5 Seconds of Summer Imagines & Preferences

There will be requests for the imagines :D


3. You Have a Crush on Him

A/N: I need some ideas for these preferences!!!!! Please comment some ideas!!!!! Sorry Calum's is long. Got a little carried away.

Ashton: "Assssssssshhhhh!!!" you yell into his house as you enter.

"Y/N!!" he says as he drags out your name.

You giggled as he came running over to you. You also saw your three other friends running close behind him. The boys all stopped in front of you. You pouted a little.

"Where are my hugs?" you pout.

Calum was the first to hug you. Then Luke, then Michael. Ashton was last, and his hug was a little longer than the other boys. You looked up at the boys to see Calum making kissy faces. You had a crush on Ashton and Calum knew 'bout it. You slightly glared at him. You and Ashton pulled out of the hug.

"So, What's up?" Michael asks.

"I was in invited over," You say as you run into the living room and throw myself onto the couch.

The boys followed after you. They all sat on the floor because you were taking up the whole couch.

"Y/N! Truth or Dare?" Calum asks you.

"Dare," You say unsure of where this was going.

"Dare you to kiss the hottest guy in this room," he says with a smirk.

You sigh deeply and get up. You shuffle over to Ashton and kiss him. His arms wrap around your waist, while your hands go to his hair. You two pull away after a few seconds. He smiles and kisses you again. You hear cheers erupt around you. You pull away and see the other boys high fiving and laughing.

Calum: You were sitting with your friend Ashton at his house. You had recently told Ashton that  you have a crush on Calum. Knowing him he probably told Luke and Michael. They most likely had a plan for you to tell your feelings to Calum.

"Oh, (Y/n) Calum and the others are going to be here in a few," Ashton says with a smirk.

You inwardly groan. You were not looking forward to being teased by the boys. A few minutes later the doorbell rang. You got up and went to get the door. When you opened the door you saw two smirking faces and one grinning face.

"Hiya boys!" you greet.

They greet you back. You hug all of them. You four walked into the lounge. You all spread out around the lounge. You all started doing your own things. You were particularly nervous. Waiting for the boys to do something was excruciating. You were so antsy that Calum noticed and finally spoke up.

"You okay there (Y/N)?" he asks.

You look at him giving him a reassuring smile. He nodded and look back at his phone. You looked at Michael, who was sitting right across from him on the floor. He had a devilish smirk plastered on his face. You looked at Luke and Ashton and they also had smirks on their faces. This made you more fidgety. After a few hours hanging out with the boys you stood up abruptly. This made everyone look at you. You grab Ashton's wrist and dragged him out of the room.

"What?" he asks innocently.

"You three are making me paranoid!" You say.

"We are? I haven't noticed," he says smugly.

"Did you purposely plan this?" you ask.

He simply nods his head. You groan.

"Are you trying to make me yell it out?" you ask.

He doesn't say anything. He just looks behind you.

"Yell what?" you heard Luke ask.

"That I like Calum!" you yell.

You threw your hand over your mouth. You slowly turned to see a grinning Calum. He quickly came over to you and kissed you.

Luke: You were with Luke at your house. You had been texting Michael 'bout your crush on Luke. Luke had stolen your phone because you were not paying attention to him. You were chasing him around your house.

"Luke! Give it back!" you yell as you chase him.

"Never! Who are you texting anyway?" he screams as he runs.

You were about to say something when your phone buzzed. Your eyes widened as he went to read it. You literally jumped on Luke. But it was too late. He had read the message. You quickly snatched your phone back. You ran into the lounge and scanned over the text from Michael.

You should tell him already! He doesn't stop talking 'bout how your SO PERFECT!!!

You looked up from your phone and saw a blushing Luke.

"Is that true?" you ask.

He slowly nods. You jump up and tackle him in a hug. You two fell onto the couch.

"Good, 'Cause I like you to," You say as you kiss his lips.

Michael: You were having your weekly movie night with your girl friends. You were talking during the movie not really paying attention. All of the sudden your phone started ringing. You looked at it and saw Michael was calling.

"Who is it?" your friend Mackenzie asks.

"Michael," you say.

All of the girls started to squeal. You silenced them. You answered your phone.

"Yes? Okay. Alright, I'll bring them over tomorrow. 'Cause I have friends over. Ok. Bye." You say to Michael.

You set your phone down on the table thinking you hung up.

"So? Y/N, Tell us have you told him yet?" one of your friends asks.

"No, I have not. Not yet," you say "I don't think he even likes me back."

"You should tell him soon! He might not be on the market for long!" Mackenzie squeals.

"Like I said Michael might not like me back," you say with a sigh.

There was a silence that was broken by a voice through your phone.

"I like you too Y/N!" you hear Michael yell.

"Oh my god!" you say your face flushing in embarrassment.

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