The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


17. Complete Bliss

                When we got home from our first date both Liam and I were exhausted. I feel asleep in the master suite with him. All I know is that we both love to cuddle, but I am not going to start complaining about that because all night we were stuck together like glue. Before we had fallen asleep Liam and I were talking about mutual singers we like. Michael Buble was definitely a mutual love for us and Justin Timberlake. I wouldn’t tell Liam that I think he is mixture of both Buble and Timberlake, not that being called that is an insult but… I wouldn’t tell him because I’d have to mention that he looks like JT and I don’t think Liam would want to hear that I have been crushing on JT since I was practically five-years-old.  I stretched out my arms and took a look at my phone. Holy shit it’s 12:48 pm I never sleep in this late. I looked through my text messages to see if anyone had texted me and I was pleasantly surprised to see Ashley was the first one to text me back.

Ash: How sweet I saw the pics on twitter. You two are so gosh darn adorable!

The next one was from Aiden and it was a picture of my car.

Aiden: I am keeping Adam safe, but I am making him look manlier.

That’s when I noticed the all my seat covers had been changed out for ones with flames and there was a football on the dashboard. Oh Aiden you are so stupid, but I like that he is taking good care of my car.

To Aiden: That’s okay, but it’s going back to its girly ways when I go back home.

After that was a text from Melissa.

Melissa: Don’t forget to use a condom! Get some!

“Oh my god” I whispered laughed.  

I stretched out my arms and got up. I opened a door thinking it was the on-suite, but it was an enormous walk in closet. "How is this even fair" I said staring at all the clothes in awe. I shut the closet and went to the other door which thank God it was the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and fixed my hair a little then head toward the muffled voices.

I got to the kitchen and heard Liam singing along to a Calvin Harris song. "Good morning" I said shyly.

"Hey love" Liam said coming over to me and kissing me softly. The kiss was enough to make me light headed and smiling like an idiot again.

"It smell great in here, what are you cooking" I ask smiling.

"Well in England do as the English do... so I am making a full English fry-up" Liam said smiling at me.

“I didn’t know that you could cook” I admitted looking at the chaos that Liam claimed to be cooking.

“Well I haven’t got the slightest clue how to make anything but breakfast; go ahead and ask the boys. Plus this is what my mum makes for me when I go back home” Liam smiled at me as he cracked a couple eggs into a pan.

My stomach began growling. Damn I am hungry. “Do you need any help” I asked moving closer to Liam.

I couldn’t see it over the counter but Liam was wear a batman apron. This guy knows exactly how to melt my heart. “Perhaps you could set the table over there” Liam asked.

“Sure love.” I carried the plates and silverware to Liam's breakfast nook.

"You look beautiful this morning" Liam said kissing me again. Liam was in his pajamas still, his cute batman shirt and gym shorts.

"What would you say if I told you I have a batman shirt" I said nudging Liam as we sat the plates around the table.

"Well I would say why haven’t you worn it around me" Liam said winking at me.

This made my ears burn and my heart drop. Once Liam finished cooking he turned off the stove and stared at me with an intensity that hadn’t seen. Liam’s golden brown eyes had an insatiable fire in them; I could feel his height begin to tower over me and the warmth of his body became more and more palpable.

"Liam" I asked, but Liam ignored me and continued to just into stare into my eyes and come closer. Liam wrapped one hand around my hip and cup my face with the other hand. I stared into his warm brown eyes and felt the electricity between us.

His soft lips came close to mine where I felt his cool, minty breath against my lips. "I love you Rian" Liam said before kissing my lips tenderly.

Liam and I just stood in the room kissing each other tenderly. One soft peck after another. The feeling I get when Liam kisses me makes me feel amazing. I have never had a love that has felt this right. When I am with Liam I feel like I am whole again. For the longest time I believed that I was incapable of truly being in love with anyone, but when I look into those brown eyes I know with every fiber of my being that I am irrevocably in love with Liam Payne. Yes a couple months ago I would have said I loved Liam, but this kind of love is completely different. I didn’t love him because he sings amazingly or that he is drop dead gorgeous in my eyes; I loved Liam for the way he makes me feel and I love him for who he is not for what he is famous for.

