and so he kissed her once. then twenty more times. which left him at an odd number, and he hated odd numbers, so he kissed her once more.

//in which luke meets emma and he says hello four times.//


1. one

but is it really nice to meet me?

she walked across the hall, standing in front of apartment 22. she knocked three times, like any normal person would do. but there was no answer. she expected someone to answer - she had heard that there was a boy who stayed there all day. she was about to turn around, when the door swung open. "i-i was waiting for you to knock a fourth time." he said quietly. she awkwardly reached up, striking the door with her fist for the fourth time.

"hello." she said, smiling.

"hello. hello.." he replied, his eyebrows furrowed. "hello.. hello." she was a bit confused as to why he said hello four times, but she didn't question it. "i'm emma. i live across the hall." she gestured to her apartment. "i'm luke. i live... here." he said quietly, mumbling the last three words due to there being an improper pause.

"it's nice to meet you." she smiled. he wondered how she managed to keep smiling. "it's nice to meet you, too, emma." he replied, although he was wondering how it could possibly be nice to meet him.

"well, i'll see you around i guess." she said, and he simply nodded before closing the door. once, then twice, then twenty two more times. because he hadn't closed it quite right the first twenty three times. and then he gave himself tome to regret every word he'd said. he could have said something better, or more noteworthy. and did he mispronounce something? he couldn't recall. he could recall, though, how beautiful she was. but she'd probably never talk to him again, now.

that's what kept him up until three am.

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