The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


15. Our First Date

            Liam couldn't contain that ginormous smirk plastered on his gorgeous face. I may have only known Liam for the last two months, but I knew he was up to something. He was smiling from the time we left his 'flat', yes I am going to use the British term, on the elevator and throughout our walk in the lobby. I am not one of those people who hate surprises... actually I love them, but knowing Liam this surprise was going to be extremely extravagant. That's something I am not completely comfortable with... people spending loads of money on me. I am so used to providing for myself, that I feel like a bother when others do stuff for me. I look around at the people passing us by and I couldn't get over the fact that absolutely no one noticed Liam Payne walking past them. If I was them I think I would die of a heart attack. Instead these people treated him just like any normal guy.  Liam squeezed my hand once more before leading me out the doors.

            The crisp British air brushed against my face. Damn it is so cold here and to think this is England's summer. I must say I loved the cool nights of Los Angeles, but I am beginning to miss the smell of the North Carolina beaches. I looked up at the sun setting in the horizon. It's crazy how the Riane sun looks so differently when it sets in North Carolina, Los Angeles, and London. In North Carolina the sunset brought out the vibrant orange colors with a contrast of deep blue. Los Angeles has the most beautiful sunsets ever; with the pink cotton candy-like clouds against the purple and orange sky. Watching the sunsets in LA made me really remember the beauty of California that I have completely forgotten since I moved. Then you had the London sunset; the gray clouds against the yellow sky. Gray and yellow is begging to seem like a good portion of the colors in England, of course there's a lot of red as well, but I really am beginning to notice the gray and yellow colors.

            I stopped dead in my tracks when my eyes flickered to a black limo parked outside Liam’s flat. When did Liam get time to plan this? I knew it was going to be an extravagant date, but is a limo necessary? I am accustomed to a first date being an extremely awkward dinner and maybe a movie, but never have I been picked up by a limo for any date period. Shoot even for senior prom I didn’t get a limo.

“Come on Love” Liam smiled as he tried to get me to walk towards the limo.

“Liam when did you get the time to do this” I asked staring at him.

He shrugged his shoulders, “I set this up the day before you flew to Los Angeles”. Liam was acting very nonchalant about this, and I couldn’t believe someone was doing this for me. 

“Liam this is so extravagant. You didn’t have to do all this” I said gesturing to the limo.

Liam sighed and made his way closer to me. “You don’t get it. Rian I’m not doing this to make you feel bad. I am taking you on the first date you deserve. Rian I am trying to treat you like the queen you are.”

“I have never been in a limo and never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I’d have a first date in one” I admitted.

“Well I hate to burst your bubble love, but the limo is only driving us to the location of our first date. We aren’t having our first date in a car, silly.” Liam smirked.

I rolled my eyes, “You know what I meant Liam.”

“Come on Love” Liam said gently squeezing my hand.

“I am coming, just give me a second or two to wrap my brain around this” I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply as I was trying to get my thoughts back into order.

After a minute of meditation I opened my eyes. “Better” I smiled.

            The driver opened the door and let me just say, wow. The lights in the back were set to a romantic glow with Ed Sheeran playing softly in the background. I looked at the bottle of what looked to like champagne next to me as I scooted closer to the ‘mini bar’. I picked up the bottle and examined it. Sure enough it was champagne, Dom Perignon 2004.

“Liam I am not the legal age to drink and isn’t it bad for you” I asked looking at him.

Liam smiled at me, “In England the drinking age is eighteen not twenty-one and actually the doctors have said I am okay to drink, but very rarely”. I wasn’t too convinced as I put back the bottle and moved the glasses.

“Are you 100 percent sure Liam” I asked.

“I swear to God they said I could” Liam promised. I nodded my head and smiled.

Liam kissed my forehead and then looked me in the eyes as he asked, “So are you ready to show the world that you are my girlfriend?”

I don’t doubt that the directioners already know that I am one of the boy’s girlfriend. Most of them are crazy good at finding that stuff out.

“I am Liam” I answered smiling at him.

Liam pulled out his phone and scooted even closer and took a picture of us, and posted the picture to Twitter with the caption: Hey Directioners meet my girlfriend Rian!

“Well its social media official now” Liam smiled.

I laughed at him, “Well that’s great Liam.” Liam gently pressed his lips to mine. God his kisses make me feel like I am on cloud nine, and make all the air in my chest escape.

