5 Seconds of Summer Imagines & Preferences

There will be requests for the imagines :D


9. Ashton Imagine


You were hanging out with your best friend Kailey (Yes you have a friend named Kailey). You two were at the mall shopping for new outfits for the Christmas party you two were throwing. You two were currently in Rue 21 looking for the perfect outfits.

"Y/n! come look at this outfit," Kailey yells across the store.

You sigh and walk over to where she is. When you get over to her you see her holding a red and white outfit. I give her a suspicious look. She grins and walks over to me.

"Since everyone is giving us the presents for the secret santa thing, I thought that one of us should dress up as a sexy Mrs. Clause," she says with a smirk.

"Alright. What size is that?" you ask.

"(Your size)," she says with a mysterious gleam in her eyes.

You sigh and take the outfit. You and Kailey kept shopping for an hour after that. When you two were finished you guys went to your house to get ready.

"Y/n! Are you ready yet? Everyone is arriving soon," Kailey yells across the house.

"I'm ready!" You yell back.

You were wearing a red sweater that said 'Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal' with black leggings. You had a black beanie over your curled (h/c). You were also wearing your silver studded converse. You had on a pair white pearl earrings. You had put on some 'Our Moment' perfume.

You walked out into your lounge to see Kailey wearing a red baby doll dress with red heels. She had on white earrings, a white pearl necklace, and a white pearl bracelet. She had also grabbed her red hand bag. She had hung up her knee length white coat.

"You look great Kailey," you say.

She jumps and turns around. She gives you a once over and sighs.

"What?" you ask her.

"Your not wearing that," she says.

"Oh yes I am," You say "If I have to wear that sexy outfit later I will wear what I want."

She sighs and gives in. After twenty minutes everyone starts to arrive. When everyone arrived they gave you the presents for secret santa. After you finished putting all of the presents in your room and in a big bag the door bell rang. You ran towards the door and answered it. Standing outside the door was non other than your four best friends.

"Boys!" you cheer.

"Y/n!" they cheer back.

They walk inside and hand you presents. You quickly run and put them away. When you got back from the room the party was in full swing. You went around greeting all of your guests. After a while you ran into Michael and Calum.

"Mikey, Cal! Where are the others?" you ask.

"Lashton went to look for you," Calum says.

"So Lashton left Malum?" You ask.

They nod. You laugh and continue to talk to the two boys in front of you. You kept talking until you felt a tap on your shoulder.

"Secret Santa time!" Kailey says.

You sigh and nod. You quickly say bye to the two boys and rush to your room. You quickly change into the outfit. The outfit consisted of a red and white halter top, a short red skirt with white fluffy trim. You also wore a red hat with white fluffy trim. You paired that with a pair of black knee high boots.

You grab the bag and walk out to the lounge. Kailey saw this and told everyone to gather around the sofa. You blushed when a few people wolf whistled at you. You walked over to the sofa and sat down. You started to call out names for presents. Then it got down to five presents. You took one out.

"Michael," you read.

"Luke," one read.

"Calum," another one read.

"Ashton," you read the present from you.

"And finally me," you say as you pull out the last present.

After everyone got a present they started to open the presents. You opened yours to find two outfits. One of the outfits was a sweatshirt with a British flag on it, black skinny jeans, grey combat boots, a red beanie and a butterfly ring. The other outfit was a red knee length dress with elbow length sleeves, black tights, grey heels, a white beanie, and a ring with a little wolf on it.

You loved the outfits. The look was just so you. You looked up to see Ashton looking at you with a smile on his face. You gesture the outfits as if asking him if the outfits were from him. He nods sheepishly. You grin and gesture for him to give you a hug. He came over and gave you a big hug. When you two pulled out of the hug he looked down then back up and blushed. You looked down too see that your outfit is a lot showy. You quickly rushed of and changed back into your outfit from before.

When you walked out into the lounge you instantly spotted Ashton. You walked over to him and taped him on the shoulder.

"Hey," you greet him.

"Hey," he greets back.

You guys talk for a little while until you see a mistletoe lowering down between you two. You giggle and look around to see Michael and Calum with a fishing pole smirking at you. You look back at Ashton only to have his lips crash onto yours. You two kiss for a minute. You pull back for a breath. Ashton rests his forehead on yours.

"Y/n I have liked you for the longest time. Will you be my girlfriend?" he asks.

You grin and nod. "Yes!" you say.

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