Heaven has finally found it's missing angel

Harry wants a break from all of the fame. He wants to live before the next tour. Melody is living the dream on broadway bringing her dream role to life and getting a standing ovation every night. But she wants a break to see the world. Harry thinks she is gorgeous, but her father doesn't approve. What will happen is all up to fate...... and choice...


2. End of tour and rehearsals

Chapter 1:

Harry's P.O.V

Thank you New york you've been amazing. Niall finishes talking and the girls start screaming and crying as we run off stage. What an great way to finish the tour Louis yells. Our ears are ringing from the noise and we are high on excitement from the show. Finally the where we are tour is finshed and we can relax for a couple of weeks. There are girls crowded every where around the back of the MSG. We quickly run on the bus. Ahh boys what a show Paul says getting on the bus. I swear you made them wet their nickers when you sang little things. That's what we do Zayn says smiling whilst texting. Probably texting perrie I think sitting next to Niall and taking out my phone. 11:56pm I had a feeling it was close to midnight. Liam is texting Sophia and Louis is on the phone with elenour. Niall i say hugging him. What is dat fur? I laugh at Niall's think Irish accent. I'm taking some time off I say and his face turns into a look of confusion. Why? Aren't you happy touring any more?. No it's not that I just want some time to be normal again. Niall laughs. This is our new normal buddy. I know I just want some time to think maybe meet someone. Buddy if your lonley come and stay with me. I know you miss the company of a girl but we are both single good looking lads and miss right will come along. I snort and shake my head. Classic philosophy Niall I say looking at him only to earn laughs from the rest of the boys. Paul looks at me. Now Harry you can't just take time off without asking me. I know Paul I just wanted Niall's opinion on the situation seeing as he knows how Im feeling. Ow okay well I'll talk to Simon and you better stay out of the media if he is nice enough to give you time off. Thanks Paul I say getting up and walking to my bunk. I get in and close the curtains.

End of Harry's POV.


Melody's P.O.V (the end morning)

My alarm clock goes off and boy am I tired. 7:49am. Stupid clock. Rehearsals didn't finish till 10:34pm last night and the train was delayed meaning by the time I got home my sister was already asleep. Playing belle in beauty and the beast is amazing and tiring. The first thing that pops in my head is coffee until I smell the familiar smell of my sisters waffles. Stumbling out of bed as if my feet are leading me I finally reach the kitchen. And good golly I was right about those waffles. all I hear in my head is YUM YUM, as if the waffles are saying "eat me" I sit down. Morning melody my sisters says. Good morning Blaire. You see my sister and I are close but at the same time we have totally different occupations. I'm studying at university to be in video games and working as a part time book store clerk and musical singer.My sister on the other hand is a lawyer and part time relestate agent. She's all suits and proper and then there's me. Bubbly, singer with dreams too big for my own good. I grab some of the waffles in my plate and start eating. So what's on today's agenda Blaire asks me. Well I have to cover for Lucy's shift at mr Carole's book store and then I have uni till 3pm and after that rehearsals till 7:40pm. Wow your packed today. I have a house open for inspection and then I was saying to grab lunch when I finish around 4-5 ish but your too busy. If you want there is a nandos near the theatre, I can grab dinner to make up for it. Okay okay fine Blaire says. I look at her as I put my stuff in the sink and walk to my room to get ready. Okay I grab my duffle bag and shove in my ballet shoes and script for the musical, my text books for uni and my uniform for the book store. By 8:27am I am dressed and walking to the mr Carole's.

End of Melody's POV

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