The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


11. Finally

    The tour had dragged on slowly, but finally it was the day Rian was flying in. I had been counting down the days since Rian told that she was coming to the last shows and then going home with me. I wanted everything to be perfect. I had been planning these next two weeks for months. Mark and I were going to pick Rian up this morning at LAX. Currently I was going threw a major crisis as I pounded on Harry's door.

“God dammit Harry let me in!” I yelled as I continued to pound on the door. I waited another thirty seconds before the I began to pound on the door once more.

“I am fucking coming” Harry groaned. His voice was muffled. Yeah, I probably woke him up, but this was an emergency.

I could only faintly hear him groaning as he opened the door. Harry was in a white t-shirt and his boxers. He had most definitely just woke up. That would explain how his curly hair was everywhere. His pissed off gleam was enough to make a shiver go down my spine.

His green orbs were narrowed as he groaned, "Liam what do you want? It's so early!"

“I'm sorry mate, but I lost my key card” I apologised.

I had a terrible habit of always losing my stuff and most especially my room key. As a child my mum would often tell me that I'd lose my head if t wasn't attached to my body. The worst part was that she was joking in the slightest bit, because it was completely true. Harry, on the other hand, was far better at not losing his stuff than I was. Which is why I would leave my spare key with Harry. I knew I could trust him with it, but it has made Harry realize just how irresponsible I am. And the fans call me Daddy Direction, ha!

“Liam this is the 10th freaking time this tour. You need to stop losing your key mate” Harry scolded me as he got the key out of his bag.

“I know mate it's just my head is in other places right now”  I admitted.

Harry grinned at me, “Oh yeah Rian is coming today... no wonder you wanted a room to yourself”.

I rolled my eyes at the cheeky lad. “No, I just want to be alone with Rian” I argued.

Harry gave me my room key and winked, “Sure mate. It's okay to admit that there might be more to that."

My cheeks were surely red but I turned around and yelled, “See you later mate” as I left his room. 

I ran quickly to my room and attempted to straighten it up before jumping into the shower. I needed to hurry up and take a quick shower and get ready as fast as possible. I couldn't help the feeling of happiness that was making my heart swell up. In the shower I was singing all my favourite sappy love songs on the top of my lungs. I was in such a great mood. I was extremely excited to see Rian today. I felt like I was playing to Madison Square Garden all over again. Or that I was hearing my first number one hit on the radio again. Or like time that I played a show with the guys at the Olympics. I was on cloud nine as I looked at the clock, because at this very moment I knew Rian was near or in California.

I had an outfit that I picked out last night. I was trying to eliminate as much time as possible. I picked out some light-washed, skinny jeans, a plain white t-shirt, and blue and black flannel over the shirt. I remember that, the other night while facetiming, Rian specifically mentioned how much she loves flannels. I wanted to look my best for my girl. I looked at my hair that had grown out quite a bit since the last she saw me face-to-face. I had a mini quiff going on. I had a feeling that she will like my new hairstyle as much as I do. I looked at the mirror and contemplating shaving. Should I leave the little facial hair that I had? I was just about to shave until Patty came into my room.

“Liam we need to go” Paddy ordered.

"Alright, I'm coming" I yelled. I looked for my shoes and and sunglasses quickly putting them on. It was time to go get that girl that I've been crazy about.

Rian's POV

~A few hours before~

I couldn't thank both Ashley and Melissa enough; at this current moment they were my lifesavers. Neither of them complained as we drove around town getting some much needed supplies and items for my trip. Melissa tried to help by throwing condoms into my basket. This made my cheeks burn as I put them back on the shelf. I swore that I wouldn't need them, but she begged to differ. We also made a quick trip to Forever 21 because I needed some new clothes but I was on a budget. For the past month I had been doing tons of research on the weather in London. The one thing I learnt was that it was going to be cold. This made me happy as I bought lots of cold weather clothes and and few normal summer items for my brief time that I'll be in Los Angeles. I thought it was adorable that Lima booked my plane ticket for earlier than we initially agreed on. He had claimed that I would help me with the jet lag, but that didn't quite make sense to me. What I couldn't complain about was getting the opportunity to see three shows of the Take Me Home Tour. I was extremely lucky and grateful for this.

