Love birds


"Forever I promise..u better promise me to NASH"

We will be forever I promise

But nothing lasts forever things always fall apart

"As my favorite quote is don't sink stay afloat"


2. how it seems

Nash's pov

I left the boys and went on a date with a girl who I don't like I'm only doing it so that her bro won't ask out Ryder. I like Ryder a lot and I know going out with another girl is not helping me right now I bet she's pissed that I did not come over today but I'll come over later around nasher time when we cuddle and eat brownies cas it's around the time of the month for her >_< but I cuddle away her pain once she bled on my pant leg cas she didn't know she was on her period yet haha her cheeks were plasterd in a dark ish red color she was so imbarrassed and that same night she puked and got sick I was there for her the wole week.

Ryder's pov

After every one left Nash called me and asked if he could come over I said no and hung up the phone then called Mahoney

M- whhhaaat ry

R- I'm gonna move to Cali next week with my brother for the first week of summer

M- ok uhh who else knows

R- no one but tell every one except Nash and don't let them tell him

M- why are u doing this ry

R- to show Nash what life without me is like

M- good Idea

R- I'm gonna add cam to. Are convo


C-heyy guys what's up

R- nothing just packing up my stuff

C- why

M- she's moving to Cali with Shawn

C- no she's not HAVE U TOLD NASH

R- nope and we're not telling him he went on a date with ruby and now he lost his best friend who he knows likes him

C- true he was not thinking about you but me and Tay were

M- mmm I bet u were cam

R- we'll bye guys and with that I hung up to finish packing my stuff then I went to bed

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