Love birds


"Forever I promise..u better promise me to NASH"

We will be forever I promise

But nothing lasts forever things always fall apart

"As my favorite quote is don't sink stay afloat"


1. New chapter

"Ryder get you're ass down here" coming mom I walked Down stairs to her stuff packed uhh mom were ya going "I'm going on a bisness trip for 6 months" ok I said and plopped down on the couch "look Ryder I left over 5,000,000 dollars for you on the counter and I think you know the rules". Ya ya no boys no party's don't let anyone in the house stay out of ur room go to school and spend the money wisely "ok we'll that's all bye ry" bye mom I said got up and orderd some pizza then called over some friends and we'll got ready I had till 4:00 to get ready and it was 3:30 so I had to get going with my shower then I curled my hair after I put on my bathing suit top with my short shorts and over my top a belly shirt with some neon pink vans and walked down stairs with a 20 for the pizza here ya go sir I said "oh uhh thx" I walked him out and sat on the island in the kitchen and started eating DING!!! I'll be right there I yelled and hopped of the island to open the door hey cam,Aaron,hannah,maghoney,Matt,Jacob and Taylor wait were is Nash ? I said in a sad tone

"He's on a date with some ruby girl" Taylor said oh we'll uhh there's pizza and if any of u want Nash's special peice u can have it I said

"Uhh Ryder are u mad" Mahoney asked we'll ya I am I really like Nash and he's on a date with a girl that's not me I said and started crying "look don't cry over Nash ok I know someone who really likes you" who I said "Taylor does". Really? "Yea he only talked about you" but I I can't taylor is my brothers bestfriend "Shawn will get over it" no he won't hell go mendes mad on me" 😝 mendes mad lol" yea it's when u don't talk to them for a year and I'm just getting out of one of those that's y I'm home alone I said laughing


ok my cup cakes how do u like this book so far good bad or just one of those STOP books also I don't know who Cameron or Shawn's girl friends are yet so comment some things about you and a pic mabie thx also how do I put pics on these books so I can show u what they look like ?

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