"You're going to have the time of you life Ri” Melissa cheered as we were finishing up all my packing. 

"I am so excited” I admitted looking at both my friends. 

“I am gonna miss my old roomie” Ashley sighed. 

“I'll text both of you everyday. Don't worry you'll get constant updates” I laughed. 

“Does the psycho bitch know your going to England” Melissa laughed. 

My eyes flickered to Ashley. I didn't know how to feel about Jordyn and Ashley still being friends. I knew I couldn't control Ashley, but I don't want her telling Jordyn everything that is going on with Liam and I. First off she didn't need to know about Liam and I's relationship because it wasn't any of her business. Secondly, Ashley knew how much the jealously was getting to Jordyn.

“I really hope not, it'd just give her another reason to hate me” I sighed.

“Why? Let her be jealous. You deserve it more than the girl who thinks she's Gods gift to men” Melissa grinned deviously. This is why Melissa is one of my closest friends because at first glance she is sweet and innocent, but she can be very devious.

“Can you blame her though” Ashley sighed. I looked at her with my eyes bulging out of their socket. Did she just say what I think she said? I couldn't respond because I was in such shock.

“Wait. So you think it's okay that Jordyn practically keeps calling Rian a whore on twitter” Melissa asked, her tone was full of anger.

Ashley looked at her and rolled her eyes, “No, but I can understand why she is so jealous. Jordyn liked Liam too”. 

“That's complete bullshit Ash. You know as much as I do that Jordyn was in love with Louis! She would constantly talk about his glorious ass. Never did she ever mention liking Liam, and even if she did so what. Don't you see how childish Jordyn's rebuttal is Ash? Come on ” I argued. 

“She like Liam too. At least that's what she told me” Ashley whispered. 

I was beginning to get the slightest suspicion that Ashley was beginning to side with Jordyn more than myself. I was being honest; we both knew that Jordyn had a huge crush on Louis. She would joke around about his butt. Both Melissa and I exchanged shocked glances. Neither of us could believe what Ashley has just said. My gaze switched to the clock which informed that I had only 2 hours till my flight. I needed to get going or else I'd miss my flight. Mel had promised me that she would drive me to the airport since my car was at Aiden's place. He was my only friend that had a garage for my car. Plus I knew it would be in great hands with him.

“It's time for us to go, Mel. Bye Ashley. I see you when the school year begins” I smiled.

It was official that next year Ash was going to be roommates with Jordyn. Which is why I assumed they where still friends. I was actually rooming with Melissa next year and she promised she'd get my stuff settled in with Aiden tomorrow.

“Bye Ri I'll miss you” Ashley said hugging me tightly.

“I'll text you every day don't worry Ash” I promised.

“Okay I'll talk to you later” Ashley smiled as both Melissa and I walked out with my duffel bag and suitcase. 

We both didn't say anything till we got to the car. Melissa looked over at me and sighed, “Ri don't get mad at me, but I don't think you should text Ashley”. I was puzzled.

“Wait.. why not” I asked.

Melissa took a deep breath before she explained, “Well I keep getting this vibe that Ashley is telling Jordyn everything and I may joke around about telling her, but in all honesty you don't know how crazy jealous she can get”.

I looked out the window and sighed. I don't think Jordyn would ever be capable of getting really extreme. I have known her for what seem like forever. Then I also don't think Ashley would tell Jordyn anything because Ash knows it just makes Jordyn angry.

“You think she tells Jordyn everything” I asked. 

“I don't know for sure, but I keep getting this strange feeling that she's playing both sides” Melissa admitted

“Who Ashley” I asked. 

“Well yeah duh. I got don't want you to get hurt Rian. You deserve all the happiness you get” Melissa said smiling at me.

“Thanks Melissa, you're an amazing friend” I smiled at her.

    I looked back out the window as we continued towards the airport. This would be my first time on a plane in years and my first time flying alone. One major perk was Liam giving me a first class ticket straight to LAX. So I will only be in the air for about 4 hours. I think I can manage that. I am going to try to sleep on the plane. In less than 6 hours I will be with Liam again. It's so surreal!

