The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


10. Better Than Words

     Work was like it's usual self, super slow. So as soon as Aiden came back on the floor he let me go on my break. I was so happy to be able to go call Liam. I walked outside and sat under a tree as I dialed his phone number. I was not expecting Liam to answer so quickly, but when he did those butterflies came back.

“Hello Rian” Liam said, I could hear the smile in his voice.

“Hi Liam” I said grinning like an idiot.

“How's work love?” Liam asked.

“Slow like usual, but I told one of my coworkers about the concert. Well you know everything.”

Liam laughed, “Did they believe you”

“Yeah she did” I smiled

“I have been meaning to tell you. That one day I do hope to call you my girlfriend, but I need to warn you about the media attention that you will get from that. I understand that it's really daunting and if you don't want that to happen then we can be friends”

“Liam are you asking me to be your girlfriend” I giggled trying not to dwell on the bad. I know it will be tough, but for Liam I will be more than willing to deal with it.

“Kinda, but I don't want to ask you over the phone love. Which is why I have another question for you” Liam said.

“Okay what is it” I asked smiling.

“Well... I was thinking that you should come and join us in Los Angeles and then come to England with me” Liam suggested.

“Wait.... what” I asked in shock. Go to England with Liam. That sounds crazy. Then again crazy seemed exciting.

“Will you do me the honors of joining me back in Los Angeles for the last concert of the Take Me Home Tour and then allowing me to take you back home to meet my mum and dad, as well to allow me the chance to get to know you better” Liam asked, his voice hopeful. I could just imagine the incredibly adorable puppy dog eyes that Liam would be giving me if he was here in person.

“Liam that's crazy” I sighed.

“Rian, it's not crazy that I want to get to know you better and introduce you to my parents” Liam countered.

“But in England” I added.

“Love I don't know if you know this, but I am British” Liam sassed. I could feel the slight smile forming on my lips

“You're British I never knew that!” I giggled. I knew I was going to give into Liam. The thought of seeing him again made me want to burst into another happy dance.

“Will you please come to LA for me Rian and the go back home with me” Liam asked.

I smiled as I answered, “Of course I will do you the honors of going to England with you, Liam”.

“Thank you so much love” Liam cheered.

"Anything for you Liam James Payne"

     I had to hang up with Liam, but then realization that I will be going to England washed over me. There's no fucking way that this is real life. Ever since I was a little girl I adored England, and finally I will get to visit the place I love the most. The country my parents had their honeymoon in. I always wanted to go Big Ben and ride on the London Eye. Oh my goodness the London Eye at night is probably breathtaking. I can't wait this is going to be so incredible!

Jordyn's POV

     Ever since that night, I really haven't talked to Rian but Ashley and I were still talking. What she told me, infuriated me to the core. Rian will never deserve Liam and I need to make Liam realize that. Just like I did with Kyle. Speaking of Kyle we were both firm in making sure Liam knows just how manipulative  and evil Rian is and will eventually be. I was jogging around campus and noticed Rian sitting underneath a tree on the phone, smiling like a complete idiot. Quietly, I inched closer so I could be within earshot.

“You're British I never knew that” Rian giggled. God, can she be anymore idiotic. Like seriously. What does Liam see in her.

“Rian is nothing special” I growled under my breath.

I looked at her and knew that was a complete lie. Even I knew just how she made me feel. Yes I am attracted to Rian and yes I am bisexual. That's what infuriates me. Rian will never want me. No matter how much I have done for her. Every time I see her I want to be with her, but as soon as she mentions anything about a guy I make it my mission to destroy them. I want her to have no options, because if she won't choose me than Rian can't have anyone.

“Of course I will do you the honors of going to England with you, Liam” Rian cheered.

Wait a minute. Liam is on tour with One Direction. Their tour isn't ending until the middle or end of this month. So Rian is going to England with Liam Payne by the end of next month. Well I guess Kyle and I will be going to England soon. Like I said if Rian won't be with me; she'll never get to be with anyone she wants to be with. Hell the only reason I went to the concert was to see her eyes full of love. That's what pained me the most... seeing those golden brown eyes filled with love for someone who wasn't me. Jealously can unleash the green monster in all of us.

Liam's POV

     As soon as I got off the phone with Rian I had a massive smile that will never be able to go away. It was official Rian will be going home with me. I was definitely going to take her home to Wolverhampton and then we will go do all the touristy things that I know she will want to do. It's going to be brilliant.

“Wow someone is happy” Louis laughed as I walked back into the dressing room.

