The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


25. Best. Day. Ever!

Rian's POV

     I walked over to my friends who were waiting on me to get going. I knew I had a smile plastered to my face, but I couldn't help it I was having the best day of my life.

"Well look who finally wants to acknowledge us" Jordyn sneered.

Ashley rolled her eyes, "Okay misses I was busy talking to Harry Styles all night about your stupid indie hipster music".

I looked at Jordyn and frowned, "What's gotten into you tonight Jor".

"Nothing you just need to remember that we're your friends. Don't ignore us for your new boy toy" Jordyn cautioned.

     I was so confused. I never knew Jordyn to be the jealous type. When she had a boyfriend I never gave her this type of ultimatum.

"Liam's not my boy toy and you have nothing to worry about Jor. You and I are practically sisters" I beamed, trying to cheer her up. Jordyn smiled slightly at me, but it was one of her infamous fake smiles.

"So... Liam and the others were wondering if we wanted to show them around Raleigh tonight. I mean it's only 7 at night. Plus how awesome would that be" I offered.

"I can't go I have to get ready to visit my parents for the summer" Jordyn lied. Ashley looked at her confused.

"What I miss them and I can go see them... well because school is finally don" Jordyn yelled, slightly annoyed. Was that a dig at me?  I go visit my parents pretty much every weekend, but it's really not visiting because they don't talk back when I talk to them. 

"Okay... well I most definitely will go" Ashley beamed.

"Sweet... I can take you back to the dorms Jordyn" I offered.

"No it's okay I will get either Kyle to pick me up or I can call an uber" Jordyn insisted.

"You know what I think Kyle said he was free tonight so I'd try him" Ashley added.

"Thanks Ash" Jordyn said looking through her phone for Kyle's phone number.

Jordyn was on the phone talking to Kyle until she waved to us and was out the doors followed by security. "Um.. awkward" Ashley mumbled.

I looked at Ashley and sighed,"I never knew her to be the jealous type".

She patted my shoulder and added, "She wants to be the only person that's the center of attention and you know that". I shrugged my shoulders.

Ashley was right; Jordyn had been like that since I meet her in the seventh grade... but I thought she out grew that phase. "I feel like she hates me" I whispered to myself.

"What was that Ri" Ashley asked. I looked at her and smiled, "I can't believe this is happening to me". Ashley smiled back at me and hugged me tightly.

Jordyn's POV

     Why the hell does she get every goddamn thing she wants? I thought as I stormed out into the parking lot. "Ever since I have known that bitch, she's gotten everything she has ever wanted!" I yelled my fist clenched. I wanted so badly to hit something. Dammit Kyle where are you? The parking lot was pretty desolate. I could see Rian's car, she had named Adam, what an idiot. I quickly walked over to her car and looked around to make sure no one was around. With my hands shaking intensely, I pulled out my keys. I picked the sharpest one and slashed all but one of her tires. Stabbing at them numerous times. I know I had gotten carried away when I keyed the word slut on her driver side door, but in the moment I didn't give a single fuck. She deserved this.

"How are you gonna get home now bitch" I snarled.

I heard a car honk "Jordyn" Kyle yelled at me I snapped up. I quickly shoved my keys into my purse and ran towards his car.

"Hey babe thanks for getting me" I said kissing him.

"Um... hey. What were you doing to Rian's car" Kyle asked after kissing me.

"Babe you have to keep your mouth shut. Especially if I tell you, okay" I pleaded as we sped out of the parking lot.

"I promise" he said sincerely.

"I am tired of seeing Rian getting everything she has ever wanted in life, while people who actually try to get what they want get jack shit" I yelled.

"She thinks she's an entitled princess. That is why I am so glad I left her" Kyle admitted. Yes, Kyle at one time dated Rian. It was right after her parents died and she wouldn't give him what he wanted so I stepped up and offered him an offer he couldn't refuse.

"I know babe, I know" I said looking out the window as we drove towards campus. I did now something; I knew I had it with Rian. She doesn't realize she just made an enemy.

Rian's POV

     Louis and Harry were leading the way through the stadium. Liam and Ashley were walking next to me. I had one major concern in my head... my car. It was my mom's old car; it was like the last piece of her I had so I treasured it more than I would any other car. I didn't feel right leaving it out in the empty parking lot, especially at night.

