Shes bisexual ...

I have a huge crush on my best friend ( Jenna ) , I love her brown hair , brown eyes and I love squeezing her boobs , she thinks it's to play around but it's not , we haven't kissed yet but I'll do what ever it takes to kiss her . As for me , im kylie but I'm bisexual but I mostly date girls ! I have brown and blonde inbred hair and hazel eyes �� also the thing is Harry is trying his best to get with me ... But I just wish my best friend will sleep with me . Harry always touches me and I let him sometimes when I get hrny for Jenna . What am I doing anyways ?

Will kylie fall for Harry but what happens if Jenna falls for her ? Will they're touch friendship rot ? Will Jenna find another guy or will kylie get some from someone else ? What will Jenna do if she finds out kylie has a crush on her or when she finds out she's bi ?
* read to find out *


1. meet the characters :)

Kylie >

Hey doll . I'm kylie I'm 18 years old and my bestfriends name is Jenna ! I'm bisexual but she Dõsęnt know ! We have a flirty wild friendship I'll tell ya that ;) we sometimes go to parties and makeout . She thinks it all a joke but whatever .

I have brown and blonde ombré hair , hazel eyes , and light tan skin . I'm 5'7and I work in a modeling agency ! Which is pretty cool I do a lot of swim suit modeling so I meet a lot of hot girls and get to stare at their small cute asses :) but speaking of ass I have a pretty big one :) which is a blessing . #twerkinggod

Jenna :

Hello ! I'm Jenna and I'm 16 years old , my best friend is 17 which means she's 2 years older . We have a weird And wild friendship ! I'm straight :) my boy best-friends name is Harry styles ! From one direction ! I have black - dark brown hair and I look like Selena Gomez just saying 😂👌 I am pretty short I'm 5 " 2 ! So yea kylie is pretty tall ! But there is some thing odd about her it's like she always stares at me with googly eyes . Well my mum is always on buisness trips so I pretty much own the house ! Also me and kylie are the #twerkinggods

Harry : hey I'm Harry ! I'm sure you know how I look like :) I have a huge ass crush on kylie ! She's so hot and her ass I just wanna see it Twerk for me ! Oh yea she can Twerk ! Hoping one day kylie will persuade Jenna to throw a party and I'll get one of my mates to dare Jenna and kylie to give me a lapdance and Twerk so I can just .. Ugh she's so hot !

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