            Liam and I spent the rest of the ride talking and opening that bottle of champagne. I am so not used to drinking because it was beginning to hit me. The sad part was I only had one glass so far, but damn it tasted so good. It was like apple flavored fireworks on my tongue. “Wow that’s really good” I admitted after I finished it. Liam nodded as he took a sip. He wasn’t even close to finishing, damn can you say I’m an alcoholic in the making. The limo had come to a stop.

“Were here. I am going to have to blindfold you though” Liam smirked.

“What” I gulped looking at Liam. You have to be kidding me? Is a blindfold really necessary? I already feel kind of funny I need to utilize all my senses to the best of my ability.

“I need to blindfold you because it’s a surprise. Please let me do this Rian” Liam insisted. I sighed and nervously agreed to Liam blindfolding me.

            I was extremely nervous as Liam led me to wherever the hell he was talking me. I would mentally scream to Liam, really we’re not there yet! That was until Liam asked me to sit down and then took of my blindfold. The first thing my eyes laid on was a table set for two with two plates of spaghetti and meatballs. The food smelt delicious. But then I saw the Thames River. Holy Shit I am on the London Eye!

“Wow. I can’t believe I am on the London Eye” I shrieked.

I got up from my seat and walked around until I was stopped by the beautiful view of Big Ben. Liam stood behind me and wrapped his around my waist.

“I wanted you to see just how beautiful London becomes at night” Liam whispered in my ear, giving me goose bumps.

I held Liam’s strong, warm arms as he kissed my neck, then the lobe of my ear, and finally kissed the back of my head. This was everything I could ever want in a relationship. I felt so safe and secure in Liam’s arms. I never wanted this to end, until I reluctantly turned around to face him. I looked up into those incredible golden brown eyes that I loved and smiled.

“Thank you so much Liam. This is truly incredible and I can only thank you for all this” I said pointing at the table with our food.

Liam leaned down and began to kiss me intensely. He only stopped to softly murmur, “Only the best for the girl who makes my heart do cartwheels” against my lips.

I can’t believe that I, Rian Michelle Rodriguez, can make Liam James Payne’s heart to do cartwheels. His golden brown eyes were sparkling just as bright as the light in London right now; and those eyes were shining so brightly upon me.

Liam’s POV

      I gently intertwined Rian’s soft hands with mine. There was no other way to say it, but I know I am in love with this girl.

“I am going to be honest… the smell of spaghetti is making me feel like I am starving” Rian admitted.

I began to laugh harder than I have in such a long time. “Oh love this is exactly why you’ve stolen my heart” I chuckled as I rubbed my thumb on the top of her thumb.

“Why because I am honest” Rian laughed.

I shook my head and answered, “No because you treat me like a normal person. You don’t look at me any differently than you would if I were some guy on the tube.”

Rian smirked, “That’s because you can’t hear my thoughts trust me… I have been fangirling so hard on the inside.”

 I laughed, “Well you must share those thoughts with me sometime.”

“I’d rather I didn’t” Rian blushed. I wonder if she has always been this way. If she has always been this shy.

“Okay, maybe one day. Although you said you were rather hungry so let’s eat” I said as I lead to her chair and pushed her closer to the table.

      I remembered that one of the first things that Rian shared with me was her love for Italian food. She mentioned that spaghetti was particularly her favourite Italian dish. Rian told me about how when she was little her parents would make spaghetti and meatballs all together. Her parents believe that with letting Rian help make food she would become less picky. I guess Rian was rather picky as a child, but her favourite meal to cook with her parents was spaghetti and meatballs. I wanted to let her know that I was listening to her.

“This is delicious Liam” Rian said before she took a mouthful of spaghetti.

“Well I remember you telling me how much you love spaghetti and meatballs.

“I am glad that you remember that” Rian smiled at me.

            I reached across the table and covered her hand with mine, gently rubbing my thumb against the top of her hand. Her hands were so small, the reminded me of a child’s hand. Then again Rian reminded me of a tiny porcelain doll; Rian was perfect in every single way. I cannot wait till my family meets this girl.

“I am having a real great time” I whispered to her.

Rian tucked a hair behind her ear and nodded, “This is the best date I have ever been on.”

We finished eating by the time we were at the very top and we began to enjoy our ride back down. It’s crazy to think that thinks that I now take for granite, like Big Ben, she found to be incredible. I don’t want to jinx it but so far our first date has been perfect. 

"You mean I have to jump out" Rian practically screeched.

"It’s more like a leap" I reassured.

Her face looked pale and I could see the sweat beads forming on her forehead; Rian was freaking out. "Here I got you" I said holding her.

"Thank you" Rian said holding me tightly.

