One day that never came

Lexi Adams isn't very popular in high school. It is the end of senior year. One girl had it in for her. Perrie. Lexi hated her and Perrie hated Lexi. When they see each other again they help but compete.


2. Now!

Hi I am Lexi. I am 21 years old and didn't go to college I went to Flight attendant Training. I am now a flight attendant for Royalty Airlines.

"Hi Lexi. This is Suzy from Royalty airlines. Your on the Private flight 277 to London at 8:30." Suzy says. I sign. Private Flight always have some posh rich Man. "Great!" I said aloud.

*beep beep beep*

My alam clock goes off. "6:00" I say.. I get up and have breakfast the change into my blue royalty airlines uniform. It a blue shirt with a blue skirt that rested on my waist and black high heels. I tie my long blonde hair in a low pony tail and place my hat and coat on both royalty airlines. I call my driver (comes with the job) and I am on my way to the airport. When I get there I pass by my own company friends and salute just as they do.

"Lexi I am so glad your here." My best friend Rose says. "Why? What's happening?" I say panicking. "We are on One direction's private flight" she squeals. I sign "great!" I hate one direction.

We board the plane first and look around getting familiar with the plane. We finish looking and stand by the door waiting. We hear voices coming. Harry, Niall , Louis , Liam round the Corner. "Welcome aboard Royalty's private airlines." I say they nod their heads. Then Zayn comes around with a girl. A girl I know. Perrie. "I will be right back." I whisper to rose. I walk towards the food section. Just as I hear rose say "Welcome aboard." "Thanks" Perrie says sweetly.

I walk back through. "Take the wine and beer"Rose says "why?" I ask. That's normally her job. "I might drop it" she replies. "Ok" I say grabbing the trolley. I go to the first section where Four boys were. "Good morning! Do any of you care for any drinks?" I say in my flight voice. "I will have a beer" Louis says I pour it. "I will have coffee" Harry says "me two" Liam says I pour two coffee's "Milk or sugar" I ask. "No thanks" they both said . "Sir do you want anything?" I ask Niall. He just stares at me. "Sir?" I ask again. "Niall?" Harry shouts. "What yes please coffee no milk or sugar" he says still looking at me.

Niall's POV

"Good morning! Do any of you care for any drinks?" This women says. I will have a beer" Louis says She pours it, still smiling. "I will have coffee" Harry says "me two" Liam says she pour two coffee's "Milk or sugar" she asks. I look at her name badge. 'Lexi.' "Sir do you want anything?"She asks me. I just stare at her perfect blonde hair and stunning blue eyes. "Sir?" She ask again. "Niall?" Harry shouts. I wake up from my trance. "What yes please coffee no milk or sugar"I say still looking at her. She was beautiful. She walked into the next room. "What happened?" Louis asked "I don't know!" I replied still looking at the blue curtain separating the rooms.

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