Uncovering Windsor

Windsor Stacia Morginston, the fat girl at school, the girl no one likes, except for her best friend Liam. Her protector and oldest friend. But when Liam leaves for One Direction, Windsor decides to turn her life around. But what happens when she is reunited with Liam in college, but he doesn't recognize her? Tell him who she is, or have a chance to start over and fall in love...?


5. Nice to meet you...I think...

Windsor's POV:

I struggled carrying the heavy boxes. It was my last round up to my dorm and I had 3 huge boxes. I started to walk towards the building. I quickly tripped and fell, dropping the boxes along the way.

"O my gosh, let me give you a hand" I shot my head up. I knew that voice... That voice that was once my comfort zone. I looked up, it couldn't be, could it? My Liam, my Liam was in front of me. I nearly fell again.

"Whoa there, easy does it, here give me a box. Oh! I'm Liam by the way. Liam Payne." He extended his hand. Did he not recognize me? Then I remembered... new body, new hair, no glasses. Of course he wouldn't recognize me.

"Stacia, nice to meet you"...I think. I shook his hand.

"What floor?"

"What? Oh, uh 3." I stared at him, it was all I could do. I didn't want to tell him. We didn't exactly leave at the best point. I didn't want him to think of me as that girl who confessed her love to him and then ran.

We made way to my dorm. My dormmate, Rachel, was basically Maggie and Ally in one person. Class A Bitch. I opened the door and all I smelled was nail polish.

"OMG Stacia do you not understand?!! CLOSE THE DOOR! I don't want people seeing me paint my- oh hello hottie" She said when she saw Liam. Slut. She got off her pink bunk and walked toward him and traced her nail on his 6 pack, "You're just so delicious," she whispered very loudly into his ear. She then licked his ear. EWWW. Liam pushed her off, "Sorry, I'm in love with someone else"

Oh yeah, the famous Liam Payne is dating that one model....I forgot that he had gotten over me so quickly.

Liam's POV:

This chick was weird. I mean, who licks ears?? Plus, it was uncomfortable with Stacia standing there. She was extremely pretty. She sort of reminded me of something... but I couldn't quite think of it.

The blonde slut then huffed and went out of the room, leaving me with Stacia.

"Hey so thanks with the boxes and everything..."

" Oh yeah! Sorry..." I started to leave, then remembered something, "Hey there's this bonfire tonight, sort of a welcome thing to the freshman. You want to go together? Just as friends obviously...."

"Uh, sure, one sec." She got her iPhone out and handed it to me. I gave her mine and we swapped numbers. That's weird, she already has a Liam in here, somebody else, obviously. His name was under Liam Goofs. That's weird, Windsor used to call me that. What a coincidence We switched phones back.

"Uhm, I'll text you the details. I'll be here at 7 to pick you up" I said, she nodded and I left the room.

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