“I can see those wheels turning” Liam smiled breaking up the silence.

“You will never know just how grateful I am for having you in my life” I gushed.

“As well will you for me love” Liam added gently rubbing my face.

“Well we can continue this talk after we eat, but quite honestly I am starving babe” I laughed.

“Okay love” Liam laughed as well.

Liam’s POV

In the middle of eating breakfast I stopped eating and looked at Rian. These were the moments that I never want to end. The moments when I felt like a normal lad; that I didn’t feel like a professional singer that gets to travel the world. One of my biggest fears is that I meet someone who doesn’t want me for me that they want me for what my fame got me. I knew that those people that I fear are the ones who wouldn’t want to be around me right now that I was on a break. That’s probably another reason why I love these moments; it was separates the people who actually care about me and the people who want to be famous. I know Rian wouldn’t have known who I was if it wasn’t for One Direction, but I have a strong feeling that she will still be around after One Direction ends. Is it bad that those words seem like a dream? I do look forward to the day when I go on about my life with a wife and children and can walk my children around town without being hounded by hundreds of girls and paparazzi’s.

“Liam why are you staring so intently at me” Rian asked blushing as she covered her face.

“Because you are so beautiful and I am enjoying this incredible moment with you” I admitted smiling at her.

“How is it that you know exactly what to say” Rian asked softly.

“Well it’s because I have two older sisters and a mum who taught me what and whatnot to say to a girl” I explained gently thumbing the back of her hand.

“They taught you correctly” Rian smiled looking at our hands.

“I know they did” I beamed.

We got up and started clearing the table as my phone vibrated and I looked at who was texting me.

Niall: Hey Man! Do you think Rian and you are up for our weekly football game? El and Perrie will be there for her.

Me: We will try, but… to be honest she isn’t taking the whole jetlag with ease. 

Niall: Well get her butt here. She’ll have a blast, I promise.

Me: Okay we’ll be there.

Niall: Sweet ;) we got some cheerleaders. Tell her the less clothes the better. 

Me: HEY she’s my GIRLFRIEND bud!

Niall: I was kidding mate. Cya 2nite.

I left my phone on the bar as I walked in the kitchen to see my girlfriend in her old drama club shirt and plaid felt pajama pants.

"You look so beautiful" I said walking up to her.

"Liam I am washing dishes" Rian said giggling as I kissed her neck.

"Your point is…?" I asked.

"Stop, you're tickling me" she said squirm in front of me.

Then I felt a splash of water hit my face. Rian had gotten the faucet out just so she could wet me.

"Oh it is on" I said smiling wickedly.

I ran quickly to my patio to get Niall's water gun that was still filled from our last guy’s night out.

I ran back to the kitchen and said, "Come out, come out where ever you are!" I heard her laugh in the bathroom, but she had "forgotten" to lock the door. I entered the bathroom and saw her in the shower with the detachable shower head.

"You think that scares me" Rian asked smiling.

"Yes I actually do" I laughed as I started to blast water at her she yelled and laughed as she turned on the shower and got me with the shower head.

Once we realised how soaking wet we were I smiled at her. "You are so amazing" I said walking close to her.

"So are you" Sam said softly. I softly caressed her cheek and moved her face closer to mine.

"I am the luckiest man in the world" I whispered against her lips.

"No I am the luckiest girl in the world" she said before she softly pecked my lips.

I looked into her golden brown eyes and smiled. God she is so mesmerizing. Her soft lips, her eyes that remind me of melted gold but somewhat darker, her amazingly curly hair that bounced when she walked, and her amazing personality that drew me in to her. I am becoming addicted to her presence.

“I am nervous about meeting your parents this week” she admitted.

"Don't you worry love" I said kissing her forehead softy.

"Okay I won't babe" Rian whispered.

"Love Niall invited us to go play football and I promise Eleanor and Perrie will both be there, but we need to get ready. You can take a shower in the master bathroom and I will use this bathroom" I said holding her.

"Okay Liam" she replied smiling big at me.

