A Sinner's Nightmare

A man with no memory and no recognition of his surroundings wakes up all alone. He must journey through the present as well as the past and find a way out of an unreal nightmare.


2. Confronted

    *CCRREEEAAKKK* I cursed, the stupid door is gonna give me away! Luckily no ones inside, unluckily still no ones inside. "Crap!" I say angrily. I look around, the room I'm in is an exact replica of the one I just left but with a brand new desk in the middle. Brand new desk? "Someone's been here recently." I say. I then look carefully and see two things. A fire axe and a silver key. I take both and notice another door. Carefully I open and enter. I stop cold, frozen. I can't describe whats in front of me. It was in the shadows, but I could see enough. It was a huge hulking figure with arms as thick as poles and twice as long. His body was unaturally long, he must've been 14 feet! Whatever he was, he wasn't human. It wasn't facing me, it hadn't heard me! Just when I turned around to leave a voice startled me. It spoke in a deep voice like if a infinite abyss could speak. "Your awake." It said. I was to terrified to speak! "Welcome to a place I like to call.......hell." He gave a raspy laugh. I couldn't move. That's when he turned around. His face? Oh god his face it...it....was gruesome. His right side of his face looked normal except it was webbed in scars and cuts with pieces missing. His left was a different story, it was nothing but muscle and bone. It was as if someone sliced the skin of the left side of his face and the skull was showing. Now I was mortified. Then with a flourish he pulled a gas mask down his face and picked up his weapon. It was a 12 foot long steel pipe studded with valves and taps. It was also covered in blood. I then under stood the gas mask, he then pulled out a black cylinder and threw it with inhuman speed and strength. It hit me in the nose and next thing I know, I was on my back as the black thing hissed and hissed. Filling the air with noxious fumes. Last thing I remember before losing concousness was him descend on me slowly and with purpose. Then everything was black.

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