“Someone just talked to Rian” Zayn teased.

I rolled my eyes at them. “Shut up you two” I blushed.

Niall winked at me and asked, “So what did you and Ri talk about”. It seemed that all attention switched to me, even Lou and Paul we waiting to hear about the conversation.

My smile became even more massive as I recalled, “Well I invited Rian to come out to the last LA show and then go back home with me”.

Louis cheered and said, “Well look who finally got his balls”.

My eyes narrowed at Louis, “I'm sorry that you are a complete arse Louis”. Louis looked at me shocked as Niall started laughing.

"I am proud of you mate” Harry smiled.

     I couldn't wait till I can see Rian in person once again I will hold her so tightly and perhaps even kiss her. I have never been so excited in my life. I went outside the room once again to call my mum. I have already told my mum about Rian, but I needed to tell her to big news.

“Hello, Love” my mum answered immediately. Just the sound of her voice was enough to bring me back home. I could almost smell her cooking and imagine sitting one couch with my dad.

“Hello mum” I smiled, sitting on the hard concrete floor.

“Oh Liam everyone misses you dearly” my mum sighed.

“I miss everyone too mum. Even Nicola and Ruth” I admitted laughing softly.

My mum began to laugh as well, “how are you dear?”

“Oh mum, I am great” I grinned.

“Why am I getting the suspicion that this has to do with that girl you were telling me about” my mum asked.

“Well this does have to do with Rian” I admitted.

“Rian. That's a very unique name. I find it very cute to have a girl with a boy's name” my mum babbled.

“Mum” I laughed.

“Oh sorry Liam” my mum apologised.

“No I'm sorry mum. Anyways, today I asked Rian if she could come back home with me. Guess what... dad and you are going to meet her” I told my mum with the massive grin back on my face.

“Oh that's wonderful Liam” my mum cheered.

“I know and mum you are going to love her” I smiled.

     My mum and dad will most definitely love her because Rian is such an amazing and brilliant girl. She is so caring and understanding. Not to mention just how adorable she is.

“Liam you really fancy her” my mum said.

     Yes I really do fancy this American girl who I had only known for four days, but what can I say. I truly believe in love at first sight. Rian captivated me from the time I saw her walk on stage. The way she couldn't look at me and how she was more fixated on the ground. How she was not fighting for my attention. Rian treated me like an average guy. I really loved that. For once I felt like the Liam from Wolverhampton rather than Liam from One Direction.

“Yes mum I do. She is the first girl to make me feel normal. Rian treats me like any other guy from the streets and I enjoy that. Mum she is doing things to my heart that I have never felt before. All that I can think about is her” I admitted.

“Oh Liam you're in love”

“You think so mum”

“I know that you are without a doubt falling in love Liam”

“I have already written a song about her mum”

“Oh sing some of it for me Liam”

“Okay mum, but I need to apologise because it is very rough”

“Go on anyways love”

     I cleared my throat and began to sing. I don't know how else to sum it up, because words ain't good enough. There's no way to explain your love, no. It's better than words. These words can't explain enough. I smiled as I fished the very little that I had written. It still was a work in progress, but Louis thought it was great.

“It's not finished, but I was thinking that could be the chorus” I admitted.

“It's brilliant Liam” my mom commented.

“It's cheesy huh mum” I asked.

“No it's not Liam it's very sweet”

“Thank you mum”

“No thank you Liam”

     I noticed that it was getting closer to performance time and I needed to get my hair done still. “Well mum I got to go I will talk to you later” I sighed. “Alright Liam I love you” my mum cried. It broke my heart that my mum missed me so much. I always grew up very family orientated and that part of my was ripped away from me at the age of 17. “I love you too mum” I said choking on my tears. I quickly hung up my phone and wiped my eyes dry. I just wanted to be home. Eventually I will be home and I will have the girl of my dreams by my side to cheer me on. I headed back to the dressing feeling refreshed and slightly homesick. Then again that could just be me being anxious to be with Rian once again. 


Authors Note: Hey you guys I know that the lyrics are incorrect, but here's my thought process on that... those lyrics were probably changed numerous times. So I decided to switch things up a bit. Any who I hope you are enjoying the story and hey maybe you guys and come up with a ship name for Rian and Liam

Oh and another thing Rian is pronounced like Ryan... just in case you didn't know. Ha! Also her nickname, Ri, is pronounced like 'Rye'. I  just really love the name Rian for a girl and I adore how unique it is. 

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