A Sinner's Nightmare

A man with no memory and no recognition of his surroundings wakes up all alone. He must journey through the present as well as the past and find a way out of an unreal nightmare.


1. Awake

   Unaudible whispers, light as dingy and dull as my clothing. Nothing recognizable. No one recognizable. Everything becomes clear, I now see the room. I must be underground because the walls are made of soft dirt. I try to stand and something prevents me from doing so, I am bound and tied to two rusted pipes sticking out of the walls. I hear a faint drip, drip, drip of water dripping from the ceiling. They fall into a large muddy puddle in the middle of the gray cement floor. "ANYONE HERE!!" I call. No one answers, no one can hear me scream. I shake my head,"This is no time for references of scary phrases." I chide myself. I am about to call again when a thought stops me, a scary thought no one wants to have. Who am I? I look down at my clothing, dingy and dirty T shirt over scrawny jeans. I see my pockets bulging, I shake my lower body hard. A knife! And a wallet and phone tumble out with a noisy clatter. I quickly look to see if anyone heard me, there is only one wooden door in the middle, no one enters. "Ok, let's see." I pull as hard as I can. SNAP! I am rewarded with a tearing noise, the strap on my left hand breaks. I then bend over, pick up the knife and quickly cut of the right strap. "Phew." I say as I gently massage my sore wrists. I check my wallet. Empty, except for a 100 dollars. "Fat lot of good that does me!" I say. I check the phone, a cracked android glints at me. It's been completely erased. "Now I'm worried." I murmur. All I have is a fishing knife, a 100 dollars and a wiped phone. "Great, just great." Wait! I can call the police! I excitedly turn on the phone to see two extremely discouraging things, one no service and two, 7 percent battery. I watch as the phone dies in my hand. "Now what?"  I look at the door and shrug realizing I have no choice, I do something incredibly stupid, I open the door.

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