The Perfect Two *Rewrite*

Rian was never one for being the center of attention. Instead, she preferred being in her dorm and listening to music. Particularly, a boy band that seems to make all her worries of the world simply disappear. There's a moment in everyone's life that changes everything they know dramatically and Rian experiences this when she finally decides to show some confidence. Soon best friends, will be come enemies. Strangers become best friends, and finally a celebrity crush, becomes a reality.


9. Back To Reality

Rian's POV

     It had been a couple of days since the concert, and it was back to reality for me. Back to working in the school's student store, which during the summer was desolate... well except for the random splurges of incoming freshman that were taking a campus tour of the school. Or the ones that signed up for early orientation. Today was my first day back since the concert and yes I am still trying to comprehend just what happened that day. After a couple of days it still feels like either a dream or some fanfiction that I read that night. The thing is that this is very real... Liam Payne did give me his phone number and I did spend the night with not only Liam, but Niall as well. Hell I watched a movie with Louis Tomlinson! This kind of shit doesn't happen to people like me, but it did.

From Liam: Have a great day at work love! X

     I kept rereading that text and the number. It's not like I changed one of my friends contacts to Liam's name, no that was the real Liam James Payne texting me. I walked into the always freezing cold student store as I replied back to Liam.

To Liam: Will do sir! I will call or text you on my break... miss you! Oh.. do you mind if I tell my coworkers about what happened after the concert.

     It was the truth I did miss Liam. I felt so close to him after opening up to him about my parents and he cared enough to want to know who they where. With that little action Liam most definitely earned more brownie points. I sighed at as I walked into the backroom and saw all the new shirts that I had to fold and put on shelves.

“Oh my gosh Rian”' my coworker Melissa cheered as she threw herself into me.

Out of my coworker Melissa was hands down one of my favorites, next to Aiden. “Hey Melissa” I cheered.

She held me at arms distance and examined me. Her brown eyes just about bulged out her eye sockets. Um.. okay. “Something big happened at the concert. I can tell” She blurted out.

What in the literal fuck! How would she know that by staring at me? I looked like normal me in my North Carolina State University t-shirt and American Eagle skinny jeans with my usual gray Toms.

“How could you tell” I asked in a hushed tone.

“Ri I don't know if you realize this, but you have a huge smile on your face and I won't spill all my sources” Melissa admitted.

“Well you're good” I said I grabbed one of the boxes and grabbed a headset. I put the ear bud and tested to make sure it was working.

“Wait your not going to tell me” Melissa yelled as I left the back room.

“Hm... nope” I teased.

     Of course I was going to tell Melissa, but first I was going to make her guess why the concert was great. Or just let the curiosity consume her until she can no longer take it. I walked past the register and saw Aiden messing with his phone.

“Stop texting your girlfriend” I teased.

Aiden looked up at me and smirked, “Don't be jealous Ri. There's enough of me to go around. Aiden winked one blue eye at me.

I laughed and shook my head, “Well that's good to know”.

Aiden was a very attractive guy. A lot.. wait all the incoming freshman girls would gawk at the guy who could pass a twin for Zac Efron just with Spanish roots. He was an aspiring youtuber; I won't lie I am subscribed to him, but I love his video's. Aiden wants to be a singer and or actor, which both he can do extremely well . I loved his voice, and he knew that. Most times when I was upset he'd sing to me.

     I went to the corner of the bookstore and began folding the shirts and putting them on the shelves. I was trying to ignore my phone the vibrated, telling me that I got a text. I smiled as I peeked at the sender, Liam. Have you looked at your phone when you got a text message and when you saw it was from that special someone you just wanted to jump up and down and cheer, because you felt like you where on cloud nine. That was how I felt at the moment. Liam asked me to go with him to the next show in Washington D.C but I couldn't because work. I really wanted to go with him, but I have a deal with the school. If I work during the beginning of summer I can stay in my dorm until I have to move to my new dorm; speaking I had no where else to go my hands were tied. I looked at all the generic and over priced shirts that many of these students would get for free throughout the school year.

“Hey Rian, how was the concert” Aiden asked over the headset.

From a customers standpoint I bet this would look weird, but pretty much all my coworkers and I would have conversations over the headsets, to the customers it looked like we were talking to ourselves. Which I am not going to lie I do every now and then, but I do that when I know I am alone.

“It was great. I can say that it was the best day of my entire life” I gushed.

