if I was better. I answered him with a gentle squeeze as well. As the continued to talk, my attention was on Liam’s and mine’s joined hands. His hand was so much bigger than mine. His fingers so warm. Everything about Liam was warm even down to his heart. I thumbed the back of his hand feeling his soft, yet firm skin; this was all I wanted. Liam to be close enough where I could focus on even the minutest of details.

 “What song are you making the music video for” I asked interrupting their conversations. Both Harry and Louis look at each other smiling like they were hiding a huge secret.

Liam looked at the boys, “Should we keep it a secret?”

My jaw dropped, “What no. Please tell me Liam” I pleaded.

Liam grinned as he moved his face closer to me. “I just want it to be a surprise” Liam argued

That’s when it hit me, “Oh my God is this a new song.”

Harry laughed, “You got it babe.”

“I can’t wait! I am going to get ready right now” I sang as I ran up the stairs going to get an outfit from my suitcase.

            After a couple minutes of determining what to wear I choice those same dark-washed skinny jeans that I loved so much and a black cardigan with a blood red V-neck shirt underneath. It wasn’t much different from what I was originally wearing, but I felt it was maybe one notch higher than casual.  I combed the tangles from my hair, but left it in its natural waviness-self, because I knew I didn’t have enough time to actually straighten this beast that I call hair. As I looked in the mirror I realized that I did need makeup; those dark circles were making it appear like I slept with my mascara on. After a good lathering of concealer, foundation and powder I began to look less like a zombie, and I was ready in about twenty minutes. I ran back downstairs with my purse in hand.

“Look who has this pep in her step now” Louis laughed. I looked at Louis and gave him yet another evil glare. I love this guy. He is like the older brother I have always wanted.

“I love you Louis” I admitted smiling at him.

“Now don’t go making Liam jealous” Louis laughed.

“No you are like the older brother I have always wanted” I explained.

Louis looked at me seriously as he promised, “I will always be that big brother you need. It comes very naturally to me.”

I hugged Louis tightly and sighed, “Your sisters are so lucky to have you as their older brother Louis.”

That’s when I heard Harry scoff, “So she doesn’t look at us like older brothers, because technically we are the babies.” I turned around and saw Liam and Harry standing by the door.

Liam was smiling at me as he added, “Quite frankly mate I don’t want to be her brother. I am her boyfriend and that’s what I wanted.” I blushed and looked at the ground.

“Okay… so this is really awkward” Louis admitted.

“How is this awkward Louis” I asked, extremely curious.

“Well because you can feel that the intimacy level just sky rocketed up in here. Am I not right Harry” Louis asked gesturing to Harry.

“Yeah” Harry nodded.                               

“It’s because I have been meaning to do this all morning” Liam said as he took a couple of long strides before reaching me.

That’s when he cupped my face with those two soft, warm hands of his. I looked into those brown eyes that I loved so much and smiled. I will never be able to stop explaining how perfect Liam is, but even how the roughness of his beard against my hand that went to rub the side  of his face was the perfect amount of roughness. As soon as I saw his lips coming closer to mine; my eyes fluttered shut. When Liam’s soft lips touched mine it was magical. Everyone talks about having those ‘fireworks’ that go off in your head when the love of your life kisses your lips. For myself it wasn’t just measly fireworks it was also my heart dropping ten billion stories, my legs becoming as wobbly as Jell-O, as well as the swarms of butterflies that would always seem to take over my stomach. Liam’s rough facial hair on his chin was such a stark contrast to the soft and subtleness of his lips. His warmth was another thing that I was becoming increasingly accustomed to.

“Get a room you two” Louis groaned.

“Maybe we will” Liam said winking at me.

“Let’s go get that room” I smiled playing around with Liam tugging at the hem of his tee shirt.

“Oh my God now she is playing along too. Damn Liam did you corrupt poor Rian or what?” Louis complained. I winked at Liam as we headed out the door.

            I was practically bouncing up and out of my seat the entire time. I had no idea what song One Direction was making a music video for other than Louis telling me it was one of his favorites off the new album. As we neared the set of the music video my heart began to race and yet another stupid grin was plastered to my face. I can’t believe I am going to be one of the first people to hear this song and see some of the music video. Louis was telling me that Ben Winston was directing it. He had recently done the music video for Best Song Ever; so with that being said I knew this one won’t be short of spectacular. As we entered the set Liam, Louis, and Harry were taken by Lou Teasdale to go get ready. I felt kind of alone as I wandered around until. I saw a man walking towards me.  

“Hello there Love. You must be Liam’s girlfriend Rian” He greeted smiling at me.

“Yeah I am Rian and you are Ben Winston right” I smiled.

“Yeah just call me Ben though. I need your opinion on something. Follow me” He laughed.

            I followed him to a giant room that was filled being filled with photographs.  It was incredible. I was instantly drawn to one picture in particular. As I neared it I knew it was Liam as a child. I touched it. Liam looked between six-years-old through eight-years-old. He was swimming in a pool and sticking his tongue out. Liam was so, very precious as a child. His big, golden-brown eyes that were filled with so much life. He looked so huggable and I just couldn’t get over just how adorable he was. I continued to see pictures of the other boys and were amazed by the success that those little boys would one day accomplish. These were photos I had never seen of the boys before and it a way I felt even closer to them.

