Luke Hemmings. Singer. Teenage Heartthrob. Celebrity. Jerk. 17 years old. Male, obviously. Newest Student at Sydney Arts, school for the specially talented.

Clara Benson. Photographer. Not a teenage heartthrob or a celebrity. 16 years old. Female, obviuosly. Student at Sydney Arts, school for the specially talented.

Two completely different personalities. Two completely different lives. Two completely different people.

WARNING: Some language, and lot's of... DRAMA!

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3. Chapter 2 ~ Pranks and Perverts

Clara's P.O.V.

Megan dragged me towards Luke. Hannah hoping like a rabbit next to her. I could see Like smirking at me, and new immediately that the littlest bit of liking for him that I had was gone.

"So, you're the three beautiful girls who will be escorting me." Luke said, cheekily.

Why is everything he says cheeky?

"Oh save it. Let's just get this flacking tour over with." I snapped.

Megan sent me another death glare.

She smiled at Luke, "Please excuse Clara here. She apparently left her manners in our dorm this morning."

He replied, "Oh, it's fine. Megan right?"

"Yeah." She blushed.

"Well you have a beautiful name. So can we see the music room first?" He asked flirtaciously.

Megan and Luke were in the front, while Hannah and I walk behind them. Luke was clearly trying to hook up with her, but Megan took no notice of it. 

I tapped on Hannah's shoulder. She looked at me, startled. 

"I've got an idea." I said smirking.

She got a gleeful look it her eye. We tippoed away from Megan and Luke. 


"So, what's this plan of yours? Is it a prank? I love pranks!" Hannah squealed.

I smiled, "It is a prank. We need to show Luke that he can't just come here and expect us to instantly like him. I mean we aren't like all of the other self-centered betches. Are we? No."

"Um, I should probably put this out there, but I think Megan already fell into his trap. I haven't yet though!" 

Hannah has a point. Megan is deep, too deep. Niall won't be to happy about this. 

"You're right. That's why Megan will be our main target. We're going to need a metal pole with a hand attached to it, and blue hair blue."



"Okay. We have the stolen blue hair spray from the hair and beauty wing. The metal pole with the fake hand attached to it that we made. Now-" I was interrupted by Hannah.




"No. I stole from the science labs. Now can I continue. Wait don't answer that. Now we need to get in our positions." I replied.


We scurried into the hall where Megan would be taking Luke next to see the Art wing.


"Okay get on that plant and position yourself where they can't see you but you'll still have a good aim at Luke's head. I'll stay here so I can do my duty." I whispered.


We heard footsteps nearing us down the corner.


"In this wing we teach Art. The teachers are very- OW!"


I swung the pole and hand and Megan's butt.


"Why'd you do that?!" She spat in Luke's face.


"Do what?" He asked.


Megan huffed, but kept walking. I hit her again. Then twice more. Which was Hannah's que to spray the hair spray onto Luke's hair. Now you may not think that hair spray, the spray dye, is not that bad because it can come out easily. But this one was made in the labs, so it's harder to get out, and sometimes it stains.


"WHAT THE ACTUAL @2$*! Stop spanking me. I will not tolerate this. You're just like all the other perverted boys that go to our school. I'm leaving. Enjoy yourself." Megan yelled.

Hannah sprayed the hair dye into Luke's hair. He looked in the mirror to fix his hair, but screamed when he saw that it had turned into a bright blue. He quickly ran away in the direction of the hair wing.

I fist bumped Hannah when she got down.

"Score- 100 Claire & Hannah. -100 Luke. Our mission here is done."




Update! Yay! I hope I didn't keep you waiting too long XD  I attached a picture of Kendall :) BYEEEE!

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