my love my life my air

don't leave is all i could say. lying on the curb motionless. He said he loved my but he ended up hurting me. He said we would never leave me but he abandoned me. Will my air die out or will my life support run thin. What will become of me?.......


2. chapter 1:

Melody's P.O.V


The rain was tapping against the window that cold night. There was simply no warmth no matter how close I was to the fireplace. My dog Timmy was fast asleep curled up in a ball in his bed. I close my laptop as I no longer have any ideas to write for my book. Ouran high school host club is still playing on my tv so I decide to watch the remainder of the episode, Pulling the blanket closer to escape London's freezing winter. You see now that I'm out of the spot light I'm free. Niall James Horan crushed my heart. He promised me he wouldn't but he did. I have up everything and gave up my studies in Japan to move to London to be with him and he took it all for granted. I hear to doorbell ring and get up to go answer it. Ive made a living as a music teacher now and managed to find my own place while writing my book. I open the door to reveal my best friends Ed sheeran, Harry styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam payne and Luke hemmings. "CHICA" Luke yells hugging me tightly. "Hands off my girl" Louis yells grabbing my and running around the house with me in his arms. "IVE BEEN KIDNAPPED!!!!! HELP HELP" I scream as he runs into the lounge room. I settle on the couch and get to finally say hello to everyone properly. Harry comes and I cuddle next to him while Liam and Ed sit on the carpet playing with Timmy. "So  how have ya been Melody?" Luke asks walking back into the room with a bottle of water from the fridge and sitting in my arm chair. "Iv been okay I've got three students keeping me busy now so.. I'm okay" I say snuggling further into the blanket as louis sits on the other side of me. "Thats good Mels, you have an amazing voice so I have no idea who wouldn't want you as a teacher" Ed says while stroking Timmy's short fluffy fur. 

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