Rian POV

             When I got into the bathroom I smiled at huge Jacuzzi tub that would most definitely make me feel less jetlagged and relaxed; that’s exactly what I need right now… a nice, hot bubble bath, but I don’t have the time for one unfortunately. There was a shower that the water comes out of the ceiling.

"Whoa I am in love with this bathroom."  I said in complete awe.

With the shower being the fastest option I chose it. At first I was reluctant that I couldn’t enjoy the bathtub, but that was until the water hit my skin.  I have never experienced such and incredible shower in my entire life. The water felt like rain; surprisingly, the water reminded me of a hot and humid summer rain shower in North Carolina. With closed eyes I felt like I was home. The scent of my mango bath wash was enough to comfort me.  I stood there in the shower looking in the steamy, aromatic haze that blanketed the room.

  I finished washing up and ventured through the haze, wrapping a towel around my body I left the bathroom to get my suitcase that was in the room. I sat down with the towel still tied tightly around my body and I got my phone. My notifications were going wild, I had about 6000 new followers on twitter which was strange since I was only following 86 people. I had gotten a whole lot of mentions. A lot of them were positive and there was a couple that were couple vulgar. I had figured this out a long time ago, but it was so troubling to face it firsthand; people on the internet treat others like shit and that directioners are super protective of the boys. I read one that said, @RiRi123 is only with Liam because it’s for publicity, it’s faker that Elounor.  

"Holy crap I can't believe the fandom I love so much and claim to be a part of is partially out casting me. All for dating one of the boys. Isn’t that all of our dreams” I whispered. I shook my head as I turned my profile to private. This is the part of dating Liam Payne I didn’t think about… the fandom’s reaction.

I was heading back to the bathroom with my makeup in hand when I heard the door handle giggle. I couldn’t run. I was paralyzed when Liam walked in. I stared at him with my eyes practically bulging out of my sockets. I know I wasn’t completely naked, but I was only wrapped up in a towel. Liam’s eyes flickered over to me and his cheeks turned bright red. Liam was only in his boxers that became noticeably tighter in the front.

“Oh my… I am sorry love” Liam stammered still staring at me.

“It’s okay Liam” I said surprising myself.

Liam came closer to me only staring at my eyes. “Do you realize how beautiful you are Rian” Liam whispered, his voice thick as honey.

 I nodded not capable to answer him verbally as I got lost in those warm golden brown eyes. Liam once again gently cupped my face kissing me softly. There was a big part of my brain screaming that I was practically kissing Liam naked. Liam deepened the kiss his warm tongue finding mine instantly. While one of his hands stayed on my cheek another went down to my lower back pressing me closely to him. My hands went to his back, tracing the definition in his back muscles. His body was so warm and smooth, then my hands when to his bare chest. Holy shit this guy is so hot and the best part is that he’s mine.  I hadn’t noticed that we were walking backwards until I felt my lower thighs hit the bed. Liam hadn’t stopped kissing me as he pushes me gently into the bed. My heart beating rapidly as Liam breaks the kiss and hovers over me.

His warm eyes seemed to be on fire as he finally allows himself to look at my body that is still wrapped in the towel. His hands cupped my face cupping it once again for a slow and passionate kiss. My body felt like it was on fire, but not in a bad way. He broke the kiss once more and looked at me as his hand traveled down my faces to my neck. He traced around my collar bone and shoulders. Then his hands skimmed over my chest; carefully adding more pressure in my sensitive area causing me to let out a soft moan. Liam moved one of his hands through my towel and the second his skin met my waist the electricity filled my body. He took his hand out and move both his hand under my towel from the bottom touching my thighs and rubbed them gently. I need Liam. I need more of him.

Liam breathed heavily as he whispered a question that I was anticipating in my ear. My heart pounds even faster as I say yes.

Our naked bodies were intertwined as Liam moved a strand of my hair out of my face. “I love you Rian” Liam smiled his voice full of love with those beautiful brown eyes staring back at me.  

“I love you too Liam” I blushed.

We laid together for what seemed like forever as we talk to one another. I find it incredible that Liam can still find questions to ask me. I would have assumed he knows everything about me so far; yet he still asked questions that I have never had anyone care enough to ask. For instance, when Liam asked me about my best friend from kindergarten I thought who asks those questions… Liam does that’s who. It was really nice until Liam’s phone began to ring. Liam groaned as he reached over me and grabbed his phone.

