A Sinner's Nightmare

A man with no memory and no recognition of his surroundings wakes up all alone. He must journey through the present as well as the past and find a way out of an unreal nightmare.


3. Memory Lane

     "Marlene get me more beer, NOW!!" I bellow. She walks in with another can, looking angry. She pops the top and sets it down a little bit to hard and the lager spills over me. I jump up instantly. "You miserable cow! Can't you do anything right!!" I shout. She cowers and I raise my hand as if to smack her. "What the!!" I say waking up. "Wha.." I massage my head and everything comes back to me. The room, the darkness, the creature. I stand up noticing this time I'm not tied down. I examine the room and see the walls are carpeted in rows and rows of spikes. Some of them broken, some of them missing. Some of them bloodied. "I don't like the looks of this." I mutter. I see the door and attempt to open it. Locked. "Duh." I say. I hear a series of creaks and shrieks as old machinery is activated. With a shudder the walls inch closer. "Oh shit!" I curse, I'm going to be crushed!! I push against the left wall carefully and avoid the spikes on it. Now I'm sliding across the floor. Something moves in the corner of my eye. I turn and see a panel has slid open and inside of it are three levers. I run towards it. "I bet one stops the walls." I say. I pull the first one. The walls stop instantly. "Yes!" I cry. With a loud clicking noise the walls start moving again, but twice as fast!! "Noo!" I shout! I pull the next one. Nothing! I pull the last one and a panel in the middle of the stained floor swings open. I have no choice I'll be crushed! I run back towards the middle if the floor. The walls are so close they scratch and tear the sides of my arms. I run and run and run and....fall? I did it, I fell through the trapdoor! But unluckily I'm free falling and falling! I scream as the blackness swallows me up. And all I can do is plummet and plummet.

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