The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


7. Good Things Are Gonna End Badly

       The trip to Starbucks was interesting to say the least. The barista totally reconsigned Harry and the guys and asked Ashley to take a picture of Harry and him, but one perk was the coffee was really cheap. Which was good for Harry. Speaking that this was the guy whose card got declined to buy his own album. We were sitting at one of the outdoor tables sipping our coffee on a nice cool summer night. Liam was staring at my hot cinnamon dolce latte like he had never seen it. Liam was drinking a hot chocolate. I laughed a little a shook my head.

“Is my cup that interesting to you” I asked laughing.

Liam blushed as said, “There a phone number on your cup”. I rotated my cup and right next to my name was a number with a note that said call me.

Well that's embarrassing. “Oh nice” I blushed looking at Liam.

He smiled at me and said, "That's not the barista's number”.

     Okay I know I get confused fairly easy; just ask anyone who shared my math class with me, but seriously whose number is that. I didn't look like a number from even this area.

“I am confused” I admitted smiling sheepishly at Liam.

“It's my number love” Liam laughed.

Wait... so Liam James Payne just gave me his phone number and not in any ordinary way, but in a super cute and kinda romantic way. Is this even real life?

“You want me to text you” I asked grinning. God I probably look and sound like an idiot.

“Well yeah... Rian I like you and I know it's going to be a little tough, but I want to get to know you more. So like what Louis does with Eleanor... I figure we can text and talk to each other on the phone.” Liam assured.

“That sounds great Liam” I nodded.

     I quickly pulled out my phone and added Liam's phone number. Damn it seemed so surreal to have not only you celebrity crushes phone number, but to have any celebrities phone number in contacts.

To Liam: Hey it's Rian

     Liam pulled out his phone and texted me back.

From Liam: Hey Rian it's Liam

     I had to smile at the reply. Liam is such a dork, but oh so adorable at the same time. I already knew this, but I loved him for it and to see it wasn't just some act he only had for the camera's was nice. Because I had fallen for the Liam that I saw in those video diaries from the X Factor and the early days of One Direction. I looked down at the time then at Ashley. Shit its almost 11pm! Our RA, resident assistant, was notorious for locking up the dorm at 11pm no matter if it was the weekend. I knew for a fact that my student ID was on my desk.

“Um Ash it almost eleven” I groaned.

Ashley looked at me and sighed, “You got to be kidding me”. I nodded my head as I showed her the time.

“What's at eleven” Niall asked confused.

“It's when our RA, she keeps an eye us, locks the doors and I don't have my student ID” Ashley groaned.

“Aw man same here” I gulped.

“Well if you guys have to get going we can head back” Zayn offered.

“Please” I asked.

     The guy's security guard was definitely trying his hardest to get back to PNC. I took us maybe 10 minutes to get to the arena. With this timing we will get to the dorms with even some time to spare.

“Where's you car” the driver asked.

I pointed in a general area with a lone car, “Over there”.

We got over to my car and my heart sank. I guess all great things must eventually end. I got out of the car while telling everyone bye and Liam following behind me and Ashley. Something was obviously not right with my car. One side of it was lower than the other.

“Ri” Ashley gasped. I saw what she was talking about one of the tires was completely flat.

“Well isn't that just wonderful” I groaned.

Liam walked over to the car and then called for the driver. He walked over to my car and asked me, “Have you got a spare”.

Well shit! Who the hell thinks about keeping a spare tire; definitely not this girl. “No I don't” I sighed.

“Don't worry about it Love” Liam assured me as he enfolded me in his arms.

“Well how are we going to get home” Ashley asked me. I wanted to cry. I had spent pretty much all my paycheck on this concert. There's no way I would be able to afford a tire until next Friday; and whose going to put it on, shit and towing. That's my luck for you.

“Rian” Ashley snapped.

“I have no clue” I yelled.

“What's wrong Rian” Niall asked as him and the other boys joined us.

“I have a flat tire” I croaked, my tears and emotions tightening my throat.

“Actually it looks like someone slashed it” Louis said kneeling down my tire.

“You got to be kidding me” Ashley gasped.

“No look” Louis said moving a flap that was once my car tire.

     I ran my hand threw my hair and closed my eyes. The tears began to stream down my face. Crap! I felt someone smother me close to them. I began to cry in their chest as their strong hand rubbed my back.

"Don't worry about it Love. I'll take care of it” Liam whispered his warm breath tickling my ear.

“Liam its not your problem” I whimpered. Liam gently caressed my chin and made me stare at him.

“I want to do this for you Rian. I want you to know that no matter what I'll be here for you”.

I sighed at looked those brown eyes that were full with care. “Liam I literately just met you today” I added.

Liam laughed a little, “I know, but I'd this for anyone... but it definitely has an ulterior motive with you”.

I sighed and smiled, “At least your honest”

“So you'll let me take care of it” Liam asked.

I shrugged my shoulders, “Sure since you're so gosh darn persistent about it”.

“Thank you” Liam cheered as he hugged me once again.

     I am not gonna lie Liam's hugs are even better than I imagined. It's like hugging home on a warm spring day. In Liam's arms I felt protected and comfortable. Being around Liam was like being around the sun, his happiness radiates through everyone.

