Uncovering Windsor

Windsor Stacia Morginston, the fat girl at school, the girl no one likes, except for her best friend Liam. Her protector and oldest friend. But when Liam leaves for One Direction, Windsor decides to turn her life around. But what happens when she is reunited with Liam in college, but he doesn't recognize her? Tell him who she is, or have a chance to start over and fall in love...?


6. Getting to Know Her Better.....Again

Windsor's POV

I had an hour to get ready until my childhood best friend came to pick me up...I could do this. I hopped into the shower while blasting some Two Door Cinema Club on my speakers. Not to be rude or anything, but my best friends music wasn't the greatest.... I jumped out of the shower and put my hair into a fishtail, making the unruly curls manageable. I looked through the boxes that contained my clothes for something to wear. I decided on a white crop top that read "I am a women of power and mystery, who's power is only exceeded by her mystery" I felt it appropriate for the occasion. I paired it with high waisted black leather skinnies and a black leather jacket. I jumped into some combat boots with white laces. For makeup, I put a rim of black eyeliner around my eyes, making my grey contacts POP. I also put on some dark purple lip stain. I was about to sit on twitter when I heard knocking. And so, more lying begins...

"Hey Stacia, we're matching." he said, and he was right. He looked really good in his black jeans, white top and black leather jacket.

" Oh man I'm sorry. Here lemme change..." I started to scramble for more clothes, ashamed of how ridiculous I looked.

"No! No, it looks good, you should keep it on. I like that we're matching." He said with a smile.

"Uhhhh...Ok" She scrambled to turn of her music and get her stuff. She really did look amazing. Her crop top showed her stomach and drove me crazy. She had perfectly sculpted stomach.

We walked down the hall and into the elevator.

"So, I noticed the British accent. Where are you from?" I asked, trying to start some conversation. The elevator reached the bottom floor. We walked out and got onto the side walk.

"Uhhh... Wolverhampton..." She said.

"Oh hey! That's where I'm from! Weird we never met before..." I said and it was. Wolverhampton wasn't that big, after all.

"Yeah....weird..." She said. Something was wrong with her but I didn't push it.

"So, I also wanted to thank you for not flipping out on me when you saw my face. You know, me being in One Direction and all" I said and I was genuinely grateful.

"I barely recognized you, I don't really listen to Pop music," she said, "Also, I don't see the need to fangirl. I mean sure, you're good looking, but basically you're just a guy who gets paid to sing." Thank God, finally someone who understands that I'm just a person. Wait, did she just call me good looking? I could feel myself start to blush...

"So, if you don't listen to pop, what do you listen to?" I asked

"Mainly Indie and alternative, and this may sound weird, but classical and jazz, too.." She started to blush.

"You're exactly like my childhood best friend." I said, she reminded me of Windsor...I missed her, to be honest.


"No! It's not a bad thing! She was great and one of my greatest friends. But I missed out on her, and ruined the best thing that's ever happened to me...." I said, great Liam, way to put a downer on the conversation....

I felt her hand on my arm, comforting me.

"I know how you feel, same thing with me and my best friend. If only I could turn back time..." She started to move her hand away and I missed the warmth, so I grabbed her hand and held it. It was weird.... it felt so familiar, yet so distant. I looked down at her. She smiled up at me.

Windsor's POV:

He grabbed my hand. It felt so nice. I missed holding this hand so much, and now it felt nicer with my hand being slimmer. I knew that nothing could happen between us, that would make everything harder when we left university. I tried to change the topic.

"So, Liam, what are you Majoring in?" I asked, genuinely curious on where my boy was going in life.

"International Relations and Political Science. What about you?" He said.

"Anthropology with a minor in Russian." I said. Yeah, Russian. It was a cool language.

"Oh, that's hard. You must be smart." he said.

"Not really, I got bullied a lot in school so I never concentrated in class..." Shit, why did I say that. I already messed up and told him he was hot, did I really need this too?

"Oh my God, that's terrible, I don't get why anyone would do that to you, I mean, there's nothing they could say." He said. Awww Sweet. But he was there. If he knew who I really was, he would know.

"Well, I was a morbidly obese teenager. I changed after a major person in my life left, and gave myself what you see know" I said, motioning to my body.

"My best friend was obese, but she was the most beautiful girl" He said. I started to tear. I sort of minimized emotions from myself after he left, so everything was coming out at once. I quickly started to cry. Thank God my make up was waterproof.

"Oh my gosh, why are you crying?? Was it something I said?" He started to panic, which made me panic. Which made my asthma act up.. no inhaler. SHIT.

"Inhaler!" He said, then looked shocked as he realized he hasn't said that in a while. He then realized my inhaler wasn't here. He reached into his pocket and pulled one out....What?

"Here," I took a puff, then a big breath, nice to breathe again,"I used to carry that around because my best friend also had asthma. Guess I never got rid of the habit."He looked distant as he said that and I could tell he was upset because he thought he was the reason I was crying.

"I wasn't crying because of you..." I whispered. He looked down at me and I wanted to tell him so badly, and it took everything in me not to...

" I was crying because you saw the real her, under the obesity. You saw it when no one else did, and coming from personal experience, that is a GREAT thing." I said. He looked at me....

"You really think that..." He whispered. He turned toward me.

"If I didn't, I wouldn't have said it." I whispered back. He wiped off left over tears and leaned closer and closer. His face was so close I could smell his breath.

"EHMAGAHHDDDD LIAM PAYNE!!!!!OMG I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!" Three girls came rushing towards him.

"Sorry, Continue this later..." He whispered and walked to the girls, giving them hugs and autographs. I saw the bofire from where I was at. Time to parrrttaaayy

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