Even from across the store I heard Aiden's booming laugh. “Even better than the day you met me” Aiden whimpered. I rolled my eyes, I loved Aiden dearly but he will never be able to compete with that night.

“Sorry Aiden, but if it makes you feel better that was a close second” I apologized.

“Thanks... I guess I am no competition for Liam Payne right” Aiden laughed.

“He is the guy of my dreams” I admitted blushing to myself.

“Well whatever. I guess I'll be forever alone now” Aiden muttered..

     Aiden and I had a very flirty relationship. I don't know why but from day one we knew we could be inappropriate with one another.

I laughed, “Oh Aiden don't worry you're not being replaced”.

     I looked around at the people walking towards me, great a group of incoming freshman coming to me so I could take a picture of them in their matching school shirts, but eventually none of them will talk to one another. Have I ever said how much I love my job? I sighed as one of the girl began to call for me.

“Excuse me” She asked.

I know I was probably only one year younger than her, but she looked so young. She had long dirty blonde hair and big brown eyes. As well as freckles sprinkled on her face.

“Yes” I answer trying my hardest to smile and come off as pleasant.

“Um... I know this is going to sound really weird, but did you go to the One Direction concert on Saturday” she asked quietly as if it was some big secret.

“Yes I did why” I asked sorta confused. The girl began to smiled and quite frankly freak out. I was baffled.

“You got to go on stage with the guys! You got to meet them. Oh my God you're so lucky” she cheered.

I nodded and tried to be polite, “Yeah they are just as amazing as you think they are”

She gushed, “You had my favorite sing to you”

“Liam is my favorite too” I laughed.

“He's adorable right” She asked.

More than you will ever know, “Yeah he is” I said. The girl continued to talk to me until her friends pried her away from me to gawk at Aiden.

I laughed and shook my head, “Aiden you have a fan club building” I said over the headset.

I watched Aiden slowly looked up at the girls staring at him. They giggled and ran out of the store. “Great Aiden we lost customers” I laughed.

“I normally never get that response” Aiden sighed.

I was down to the last of the shirts. Thank God light at the end of the freaking tunnel. “Maybe they were shy” I added as I finished the last shirt. I began to head to Aiden.

He was in charge at the moment; speaking that he was the oldest here. Aiden was in his 3rd year of college and both Melissa and I were in our 2nd year.

“I'm back” Melissa cheered over the headset.

Aiden looked at me and said, “Well I am going on my lunch, you man the register and have Melissa help with costumers and you know clean”.

Aiden knew how much I loathe cleaning every single rack. Trust me it was a tedious and utterly boring job. So when I got told to go to register I was ecstatic.

“Thank you Aiden” I grinned.

Aiden winked at me, “Anything for you babe”.

I laughed and playfully punched him, “Go get something to eat boy”. Aiden left and Melissa came over to the register.

“So what does cheese for brains have me doing” Melissa groaned.

“Your favorite... cleaning the shelves and straightening up” I cheered.

“I actually don't mind that. Sometimes the freshmen can be downright stupid” She complained.

     It's not like I could disagree with her, but we were both freshmen just a week ago. We were those stupid kids coming into the student store. I was setting on the stool looking around at the empty student store. We had an abundance of shirts, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and gym shorts. Pretty much if you can wear it we sell it. Ha! That should be our slogan. Man Saturday was hands down the best day of my life, where Sunday was a bit harder. I understand why people say they get post-concert depression; it hit me really hard. Especially, when we left the boys. I would have loved to freeze that moment and life in it forever.

* Flashback *

     I woke up next to Liam, his strong arm holding me close to him. I tried to focus my eyes, I have always had difficulties seeing, but it was worse in the mornings. When my eyes finally focused, I looked at Liam. He looked like an absolute angel. His pouty lips relaxed together, those brown eyelashes resting together, he looked so much younger while sleeping. It was almost like I was meeting the younger Liam. Let me just tell you, he's quite the adorable boy. I wanted so badly to take a picture to capture this precious face forever, but that would be seriously creepy. So instead I have burn it into my memory. I wanted to grab my cellphone and glasses, but they were on the night stand by Ashley. Also I didn't want to wake up Liam. I can't believe this isn't some elaborate dream.

     Wow, was all I could say about last night. I noticed that Liam was beginning to rustle around. Good if he wakes up I can get my glasses and not be as blind.

Liam's eyes opened and he smiled at me, “Good morning”. His voice was deeper than usual. The sleep thick in his voice.