“This is incredible Ben” I said in utter awe.

“The song is called Story of My Life and I wanted to show a glimpse at each boy’s life. I wanted the fans to see something entirely new about them” Ben informed me, smiling at his set.

“Well you definitely out did yourself with that. I was just thinking about how this makes me feel closer to them because we had almost the same childhood” I admitted looking at another picture of Liam.

“I am glad that you like this. The message I want to send with this music video is that no matter how successful you become you are always from that same place you came from. That these boys are the same boys that are in those photographs” Ben smiled as he continued to explain.

“Yeah I can see this and its amazing Ben” I assured him looking that the ceiling which indeed had photographs as well.

            Once the boys where done getting ready I was amazed at just how handsome Liam looked. His hair was perfectly coiffed and he was in an all-black suit with a silver tie. He looked dapper as ever. I used to think that Liam’s best look was in the One Thing music video, but that was until I saw this outfit this looked… wow. I just hope I don’t drool all over the place. Then my heart skipped a beat when I recognize the group of people following behind Liam. It was his family, I wasn’t ready to meet his parents! I would have dressed up nicer than I had. His dad was in a suit as well and Liam’s mom was in a pale pink dress. Then you had me here in my old cardigan, slightly faded black shirt, and a pair of skinny jeans. Great one Rian.

“Hello there love” Liam said softly as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

“Hey Liam you look handsome” I smiled staring into those brown eyes.

“Thank you love and you look beautiful as always” Liam assured me.

“Thank you Liam” I blushed as his parents came closer to me their smiles growing on their faces. They were looking at Liam’s arm wrapped around my waist. I still can’t believe Liam didn’t tell me that his parents were going to be here tonight, but I will be mad at him later.

“Rian I want you to meet my mum and dad. Mum, Dad this is Rian. The love of my life” Liam gushed as he introduced me.

Liam’s words made me feel loved and happy to call him my boyfriend. “It’s so nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Payne” I smiled as I extended my arm out to Liam’s mom.

“Oh love call me Karen. It’s so great to finally meet you. Liam has spoken so highly of you.” Karen insisted as she pulled me in for a tight squeeze. There’s something about getting a hug from Karen that reminded me so much of my mom’s. I wanted to hug her for even longer, but I also didn’t want to come off as strange.

As soon as Karen released me Liam’s dad took my hand and gently squeezed it, “Hello love I am Geoff”.

“It’s so nice to meet you guys” I smiled.

Then Liam’s older sisters joined us, both of them were in dresses as well. Damn I feel so under dressed with all these people around me. Not only are their makeup and hair perfect, but they looked like they were going out to a dance or something extremely formal.

“Oh Rian these are my somewhat annoying sisters, Nicola and Ruth. You guys this is my girlfriend Rian” Liam introduced once again.

            After the first day of filming, so far from what I had seen behind the camera it was incredible. I knew that it was going to easily be my favorite One Direction music video. I thought it was hilarious to watch Liam remain completely serious while singing the song when it was sped up at least ten times faster. It probably didn’t help that Louis and I were trying to mess up Liam for a couple takes. When even managed to get Geoff and Karen to laugh in the middle of shooting. Ben was a good sport about it. He only got mad at Louis and not me.

“Would you all care to join us for dinner tonight” Liam asked his family as he held me by my waist.

“Of course love” Liam’s mom smiled at us.

“That’s great mum. How about we meet you at our usual restaurant of choice” Liam insisted.

“Will do Liam” Karen nodded.

“He’s keeping it a secret from Rian. How cute. Roo our little brother is in love” Nicola teased.

            In that moment I longed so badly for a sibling that would tease me mercifully. Looking back on it now, I have come to the very harsh realization that for the most part Ashley and Jordyn were being completely honest when they would tease me. I looked at siblings as guaranteed best friends; no matter how much they claim to hate each other they come to support each other when they truly needed it. If I would have had a sibling during my parent’s death it would have made it a lot easier on me. I can’t imagine having someone to constantly talk to and a person who for the most part has shared the same struggles as myself. Hell I would have been happy with a brother. Just some sort of family would do me good.

            Liam’s gorgeous face was beet red as he told his eldest sister to mind her own business. In which I gently smacked him and lectured his that isn’t nice to talk to his big sister that way. Liam shook his head at me and laughed. I love him so much. We left the studio together hand in hand. I came to the sudden realization that I felt like Harry, Niall, Louis, Eleanor, Perrie, and Zayn all were a part of my very strange family. I knew that no matter what they will be my best friends for life and I have to thank the idiot sitting next to me in the car, who is singing a Dixie Chicks song at full belt, but this is the Liam that I love so much. I love the serious Liam, don’t get me wrong, but there is something about the care-free, silly Liam that never ceases to amaze me.

Liam’s family and I went to dinner and got to know one another better. Liam’s family never made me feel out of place. In fact, they made me feel like I belonged and that I was practically apart of their family. We had talked about the music video and how it was coming along. Roo and Nicola were particularly interested in my school. Roo said she wanted to come and visit me so she could meet a southern gentlemen. I laughed extremely hard and told her that she is welcome to visit whenever she wants. After Liam’s family and I finished dinner Liam invited them to go out with us tonight.  They declined saying that they had to go back home. Liam and I both promised them that after Liam finishes shooting the music video we will go out to Wolverhampton and visit them. 

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