Ashley interrupted my happy moment as she asked, “So lover boy what are we going to do”.

Liam released me and looked at Zayn. “Can you look up a number for a mechanic and asked them if they can tow the car as well as fix anything that is wrong with this car. Bill it to me” Liam asked. I looked at Liam shocked.

“Harry what time is it” Liam asked.

Harry was on his phone to begin with. “It's 10:57 mate” Harry answered his eyes never leaving his phone.

Liam looked at me and smiled sheepishly, “I guess you are coming back to the hotel with us”. Um... I don't know about that! I looked over at Ashley as if I was telling her telepathically that I was unsure.

“We have no where else to go” Ashley said shrugging her shoulders.

“True” I admitted.

“Don't worry about it we have a couple of rooms and we'll definitely have enough room for you two” Liam assured.

“And if worst comes to worst, one of you girls can sleep with us” Louis offered whilst wagging his eyebrows.

I instantly started to laughing, “In your dreams Tomlinson”.

“Damn Liam... are you sure you like her? She is very feisty” Louis scoffed.

“She isn't feisty Louis, Rian is just honest” Liam defended.

Liam's POV

     As we headed back to the hotel Rian had fallen asleep her head resting on my arm. She looked so peaceful and that all her worries disappeared.. I was glad to see that in her dream land she was happy. Then I felt my phone vibrate in pocket. Who in the world can be texting me? Maybe Andy, but he had been busy lately with Uni. I am so proud of him.

From Nialler: Hey Liam. Are Rian and Ash asleep?.

I laughed, typical Niall texting me when we are in the same car. I then looked past Rian at Ashley. She was on her phone playing Angry Birds.

To Nialler: Rian is asleep, but Ashley is awake. Why are you texting me when we are in the same car?

From Nialler: Well Zayn is asleep and you know how he gets.

     This is true. Zayn loved his beauty sleep just as much as he loves looking at himself. I love him dearly, but quite frankly he is cranky. He gets really pissed when anyone tries to wake him up. Just imagine Zayn pissed. It's scarier than seeing any other of the boys pissed.

To Nialler: I don't blame you mate. What's up?

From Nialler: Nothing much just watching my best mate fall in love. :P

I rolled my eyes and smiled. I love the relationship I have with Niall, but he know's exactly how to embarrass me and tease me.

To Nialler: I am not going to lie... I really do like Rian. She's so sweet plus she is amazingly hot.

I was blushing like crazy after I sent that, but it was the truth. Rian is hot and I do really like her. She is in the process of stealing my heart and you know what... I am not going to stop her.

From Nialler: I am happy for you mate. So... about the sleeping arrangement for tonight. What are we doing?

To Nialler: Would you mind bunking with Harry tonight? And I will have them sleep in our room and I'll sleep on the pullout couch.

From Nialler: Hey I want to be invited to the sleepover!

To Nialler: Okay fine... perhaps they share a bed and you sleep on other bed, then I am on the pullout bed.

From Niall: I am down. I say we watch a movie tonight!

To Nialler: Sounds good!

     Everyone woke very easily after the we arrived to the hotel. All of us quickly rushed to the elevator and we we squished like sardines. Rian and Ashley were talking to one another and Niall was standing on the other side of the elevator wagging his eye brows at me. I rolled my eyes once more and mouthed stop. Niall's eyes widened and he focused on talking to Mark, one of our security guards, about tomorrows plan. Zayn was quietly standing next to Harry and Louis. Harry was posting a picture of his shoes onto to Instagram and showing Louis.

“So where are we going” Rian asked as soon as we got to our floor.

“You girls are having a sleepover in Liam and my room” Niall cheered.

“It better have popcorn” Ashley chirped in.

“Definitely” Niall promised.

Niall waved to the other who were on the other side of the hall. “I wonder if any of them will join us” Ashley stated as we headed towards the room.

The only one I think would is Louis, but both Harry and Zayn loved sleeping so they definitely are going straight to bed. “I think Louis may” I nodded.

“Tommo definitely is coming. He's getting a movie from his case” Niall laughed.

We arrived to the door and then I remembered what mess I left it in this morning. Great Rian is going to think I live in a pig stuy.

“I apologise for the mess” I blushed.

Rian gave me a sympathetic smile, “Like our dorm is spotless”. I felt some weight go off my shoulders. Thank God! I opened the door and saw the there still was a pile of my clothes by the dresser, but other than that it wasn't to bad.

“Wow this room is sick” Ashley said looking out at the balcony.

“I know right” Rian added as she sat on the couch.

“Well I'll give you girls some clothes for you to get changed into” I offered as I neared the pile of clothes.

I ended up giving Rian my old Captain America shirt and a pair of gym shorts. I gave Ashley a plain black t shirt I had plus some of Niall's gym shorts. They quickly went to the restroom to change while both Niall and I changed into more decent pj's than we'd normally wear.

“Dammit I am going to be hot tonight” Niall complained.

“Then crank up the AC you cry baby” I suggested.

“Maybe I will” Niall snapped as he cranked up the AC. 

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