“Hello” Liam said still looking at me. I tried listening to see who it was but that wasn’t happening.

“Oh my God Niall I am so sorry we will be right there” Liam promised. Oh shit! We totally forgot about the soccer game.

“Okay see you in bit mate” Liam said before hanging up.

            Liam and I got ready faster than I thought we would have. I pulled my hair up into a top bun and wore skinny jeans, a grey knit sweater, with my black converses. Liam looked incredible in a plain black tee, grey basketball shorts, and black sneakers. How is it possible to be that good-looking without even trying? “Are you okay love” Liam asked before we left.

Well that came from left field. “Um… yeah why” I asked laughing.

“Oh I thought you had a fever, because you are so hot” Liam smirked.

“Wow that has to be the cheesiest pick up line I have ever heard” I laughed.

“Only for you love” Liam whispered in my ear as he opened the car door for me.

“I don’t know if I should honored or not” I teased.

            As we drove off I turned on the radio and turned it onto KIISS FM; which was weirdly playing a One Direction song. I was singing along until the song ended and it went to commercials. I looked at Liam and asked him, “How strange is it to hear your voice on the radio?”

Liam smiled and laughed softly, “At first it was the most bizarre thing I have ever heard, but by now I have gotten used to it. Don’t get me wrong I still think it is strange, but it’s ace all at the same time.”

I looked at Liam so confused. What the hell does ace mean? I swear British slang is so strange. I mean it doesn’t even make sense. For instance, how is a bathroom a loo? I grew up thinking mates are something animals had and often times the first thing I thought about is mating season. Then you have the difference between babe and love. Ugh I need a British to American slang dictionary… if they even make those.

“Okay what does ace mean” I asked.  

“Wow you don’t know what ace means. Um… well I guess it means awesome” Liam explained.

“Oh I see” I giggled.

            I looked out at the grey clouds. The difference between London’s summers and the summers in Raleigh were night and day. Never could I imagine wearing a sweater and jeans, in fact the only times I would wear jeans in the summer is when I work, other than that I would be in shorts. Yet another perk about London was that; it wasn’t nearly as humid here as it is in Raleigh. That has to be the worst thing about North Carolina. The humidity could be so bad some days that I wouldn’t bother trying to straighten my hair, instead I would hope that by me putting my hair in a braid would tame it. I wonder what the temperature is in Raleigh right now. I opened my phone and saw I had a text message from Ashley.

From Ash: Hey Ri. Miss you! Melissa picked up your stuff the other day. Hope you having fun in London! See you soon.

            I took everything in my power not to text her about her two-faced nature, but I decided to be two-faced as well and tell her thanks, miss you too. This place is perfect. We pulled into the park’s parking lot and I sat in the car my mind lost in the beauty of England. Everything looked so classical and amazing. I can’t believe people actually get to call this home.

“I see those wheels turning yet again” Liam interrupted.

“Yeah I just can’t get over how England is so beautiful and amazing” I admitted still looking outside.

“Is something wrong love” Liam asked reaching for my hand.

I moved my body to face him. “No… I mean other than Ash being really two-faced and me being attacked by directioners on twitter” I sighed.

“I am sorry Rian. I really am. I wish I was a normal guy and you wouldn’t have to deal with any of that” Liam apologized.

“Liam it’s not your fault. I guess I didn’t think about this” I said.

“I am sorry” Liam whispered.

“Don’t be Liam. No matter what I love you” I said rubbing his hand.

“I love you Rian” Liam smiled.

            We were leaning in for a kiss when our car was ambushed by the ever rambunctious Louis William Tomlinson. “Stop sucking face” He yelled as he crawled up the hood of the car.

“What the hell” I laughed watching Louis rubbing his face on the front windshield.

“Should I turn on the windshield wipers” Liam asked me smiling deviously. I nodded my head and then Louis’ face being smacked by a wiper… well that has to be the highlight of my life.

