More CoCo McNinetails! Just for you guys to be sure I'm not dead. Although most of you wouldn't care if I was dead lel


1. CoCo McNinetails

Take some guesses on how long this has been sitting in my documents... unfinished. I just finished it tonight so... yeah. I like how the background turned out. Here is what I did: I just used a nice purple. I scribbled diagonaly, horizontally, and vertically. Then I zoom blurred it with the slider on max. It took 5 mins to load lol. I created a new layer, put it below the purple layer, and made the whole thing white. Next, I duplicated the purple layer, put it on top of the purple layer, and made it darker by moving the brightness, contrast, and... I forget the other one sliders. I was left with that amazing background.

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