Uncovering Windsor

Windsor Stacia Morginston, the fat girl at school, the girl no one likes, except for her best friend Liam. Her protector and oldest friend. But when Liam leaves for One Direction, Windsor decides to turn her life around. But what happens when she is reunited with Liam in college, but he doesn't recognize her? Tell him who she is, or have a chance to start over and fall in love...?


4. A New Start

Windsor's POV:

*2 years ago*

I saw his text and balled. He loved me. I would miss him so much. I know that one day, we'll cross paths again...

*present day*


Daniel in the Den by Bastille blarred into my ears. I was running through London. That's right. The fattest girl in school, now running 4 miles a day. After Liam left, his text was my motivation. I lost weight, changed my name to my middle name, Stacia, grew out my hair, got contacts, and watched my weight. I went from size 14 to size 4. It's been great.

I whizzed through the streets pushing myself beyond limits. We got to a crosswalk, showing the signal to not walk. I stopped and started to jog in place. I looked forward and saw a group of about 5 guys. They turned and I could've sworn one looked exactly like my Liam. I was about to look harder when the walk signal came and they drifted into the crowd. Nah, it wasn't him, no way. I sprinted through the last mile, making it to my flat exhausted and sweaty. Worth it.

"HONEY I'M HOME!" I yelled. It's what I always did at 7:30 AM to wake up my sister, Wren.

"SHUT UP I AM SLEEPING YOU HEALTH FREAK" I laughed to myself and went to shower. All of my stuff was packed away because tomorrow, I leave for Brown University all the way in Rhode Island, USA!

Liam's POV:

Ever since X Factor, life changed dramatically. One Direction became the hottest boyband, management made me start dating this uber hot model who is really a bitch but is just for publicity, and I have gotten over Windsor.

Today, me and the lads were back in London, on our way to the recording studio. I looked behind me at a cross walk and saw a really hot girl running in place. She looked sort of like... nah I didn't get ahead of myself. But it still got me thinking about her. I wonder what happened to her....

Anyway, I got better things to think about, like how today was my last day with the lads before we went back to schooling. I was heading to the one and only Brown University in America.

A/N: So how ya liking it?? Feedback and suggestions would be great. kik me for suggestions or if you want to be in the story : guru344

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