5 Seconds of Summer Imagines & Preferences

There will be requests for the imagines :D


10. Ashton for Mack<3s1d

Your POV


You and Ashton were sitting around his flat with the other band members. The three other boys were playing Fifa while you and Ash cuddled on the sofa. You were half way asleep when Ashton asked you a question.

"Mack? Do you want some pizza?" he asks.

You simply nod. You sit up and stretch. Michael gets up and hands you your phone. You give him a confused look and turn on your phone. You chuckle at your lock screen. It was a picture of Michael doing a 'sexy' pose. You unlock you phone and dial the pizza place.

"Hello Mackenzie! The usual?" Sam- a worker for the pizza place- asks.

"You know me so well. But make it a triple," You say.

"Alright. You know the drill," he says and hangs up.

You toss your phone onto the coffee table and look at Michael. You smirk as you get an idea. You pick your phone back up and quickly text your best friend Pyper.

Hey want to come over to Ashton's? xx ~M You ask.

Aren't you two getting alone time? xx ~P She replies.

Nah. The other boys are over. ~M

Sure! On my way! :P xx ~P

Pizza is on its way! xx ~M

You smile as you put your phone back down and cuddle back into Ashton. After about five minutes you hear the doorbell ring. You sprang to your feet and raced to the door. As you opened it you motioned for her to be quiet. She nodded her head.

"Mack! Is it the pizza?" Michael yells to you.

"No! Its something better!" You yell back.

"What's better than pizza?" He asks with a laugh.

You and Pyper walk into the lounge. As you two walk in Michael stops laughing and blushes. You smirk as you grab Pyper's wrist and drag her to the other sofa that isn't being used.

"Seriously! You boys need more females around!" Pyper says as she looks around the lounge.

"Yeah we do," Luke comments seriously.

You and Pyper burst out laughing at his facial expression as he said that, while Luke smiles and chuckles. The others glare at Luke. After your laughing fit with the other female in the room the door bell rings again. Pyper gets up and goes to get it. Michael instantly jumps up and rushes to the front door. You smirk and jump into Ashton's laugh.

Michael and Pyper walk back into the lounge with four boxes of pizza. You got up and took a box of pizza. You sat down with Pyper and share two boxes together. The boys give both of you two weird looks.

"What?" Pyper snaps at them.

"Two boxes?" Calum asks.

"Yea, so what's your point?" you ask.

"Never mind," Ashton says as he hits Calum.

"That's what I thought," Pyper snaps and takes a piece of sausage pizza.

You take a piece of pepperoni pizza. You and Pyper finish both boxes of pizza within and hour and a half. The boys were on their second box when you and Pyper finished. You looked at the boys and smiled. You looked over at Pyper and gave her a mischievous look. She gave you the same look and you two grabbed controllers and changed the game to Call Of Duty. You two started playing and started to get really competitive. After the game you both had tied and Ashton and Michael were staring in awe.

"That was hot!" Ashton and Michael said simultaneously.

You and Pyper giggled. You ran over to Ash and jumped on his lap and kissed him passionately. After you two pulled out of the hug you saw Michael kiss Pyper.

"Guess we don't have to set them up or anything," Calum says with a smirk.

~After everyone leaves~

"Want to stay the night?" Ash asks sleepily.

"Sure," You say as you yawn.

Ashton picks you up bridal style and carries you into his room. When he puts you down you take off your clothes and pull on one of his shirts. You climb into his bed. He gets into bed with just his boxers on. You two cuddle together and fall asleep soundly.


 Here you go Mack<3s1d. Sorry I got a little carried away there!!!!! If you want ill make you another one!!! Love you!!!!


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