Liam's POV

    I was waiting at the terminal for Rian. I was trying my hardest to blend in; Mark thinks we should be fine since none of the fans are suspecting me to be at LAX. Now this place yesterday was crawling with Directioners, it's still quite strange to get that reaction when you just get off a plane. I look at the board and see that Rian's plane just landed. She's here in California, were in the same state again. It was remarkable how much my perspective on everything changed, with just the knowledge that she was here. Now for the long part.. waiting for her to get past airport security. 
    Mark and I stood patiently waiting for Rian, both of us swapping the poster that said Welcome to Sunny California Rian. That wasn't my idea, can you guess who made the sign in their spare time? If you guessed Louis and Niall you'd be correct. Zayn was actually really pissed that they used his spray cans, but he quickly forgave them when he found out it was for Rian. 
    That's when I saw her. She was in a thick black cardigan, charcoal grey v neck shirt,  some dark skinny jeans and some gray Toms. She looked like a model. Rian's hair straightened and one side was pushed behind her ears. She was still wearing those big glasses I adored. When her eyes locked with mine I felt the intense electricity run through my body. I handed over the sign to Mark and ran over to my girl. 

“Rian” I yelled as I ran to her. 

“Liam” she giggled as she began to jog. 

    As soon as our bodies met she threw herself into my arms. God she smelt so good. She was so cold against me. I extended her an arms width apart and saw those golden eyes smiling back at me. Those freckles I adored where still sprinkled on her nose. Finally those lips, those lips that were so inciting we screaming my name. I had to answer so I slowly leaned in. I felt her warm, minty breath against my lips. My heart rate hitched once my eyes fluttered shut. This was really happening. I was going to kiss the girl I am falling in love with. 
    The moment when our lips touched was incredible. The electricity that is between us turned into a fiery passion. My hands went to her cheeks to cup her face as our first kiss deepened. That's when I decided to pull back and stare at her. Rian's eyes fluttered open and her cheeks that I was holding were a slight pink colour.

“That was one heck of a hello” Rian smiled.

“You don't know how much I wanted to do that love” I admitted.

Rian removed my hands from her cheeks and intertwined our fingers. “You don't know either babe” she added. Rian and I headed over to Mark to get her case. 

Rian's POV

    Liam never let go of my hand's not even when I got my suitcase. This moment was perfect; holding hands with Liam and kissing him are dreams come true. Actually never in my wildest dreams did I ever dream of kissing Liam Payne. Liam and I walked hand and hand through the hallway of the hotel. It was nice to be alone with him. That's when I spotted Niall Horan running towards us. 
“Rian” Niall cheered. Niall was one of the guys that I felt the closest to. We texted practically everyday.

“Niall” I yelled across the hall waiting for him to eventually met up with us.

Niall finally hugged me tightly, “I've missed you”.

I smiled at Niall, “I've missed you too Nialler”.

He looked at Liam and the back to me. “Yeah Liam asked for his own room this time” Niall winked.

My cheeks turned bright red, “Oh”.

“Mate shut up” Liam groaned

“Oh don't worry Liam. Rian is probably looking foreword to seeing you shirtless. She told me she has loads of pictures of you shirtless on her laptop back home” Niall winked. 

My jaw dropped, “You little bitch” I whispered. 

“What did you say Ri” Niall laughed. 

“I am going to kick your ass” I yelled as I lunged at Niall, but instead he ran into his room. Wuss. 

“So...” Liam said as he opened the door to his room. 

“Don't listen to Niall” I sighed. 

“I never do. Well actually I did once” Liam admitted. 

I walked into the huge hotel room and looked over to Liam, “When did you listen to Niall?"

Liam stood in front of me and held my hands, “When Niall told me to keep my heart open. To look in the crowd and think my future wife may be out there. It was the greatest advice Niall ever told me."

I blushed up at Liam and asked, “When did he tell you this?"

“Right before your concert” Liam smiled down at me. He leaned down and softly pecked my lips. All the air in my lungs escaped. My knee's wanted to buckle. My heart raced. Liam is doing crazy things to my heart. 

“Rian will you be my girlfriend” Liam asked his voice ringing through my ears.

“Of course I will be Liam” I whispered. It was official that on August 9th Liam James Payne became my boyfriend. 

“Thank you so much Love” Liam thanked before kissing me again.

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