Within seconds of me getting out the car I was ambushed by Louis. Yeah I have to say that my bond with him is something special. As I mentioned before Louis is the older brother I always wanted and so desperately needed. “Rian! Oh how I have missed messing with you” Louis cheered as he squeezed the life out of me.

“Louis it’s only been a day” I laughed as he let go of me.

“Which means I have to make up for that time” Louis said his narrowing and a devious smile growing on his face. Lord help me now.

“Louis be nice! Hey Rian” Eleanor scolded Louis. I pulled her in for a tight embrace.

“Hey Eleanor” I smiled.

“What the hell took you guys so long” Niall asked joining the group along with Harry.

I looked at Liam with my eyes bulging out of their sockets. Liam smiled a mischievous smile at me as if he was only telling me what made us late; which subsequently made me blush a deep red color. “Um yeah I don’t think we want to know the answer to that” Harry chuckled.

“I don’t think so” Liam reassured them. I smacked his chest which made everyone burst into a fit of laughter.

“Get some Ri” Louis cheered which Harry rewarded with a high five.

“Screw you Tomlinson” I yelled at Louis flipping him off.

“Wow so mean” Louis faked cried.

“Yeah, but you deserve it” Eleanor giggled.

“I can’t believe the both of you” Louis scoffed and walked away in an over-the-top sassy manner causing everyone to laugh until their sides hurt. In this moment I kicked myself for living in North Carolina. This could be a common occurrence if I lived in England. I have more friends in a place that until yesterday I had never been than in a place that I have lived in since I was thirteen. These are the moments I am going to miss so desperately when I am back home.

“So how do you want to break up the teams” Liam asked. That’s when I noticed Zayn was a no show. I am assuming he wanted to stay home and enjoy some normalcy for the limited time they are allowed. I can’t say I blame him. I am just as much a home-body as Zayn and I believe that is one major reason why Zayn and I get along so well, because we are the same in so many ways.

“Hmm perhaps single vs taken” Harry suggest wagging his eyebrows at Niall.

“Go ahead Styles! It’s proven that sex makes you better at physical activities” Louis added. This comment made both Eleanor and I cover our faces in horror. I can’t believe he just said that, but then again it is Louis what else should I expect? Inappropriate and stupid comments are his specialty.

“Wait… we never said people whom are having sex vs those who aren’t” Niall interrupted as he winked at Harry. Yes I experienced a Narry moment in the flesh!

“Come on you guys just play your dang soccer game” I complained.

“You mean football” Harry corrected me smirking.

“You know what I mean jerk” I said rolling my eyes.

            All the others had ran onto the field but Liam stayed making sure to tell me to watch him and giving one more peck on the lips. Eleanor and I laid down a thick blanket that she had brought with her onto the cold grass. I watched Liam chasing after the ball grinning from ear to ear when he glimpse at me and notice that I was indeed watching him.

“Have I told you that I love your accent” Eleanor asked breaking the silence.

“I don’t think so and it’s funny because I adore yours” I admitted smiling at her. . I watched Liam and Niall run straight into each other in a terrible attempt to retrieve the ball.

"Oh tonight your boy is going to need ice and loads of it. At least Lou does." Eleanor giggled shaking her head.

"Well you know El boys are going to be boys" I laughed rolling my eyes.  Then Louis kick Harry in the shins mistaking him for being the ball.

"Oh God Louis" Harry yelped falling to the ground.

"Oh man up Harold" Louis said while helping him up.

"Ow that's gonna leave a bruise" I said cringing.

"Oh yeah it will" Eleanor said looking away.

 Eleanor jumped up and down with pure joy when Louis scored the first goal of the game. Liam looked at me and gave me a thumbs up which I mirrored back to him. He’s so adorable. I wish I could take a picture of him playing soccer he is in complete bliss and is having the time of his life. Actually they all do. You could almost forget that they are in one of the biggest boybands of the decade. Liam looked over at me and blew me a quick kiss before stealing the ball from Niall and passing it Louis

“He really loves you” Eleanor smiled breaking my gaze from Liam.

“I am starting to really see it” I admitted smiling at her.

“Trust me. He looks at you differently than he ever did with Danielle. When he looks at you it’s almost like he is looking at his entire world then again he probably is” Eleanor encouraged.