“Hello there Mr. Payne” I whispered. Liam got under the cover his cold legs brushing by mine. “Thank God for some warmth” Liam smiled.

I looked at him and giggled, “well if you were cold you could have gotten under the covers”.

Liam looked up at the ceiling, “Well I didn't want to make it seem like I was coming onto you love. I hope you know I respect you”.

I snorted, “Trust me I wouldn't ever think that you take advantage of any girl like that; you are daddy direction for a reason Liam”.

Liam looked back at me, his brown eyes burning into mine. “Thank you Rian. I really appreciate that” Liam said still staring into my eyes.

     There was a burning electricity between our stares. I wanted so badly to lean into him and kiss those full lips so gently. The thought of kissing Liam Payne gave my stomach butterflies. The thought of his lips on mine caused my heart to drop. Liam's golden eyes were so bright; almost like the sun his lips slightly parted. He pressed his lips together in a tight line.

“So...” I whispered. The tension could cut the air.

Liam smiled and laughed, “Oh if you only knew how strongly I already feel about you”.

I could feel my ears begin to burn and my cheeks suddenly had a slight pink tone to it. “You have to know that well... out of all the boys you were the one who I had the biggest crush on” I admitted.

Liam smiled and wrapped his arm around me. “Was it my dashing good looks” Liam asked batting his eyelashes. I snorted and let out a loud laugh instantly my hands went to mouth. Oh my gosh I can't believe I snorted in front of Liam Payne. I am so lame!

“That was adorable” Liam grinned.

“No it wasn't” I blushed intensely.

“Oh, yes it was” Liam smiled.

“I don't think so, but whatever” I sighed.

Liam squeezed me and pulled me into his chest. “Rian don't you sass me”.

I really didn't listen to Liam, because I was to busy listening to Liam's steady heart beat. The way him chest rose up and went back down with every breath. The way he smelled. It was a very subtle smell of cologne. How his skin was so warm and soft, but then again it was firm. Ever since my parent's death I never felt comfortable. Every place I have lived in since then had been a temporary home. But here with Liam I felt comfortable. I never wanted this feeling to end.

* End of Flashback *

“So Rian you never told me what happened at the concert” Melissa said breaking ending my flashback.

Well I don't think Liam will mind if I tell Melissa. Plus I know she will definitely freak out just like I did... when I got back in my dorm and was away from Liam. As soon as I got into my room I cheered and busted out my happy dance.

“Well what do you think... They sang” I snorted. I loved to be a smart ass to Melissa, she was usually a good sport about it. She would reciprocate my smart ass way back ten times worse most of the times.

“Well not shit Ri, but did they... I don't know do anything special” Melissa scoffed.

“You should have gotten tickets if you are so curious”

“And you should just tell me what happened or else”

“Or else, what?”

“I won't be your friend”

“Wow. Tempting”

“This is why I don't like you Ri”

“Oh Melissa, fine I'll tell you”

“Okay... I am waiting”

“Well.. the boys were having a surprise for five lucky girls; they were going to serenade Little things to those lucky five girls.”

“Wait.. Oh my God! Were you picked?”

“Melissa let me finish, but to answer your question yes I was picked. Not by Louis, Harry Niall, nor Zayn. No, I was chosen by the one, the only Liam James Payne. Not only did they sing Little Things to use we were allowed to join them back stage after the show. Liam and I really got along and even after hanging out backstage with him, Liam asked Ash and I to hang out with him. So we took him and the boys to Adventure Landing. Then we went to Starbucks, were Ash and I realized we need to go back to our dorm room, we headed back to get my car, and that's when I saw my tires where slashed. So we stayed with the guys and had a movie night”

“Oh My God! Wait didn't Jordyn go with you guys too”

“Jordyn got really jealous so she pratically after the concert, but I really don't care any more. I got to hang out with my celeb crush. That is so surreal right?”

“Yes, wait did Liam give you his phone number?”

“Oh yeah. I have been texting him all day today” I admitted.

“You're one lucky girl” Melissa cheered.

“I know and am falling more and more for him” I admitted.

“You guys would be so adorable together”

“I know we would be”

     I know Liam hasn't know me for to long, but I know we would such a cute couple. The story of how we met is something out of a Disney movie. I have had a major crush on him since I first watched What Makes You Beautiful music video back in 2011. Never in a million years did I assume Liam would ever feel remotely attracted to me. Hell I accepted the fact, back in 2011 that I would never met the cute Brit that has stolen my heart. Who would have ever guessed that I would be stealing his heart too. 

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