Our Season

Static. Okay, so you've heard of it. In fact, you've heard the actual thing. But have you ever felt it? It's like your whole body is numb and it just...tingling. You can't feel your foot, your hand...your heart. Everything becomes blurry, and it's like you're making your way through a pitch black room, trying to find a bead. One single bead, that happened to be launched out into the nothingness. But that's the thing about the bead and the dark room. No matter how much you feel for it...it will never be there. That tingly blur that everyone can't ever forget when it happens...it's not going to be there. Everything gets lost in the end...no matter how big or strong it is.


1. Chapter One

"Will you hurry up in there?” Elliot yells from outside the bathroom door.

“I don’t know. Can you shut up?” I yell back.

“But you’re taking forever,” he whines.

“I don’t think you’ve been waiting since the world started. Therefore, I could not have been in here forever.”

Oh my god. You and you’re technicalities. Just hurry up before I piss my pants.”

“Just wait a minute. The more you bug me, the longer I’ll be in here.”

“God, I fucking hate you.”

“Love you too,” I call back. He doesn’t say another word after that, leaving me in peace, and making me a hell of a lot happier.

I finish brushing through the rest of my dark brown curls, and unlock the door. As soon as I have the door opened a crack, it’s pushed open, hitting the wall behind it.

“Really?” I say as he runs over to the toilet, unzipping his pants on the way. “You could have at least waited ‘til I left,” I complain, leaving him as it started.

“Asking me to wait any longer would be like asking the world to stop turning.”

“That’s not even relevant.”

“It is when I have to pee.”

“Hurry up or I’ll start the movie without you.”

“You wouldn’t,” he says, and I somehow know he has an evil smirk covering his lips.

“Oh, I would.” I smirk, turning up the volume so that he can hear the movie starting.

            The door pops open and he jumps onto my bed, almost body slamming me.

            “Hey, be careful. How would I explain it to my mom if you broke my bed?”

            “You could just tell her we fucked.”

            “Yeah, cause she’d love that.” I laugh.

            He laughs and shares his perfectly white smirk.

            I smirk awkwardly, and look away. “Let’s watch the movie.” He laughs again at my awkwardness, my cheeks turning a shade of red.

            “It’s not funny.”

            “I just think it’s funny that you find it so awkward.”

            “That’s because it is awkward.”

            “That’s because you let it be awkward.” He smiles.

            “So. I’m allowed to think it’s awkward when it is,” I argue.

            “I just find it amusing that you’re so innocent all the time. You always play by the book. Don’t you know that the book can have a few typos? And plus, this book you go by, it’s written by every adult that thinks you have to do everything right to be successful, when in reality, they’ve messed up too. Why not throw the old rule book out and live the way you want; write your own rule book, and for the fun of it, let it have its typos.”

            “I am not that innocent. I have done plenty of things that would contradict innocent. And I don’t always do what I am told to do. I do what I want.” Maybe not exactly true, but I’ll give it a shot.

            The look on his face shows that he isn’t buying it. “Like what? What have you ever done that has been out of the boundaries that are your life?”

            “There were many times. Like…” My mind searched for something – anything – that could help me at this point, but let’s face it, I was never going to think of something.

            I’ve always been the type of girl to sit at the front of class; present her report before anyone else; and most of all: stay under the radar until the year ends. I never cared what anyone thought of me, until Elliot came around. Now he’s the only one I try to impress. Not that I want him to notice me, but I want him to stay. Losing him would mean losing my whole world, and I don’t think I could handle that.

            “See. Exactly what I thought?” he smirks. I sigh, giving up.

            “Can we just watch the movie now?” I ask.

            “Yeah.” With his final word, I start the movie.


“Damn,” I complain as the thunderstorm knocks out the electricity, shutting down our movie.

            “Well, now what?” Elliot asks.

            “I don’t know, I guess we wait it out.” I get up off of my bed and grab my flashlight.

            “Does your mom know I’m here?” he questions.

            “Yeah. She said you could stay as long as you like.” I grab my new pair of pajamas out of the bag and close myself into my closet, turning on my flashlight.

            “Does your dad know?” he asks, though he already knows the answer.

            I peak my head out from behind the door. “You know that he doesn’t.”

            Just last year, my dad had a huge argument with Brandon’s dad and it left everyone in an awkward spot. So my dad thought it would be a good idea that I not hang out with him anymore. Brandon’s mom left him and his father when Brandon was just four, but since our friendship started, my mom had sort of stepped in like a mother figure and she absolutely loves him. So now every time my dad leaves on business trips, my mom lets Brandon come over.

            He sighs. “When will he be back?”

            “Uh, I think he said two weeks.”

            “How long is he staying?”

            “A week, then he’s off to Spain.”

            “Well maybe –“

            “Damn. Sorry, can you hand me my shirt from the bag beside my bed?”

            “Yeah, sure,” he says bending down from where he sits on my bed to reach my shirt on the floor.

            I stick my hand out of the small crack of the door as he hands me my shirt. “Thanks.”

            “No problem.”

            “What were you saying?” I ask.

            “Never mind,” he answers, lying down on my bed.