            My attention going back to my boyfriend, God I love the sound of that, who had slide on the grass to steal the ball yet again from a pissed of Niall Horan. Eleanor and I continued to talk about school. We found out that we both are studying theatre. She suggested that I study aboard at her UNI. I can’t say that it doesn’t sound like a bad idea. The boys aren’t usually in one spot, but they seem to be in the UK more often than the US. Both Eleanor and I were lost in our conversation until Louis came out of nowhere and attacked Eleanor.

“Oh my word Lou! You scarred me silly” Eleanor yelled smacking Louis.

“I am sorry Love” Louis pouted.

“You’re lucky I love you” Eleanor laughed.

            Then someone picked me off the grass and threw me over their shoulders. Okay so I am not one for being off the ground so I was freaking out. “Liam James Payne let me down now” I begged at I tried squirming off his shoulder.

Liam began spinning around with me on his shoulders laughing hysterically. If I wasn’t close to puking my guts out I would have enjoy the sound of his laughter, but instead I had my eyes shut tightly as I begged even more. Once Liam put me down I was so dizzy that my legs buckled underneath me. My bottom his the hard grass causing me to wince. Yeah that hurt.

“Rian I am so sorry” Liam apologized trying to suppress his laughter.

I give him a dirty look and I snap, “Yeah you should be.”

Liam threw his head back laughing harder that I have ever seen falling to grass next to me. I look at him and I can’t believe that here I am with Liam. God I love him so much. I know this going to sound pathetic and as if I am going way to fast, but when I look at Liam I see my future with him. I plant a massive kiss on those lips that I can call mine and smile down at him after I break up the kiss.

“I love you” I smiled rubbing his face.

“I love you Rian” Liam says smiling back at me. His eye sparking so bright.

“Come on Payne. I demand a rematch” Niall yelled.

“Ok I will be right there” Liam promised.

Then his attention switching to me as he kissed me once more.  Once I was back in earshot of Eleanor she asked if I wanted to go shopping with her right now. I mean I didn’t want to leave Liam, but then again how many people get to say they went shopping with Eleanor Calder? I told her yes before I ran back to Liam and told him that both El and I were going shopping, which he responded with a smile and a thumbs up. Is it weird that I find him even sexier when he sweaty? Actually, yes it is. It’s fucking creepy Rian. Gosh, why am I such a creeper? I am still not used to sitting on the US’s driver side as a passenger in the UK. I felt all too strange and just so wrong. Other than the initial weirdness I enjoyed a lot of the similarities between Eleanor’s car and mine; both our cars smelt like perfume and were clean.

            I bet Eleanor shops at really high end stores where I normally get clothes from HM, Forever 21, and Wet Seal; which is nowhere as expensive at boutiques. Not to mention the pound is worth more than the dollar and I only have so many pounds on me. Do stores take American Visa cards? Is that a thing here? It’s funny I thought I prepared for this trip so well, but here I am with this dilemma. Great.

 “Have you ever been to Lush” Eleanor asked.

“Um I know there is one in the mall by my school, but no I haven’t ever walked in there. I am more of an online shopper” I answered.

“Lush is amazing! Trust me you will love it” Eleanor squieled.

“What do they sell” I asked.

“Well they sell all natural beauty and cosmetic products, but honestly I need some bath bombs and bubble bars. The bubble bars make the most delectable bubbles you have ever seen” Eleanor gushed.

“That sounds incredible” I admitted.

“Good because we are here” Eleanor cheered.

            We walked into to Lush and I was hit with a mixture of all these different scents. It kind of reminded me of an all-natural version of Bath and Body Works. Eleanor grabbed my arm and dragged me to the end of the store where they had buckets of various bath bombs. Eleanor grabbed on and brought it to her nose as she inhaled deeply. Her eyes rolled back and she sighed softly, her shoulders relaxing. She handed it to me after she smelled it once again. I looked at it, inspecting the pink ball. It was actually a decent size product for the price. I lifted it to my nose and inhaled the delicious smell of roses. God it was so soothing. Yeah, I need these in my life. Like right now.

“Doesn’t it smell incredible Rian” Eleanor asked smiling at me.

