One day that never came

Lexi Adams isn't very popular in high school. It is the end of senior year. One girl had it in for her. Perrie. Lexi hated her and Perrie hated Lexi. When they see each other again they help but compete.


1. 3 years ago

Lexi's POV

"breakfast!" My mum shouts from the kitchen. I get up fast and run downstairs grabbing my plate and running back up, when you live with three brothers you learn to eat fast or not at all. When I am upstairs, I decide to get dressed before breakfast. I dress in a crop top and shorts. I ate my breakfast and then sat down on my bed with my laptop and log into face book. Finding three messages from Cora, Lucy and Jade 'Perrie's follow'.

Cora: Hey girl. Just two more weeks then freedom

Me: yep can't wait.

Lucy: can't wait till tomorrow. New car!!!!

Me: omg can I have lift in it????

Jade: Bitch, notice u went on holiday!!

Me: Good Bitch to you too

There was honk from outside and ran to my window to find Lucy."I am coming down" I shout from my window "hurry" she replies.

*skip to school*

We walked in Cora joining us as we walk through the doors. "Love the knew bag Lex" she says. "I know is it to die for?" Lucy says. I laugh "thanks guys my mum got it!" I say. When I get to my locker. Jessie is waiting. I walk up to her. "Can I help you?" I ask her. Opening my locker. "Nope just standing here" she says smirking getting out her phone. I walk off to Cora's locker. "That's weird"I say. "What's-" Lucy starts but is cut of by Perrie.

"You little Bitch" she says. I turn around "excuse me" I said. "You heard me right." She says I just turn to walk away "where did you get your bag from?" She questions. "My mum! Why?" I said "Oh little posh girl here got another thing from her parents." She says. I turn towards her "your posh snobby and rich" she says "stop it. You need to get your story straight before making accusations." I say getting angry. "Do I really?" She says some people laugh. "Tell me something? Did I ever say I was rich? Did I ever say I was posh? Did I?" I ask she turns away. "That's what I thought. Just because I have a big house and many presents doesn't mean I am rich!" I say "last time i checked it does" she said. There were 'ohhs' "I am not rich. I save. Our house had been in our family for ever! That mac eddy has HE saved up for. That phone Tom has HE saved up for. That car I drive WE saved together and this bag I have is the only thing I have that my mum herself got me. WE SAVE UP!" I shout. "We are still better than you! We will become someone better Than you! You Just wait!" She says "Honey please" I say and walked away.

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