"Do you think my car will be alright here" I asked Ashley.

"It really should be Raleigh is a pretty good area" Ashley said easing my concern.

"Yeah don't worry Rian. Liam told security to keep an eye out for your car" Niall ensured.

I looked over at Liam and to my surprise he was staring at me. "Don't worry love, trust me" Liam promised.

I mean I know he's Liam James Payne and he's my ultimate celebrity crush but come on how do you trust some one you literally just met. I nodded, but I was still concerned. I continued to follow Louis and Harry.

"So where did you have in mind" Ashley asked. Quite frankly, I have no clue. Ashley has only been here for a while, but she doesn't know to many places outside of campus. I want something fun... something I know they don't do as much anymore. I got it!

"What about Adventure Landing" I offered excitedly.

"What's that" Liam asked.

"It's this place not to far from Raleigh, but they have an arcade, batting cages, laser tag, and mini golf" I enthused.

"I am in" Liam agreed.

“I'll smoke you silly boys in mini-golf” Ashley assured everyone.

“Hmm, I beg to differ Ashley. I play big kid golf on my free time” Harry teased.

“Wanna make a bet” Ashley asked. As her friend, I know just how competitive she is. Trust me you don't want to make a deal with Ashley because she will make absolutely sure that she is victorious.

“Oh God.” I whispered to Liam.

“What is it” Liam asked whispering back at me.

“Ashley is super competitive. So this may end up bad” I admitted smiling at Liam.

“Well so is Harry so it should be very funny” Liam smirked. I guess I could just enjoy the show instead of worrying about Ashley kicking Harry's butt if she doesn't win.

“Alright, Whats the bet” Harry asked wagging his eyebrows back at Ashley.

“Loser gives $20 dollars to the winner” Ashley laughed shrugging her shoulders.

“And buys coffee later on tonight” Harry insisted.

“Alright you got yourself a deal” Ashley laughed.

We walked up to a huge black Honda Pilot with dark tinted windows. One of they guys body guards was already in the car with the car running. Will we all fit? Man I sure hope so.

“Shot gun” Louis yelled running to the driver side. I wanted to yell wrong side, but Ashley took care of that.

“You weird Americans” Louis complained running to the other side.

“More like you weird Brits” I said laughing.

Harry, Ashley, and Niall sat in the middle row. In the back was me being sandwiched by Zayn and Liam. Every girls dream! “Do you want to listen to some of my music” Liam offered.

Well duh. I was always curious what music was on Liam Payne's phone. I doubt that Liam and I had the same exact taste as me, but you never know. As for my music taste it's... eclectic. Ranging from One Direction to Demi Lovato to A Day To Remember.

“Sure Liam” I answered smiling at him.

Liam got out his phone and handed me one ear bud. “Do you like Ed Sheeran” Liam asked. Up to this moment the only Ed Sheeran song I had heard was A Team and the songs he wrote for the boys.

“I really haven't listened to his music much. Well other than A Team and the songs he wrote for you guys” I admitted. Damn, I practically live under a rock.

“Well then I will show you my favorite Ed Sheeran song” Liam insisted as he browsed through his music library. Then a soft piano play one key, then another.

“This is Wake Me Up by Ed Sheeran. It's a very romantic song” Liam said. It was a very beautiful song.

It showcased Ed Sheeran's amazing voice. He doesn't loose his accent when he sings like the boys. I know I was supposed to be paying attention to the song I was more focused on Liam. His shoulder against mine. The softness of his flannel on my bare arms. His warmth radiating through. Then I heard him begin to sing softly. That's when I knew I was in heaven.

Liam's POV

I could feel her coolness through my flannel. I wanted so badly to wrap my arms around her shoulders, but I'd be coming on a bit to strong. To distract me from my wishes I sang along and tried to focus on the music rather than my heart. I looked over at Harry who had his arm wrapped around Ashley's shoulder. For her it was no big deal she was telling Niall how she's going to kick Harry's butt at mini golf. I looked out the window and stared at the sign that said Adventure Landing.

“Were here” Louis yelled waking up Zayn. Zayn looked mad, but he sucked it up.

“Come on Love” I said as I unbuckled my seat belt.

“I'm coming” Rian said unbuckling. I helped her out of the car and then met up with everyone who was by the entrance. 

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