“Yeah I am definitely getting one. What’s called” I asked continuing to smell it.

“Oh it’s Sex Bomb. It beautiful trust me. Even Lou loves it” she blushed.

“Really now” I teased slightly.

“Yeah” she continued to blush.

            We continued to search around Lush for more incredible smelling products. I wasn’t disappointed at all. I actually had way more product than I had initially expected to purchase, but I figured I would take it home with me. Then both Melissa and I could enjoy them. I have at least ten different bath bombs and serval bath melts, bubble bars, and this soap that smelt like candy. As I left the store Eleanor was on her phone texting away.

“I am just telling the lads that they can meet us at Topshop” Eleanor blurted out.

“Oh so they’re done” I said, but it seemed more like a question.

“Yeah, I guess they are going to meet up with us and then we are going to get something to eat” Eleanor smiled as we walked down the street to this Topshop store.

            Initially Topshop made me think of a way more expensive version of Forever 21 until I felt one shirt. The quality is a lot better here than at Forever 21. Have I ever mentioned how much I like clothes, but don’t actually get it? Oh well I love clothes. I was in heaven as I pulled serval shirts off the rack. I didn’t like how the UK has different sizes than the US. I was looking through Topshop’s dress when Eleanor comes up behind me with a beautiful plain black skater dress and a chunky, wool cardigan that was a shade of dark red.

“This would look incredible on you” Eleanor said handing me over dress.

“It’s exactly my style comfortable, but cute” I smiled.

“I know it screamed your name when I saw it” Eleanor laughed.

        I continued walking until saw the most absolutely gorgeous pink pea coat that had a bow in the back. It was a thick wool material that would be perfect the long, cold winter days back home in Raleigh. I held it up against my body and realized that it was actually a dress as well. Well this is seriously the most perfect article of clothing I could have.

“Oh my God! El look at how cute this is” I gushed showing her the beautiful pea coat.

“It’s beautiful! Do they have a size four” El asked. I searched the rack and saw only sizes eight and up.

“Unfortunately, no they don’t” I pouted.

“Well it will look great on you” El smiled

“You think so” I asked looking at it.

“I know so, but we should try on these clothes and see” Eleanor assured me.

            As soon as I got into my dressing room I heard some commotion going on in the store. I bet you that all that commotion are the boys making a mess of everything. I shook my head grinning. It doesn’t matter how popular these guys are… they are still loud and rambunctious like any other guys.  I had just put of the dress when I heard Eleanor screech, “Lou what the hell! How did you get in here?”

“Rian I am here” Liam laughed knocking gently on my door.

I quickly threw on the chunky cardigan that I loved more than the dress and knew I had to get the cardigan.         I looked on last time in the mirror. Don’t get me wrong the dress is adorable, but it just didn’t fit my body the way it’s supposed to. Although I could wear this chunky, oversized cardigan with jeans and a black blouse or v neck. This would be perfect for the fall time in Raleigh. I took a deep breath before exiting the dressing room.

“I don’t know how I feel about the dress, but I love the cardigan. I also have another thing to try on” I admitted staring at Liam who was staring at me in awe.

“You look beautiful Rian” Liam smiled.

“Thank you Liam” I blushed I closed the door and put on the pink pea coat that was absolutely gorgeous and I knew that I would wear all the time in the winter.

“I am coming back out” I announced before opening the door. When I opened the door and Liam’s gaze fell upon me I saw his eye gleam.

“Oh my god. Rian you are so beautiful” Liam stated.

“I love it” I admitted twirling around in the pea coat thinking about how I could pair this white my white or black knit leggings.

“I do too” Liam admitted his eyes looking over every inch of the pea coat.

I held my ground and insisted that I pay for the cardigan, but Liam didn’t want me to pay for both the cardigan and the pale pink pea coat.  Liam and I went to grab dinner with both El and Louis, it’s crazy how much Louis and I get along. Before meeting One Direction I would have sworn that Zayn and I would be closer, but there was something about Louis. He was my goofy big brother that I had been longing for. After dinner Liam and I headed back to his flat and did the same thing that we had done before we left his flat. I am deeply in love with this man.

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