mental ↠ m.c

adjective: mental 

1. of our relating to the mind.
“mental faculties”
synonyms; intellectual, cerebral, brain, rational, cognitive,
“mental faculties”
antonyms; physical 
• carried out by or taking place in the mind.
“a quick mental calculation”

2. of or relating to disorders of the mind.
synonyms; psychiatric, psychological, psychogenic.
“a mental disorder”
• informal 
insane; crazy

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1. 0.0

I walked through the mental hospital, my feet were tired making me walk slower.

I opened the door to the cafeteria, it's been two years since I've been here. I've lost him, the love of my life. it was my fault, all of it. I got my tray and sat down in my table.

“ hello steph, ” michaels voice rang, it was here it always was but I could never truly see Michael Gordon Clifford.

“ I hope you're doing okay without me in this place. ” he said, I chuckled.

“ really? that's what your going to say at a time like this? ” I asked,

“ just trying to built memories. ” he mumbled, I shook my head.

“ why try to create memories if your not here? ” I asked.

“ you know I miss you right? ” he asked changing the subject, I nodded and ate the old nasty meatloaf.

“ I miss you too ” I mumbled and ate silently.

“ don't worry, you'll be with me, soon. ” he said and left me questioning his statement.

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