I wasn’t lying it was more of a step rather than an actually jump, but it still terrified Rian. I didn’t mind because I liked her holding onto me like this. I am her batman and she is my Rachel, but she really liked me. Wait... no that's a bad comparison. Perhaps Spiderman and Mary Jane worked better for us. What a shame because I love Batman more than Spiderman.

Once we got out of the London Eye Rian and I walked hand and hand threw the busy streets of London. Rian was in complete and utter awe as she gawked at the local shops we passed up.

"London is so beautiful Liam" Rian whisper in my ear before she kissed my cheek.

I couldn't help, but to cheeky as I replied,' "It is nowhere near as beautiful as you my love."

I got to admit Harry has taught me well; and he was definitely the master of being cheeky and flirting. I may be the “romantic” one, but I am rubbish at flirting. Just ask Andy if you don’t believe me.

"Aww thanks Liam" Rian cooed. 

        Down the street I saw a girl who looked oddly familiar. She had a skinny body frame, long brown hair, and it was really curly. I couldn't put my finger on what was so familiar about this girl. Then I realised just who it may be. It can't be her I told myself. There is no way she is back from her tour with JLS. As she got closer I saw the familiar brown eyes, blonde hair, and it made that familiar face look washed out. "There’s no way" I whispered to myself.  And I knew exactly who is was and this was the last thing I wanted on our first date.

Rian’s P.O.V

         I couldn't help but not to notice Liam staring intensely at a girl walking towards us. She had super long light brown almost blonde, curly hair but I still couldn't make out her face until she was steps in front of us. It was Danielle Peazer. She looked as beautiful as ever; in her black leather jacket, maroon skinny's, a cute button up shirt underneath, and a pair of black leather boots. When she noticed us she immediately looked at our joined hands, which enviably made me blush and my hands sweet. Why does Liam James Payne love me again?

"Hello" she said with her amazing accent.

"Um... Yeah… hi Danielle" Liam stammered.

Danielle stared at Liam but then her brown eyes fixated on me. "Hi I'm Danielle Peazer" she smiled slyly as she extended her arm.

"Hi I am Rian Rodriguez" I said while forcing a smile on my face.

"Oh an American girl" Danielle said coolly.  

       I eyed Danielle as her and Liam did normal chit chat. I knew I was green with envy, when I spotted a Starbucks. "Honey I am going to get something to drink. I'll let you two catch up" I said getting Liam's attention.

He did what I didn't expect him to do he nodded and said, "Okay Love I'll be right there." He gave me a soft peck.

I quickly got into the turned and headed towards the Starbucks before either one of them could see the hurt on my face. Instead of getting myself something to drink I sat at a table and looked through my phone to call someone that I knew who would be up and who would maybe understand why I am upset.

"Hi Rian, how’s the date with Liam" Zayn asked cheerfully.

"Well we saw Dani and well I got mad and left and now I'm sitting at Starbucks trying not to cry" I said looking around making sure no one was listening the train wreck that is my life.

"Zayn, love are you talking to Louis" I heard a female voice say.

"No I am actually talking to Rian" Zayn replied.

"I'm sorry Zayn. All this drama is so stupid and pointless. I wish I didn't get so jealous over Dani, but the way she was staring and him and casually talking to one another" I said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

"Rian - a female voice said - trust me I know that dating the boys from One Direction is daunting, but remember why you and Liam are together. Rian, Danielle cheated on Liam; I do not see them getting back together, ever" Perrie said.

"Thanks Perrie" I said smiling.

"Hey girl I'm here for you, and hopefully El, you, and me can have lunch while you are here" Perrie laughed.

"Sounds like a plan Stan" I giggled.

“Just remember Rian… Liam truly has feelings for you. Don’t let the little green monster get to you girl. Trust me I know it’s hard but you have both Eleanor and myself to support you and give you advice” Perrie reminded me.

“Thank you so much Perrie, but Liam is coming over here now”

“Okay bye Rian.”

“Bye Perrie, Bye Zayn.”

I saw Liam jogging over toward me, "Rian".

"Over here Liam" I sighed.

Liam ran and hugged me kissing me passionately. "I never ever meant to hurt you" Liam said as my tears came out like a stream after the snow melts.

"Oh Liam it hurt so badly. I couldn't help it I just couldn't stay there and watch you talk to your ex." I said sobbing.

Liam stared deeply in my eyes and whipped away my tears. "Rian I love you and only you. Not Danielle or any other girl in the world. Don't ever worry about me love" Liam said seriously.

"Liam" I whispered.

He and I kept kissing each other and we held each other tightly. "Come on let's go home love" Liam said holding my hand.

"Okay Liam" I said smiling.

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