            “What is it?” I ask again, dropping my dirty clothes from the day into my hamper.

            “I just thought that maybe you would want to come with me to my cousin’s wedding.”

            “Yeah. Of course I’ll come with you.”

            “Really?” he lifts his hat enough to run his hand through his dark brown hair, pulling the cap back down over it.

            He recently got a hair cut for senior year, but he left it a little longer than usual so that it reaches about his ears. Nothing that he ever does to his hair keeps the girls from swarming. In fact, nothing could make that boy look bad. I guess that’s why all the girls like him so much. He’s the type of guy who knows that he’s hot, and he doesn’t hide it. His perfect muscles, and his toned abs – girls practically fall to pieces if he even looks their way. And when he smiles – that’s it for the world. And let’s not lie – he knows how to use it to his advantage and no matter who it is, it always worked.

            “Yeah. After all, you did come to my sister’s wedding with me.”

            “Okay well you don’t have to go if you don’t want to. It’s not a big deal.”

            “It’s okay, really.” I smile, and he smirks back at me. I smile again but bigger, and he laughs. I can’t help but to laugh along with him.

I sit down on the floor near the end of the bed, and he shifts so that his face is right over my left shoulder.

“Why do you want me to go, anyway?” I ask.

“I don’t know.”

“You could have gotten anyone to go with you, you know? Like Molly,” I extend the end of her name and roll my eyes.

“Are you jealous?” he smirks.

“No, I just don’t understand why you want to hang out with her. She’s only into you because of your looks.”

“I know.”

“Then why?”

“Cause she’s hot.”

            “Wow, lovely explanation.”

            “You wanted to know,” he chuckles.

            “I guess. So totally irrelevant but are you going to that party Sunday?” I ask.

            “Which one?” he laughs.

            “You know which one.”

            Liam Denning is the school’s quarterback. There are always rumors going around about his parties, because you never know what to expect. They’re different every year, but everybody goes anyway, including Elliot.

            “Why wouldn’t I?”

            “I just thought…I don’t know what I thought.” I look up into his bright, dark green eyes, and I see the questioning look. I sigh. “It’s just that my dad won’t be home this weekend and after what you said I just…I don’t know, I want to do something out of my usual boundaries; something like you would do. I realize how boring it must be to hang out with me when I don’t do anything fun.”

            He sighs. “Liv, there’s nothing wrong with you being you. You’re doing everything right. I mean, you’ve got a lot going for you. You’re getting a scholarship to Princeton next summer for god sake! You don’t want to be like me. You have a lot to look forward to.”

            “You’re smarter than you think, you know?” I half smile. “But I…have to do something impetuous, or I’m never going to know how to have fun. I have to know how it feels to do something that I would otherwise never do; something that my parents would hate. I have to be free…even if for just one night. It probably sounds crazy or weird, but I-“

            “I just don’t want anything to happen to you,” he says, avoiding my eyes.

“Trust me. I’ll be fine. I need this; just one night.”

            He sighs, looking down at my light brown carpeting before he locks his big green eyes with my brown ones.

“Okay,” he says plainly.

            “Okay?” I ask excitedly.


I smile and sigh all at once. “Thank you.”

            “No problem.”

            “No really, thank you. I-”

            “Like I said, it’s no problem. I just don’t want you getting hurt.”

            I sigh again. “I won’t.”

            He stares at me for a minute, probably rethinking this whole thing; thinking of all the things that could easily go wrong.

            “Don’t over think it. I’ll be right by your side the whole night.” I smile.

            He smirks. “I can’t believe you’re actually going to a party with me. I never thought that would happen in a thousand years.”

            “We don’t live for a  thousand years so…” He gives me a ‘seriously’ look and I laugh. “Just being practical.” He laughs, shaking his head.

            “By the way-“ He was interrupted by the television and my bedroom light turning back on.

            “Yay!” I cheer silently, slightly pumping my fist. I hear laughter from behind my head. “What?”

            “Nothing. You’re just cute sometimes.” He smirks. I quickly jump back onto my bed next to him.

            “Hey now, be careful. What are you going to tell your mom when you break your bed?” He smirks. I see the game he’s playing.

            “Oh, I’ve got that planned out. I’ll just tell her we fucked,” I mimic, trying for a manly voice.

            He laughs. “See, it’s not awkward anymore, because you’re not letting it be.”

            I shake my head. “It’s still awkward.”

            “Why?” he asks once again.

            “Because you’re…” I sigh, “I’ve already explained my reasonings.”

            “Because I’m what?”

            “Nothing. Forget it.” I click play on the remote and wait for it to begin again.

            “By the way,” Elliot says after a few minutes of silence as the movie starts again, “You’re not boring to hang out with. I love hanging out with you. I just wanted you to know that.”

            “Thanks.” He doesn’t respond, except with a smile.

A/N: Hey guys. So I was just going to try this story out and see what you think. I might end up taking it down, but if you guys like it, then I might not. I am really excited to be starting this story, and it took me a long time to think up so. Please, please, please continue to read it! It would mean everything to me. Thanks guyses! ILY! Haha! Bye bye :) :D

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