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This story is about Lola, a 17 year old girl and she and 5sos are really close friends. And that's al you need to know for now :)


2. truth or dare

Chapter 2:

Lola POV.

Okay, so what would you guys like to do? i ask. 
Truth or Dare! Michael yels.
Okay you go first Luke, i say.
Truth or Dare Asthon, Luke says.
Truth, Asthon said.
Did you ever had a boner thinking about Lola? he ask with a serious look on his face. We al started to laugh because Asthon was getting really Red.
Yeah... he said whispering. i can feel that my cheeks are starting to burn. 
Okay, Truth or Dare Lola, Asthon said quickly.
Dare, i said.
I dare you to, to kiss Calum with tong for 15 seconds.
Okay, i said. I walked over to Calum and I sat on his lap. We started to kiss but i know for sure that it was taking longer than 15 seconds.
Get a room, Michael said. 
We already have a room but you are in it to so its not my fault, i said with a grin on my face. Michael sticks his tongue out at me and I stick my tongue out at him.
Your turn Lola, Calum said.
Truth or Dare Michael, i said. 
Dare, he said.
I dare you to take your clothes off and run around the block and to yell, LOLA IS FUCKING HOT I WANT TO FUCK HER, i say with a smirk on my face. Michael took his clothes off and was headed for the door. The boys and i followed him and watch him run around the block. When he was finished he came back in and put his clothes back on. We played for a long time and i had kissed al the boys because of dares and i don't mind, because i have played this game with them a thousend times so its nothing special any more. 
Truth or Dare Lola, Michael said.
Truth, i say.
Who would you like to fuck the most out the fore of us, he said with a stupid evil smirk on his face. 
Dare, i simpely said. 
Okay, i dare you to answer question, he said with a more evil smirk on his face.
No i am not going to answer that question its mean and i can't because i have never have sex with you 4 boys so i don't know, i said simpley. 
Well lets find out then, Asthon said.
What do you mean? i ask in panic.
We could go find out. We all fuck you and you tell us who you liked the best, Michael said. The 4 boys looked at me and where waiting for my answer.
Okay, i said. 
What did you say? Luke ask.
I said okay, lets do it, i say with a uncertain look on my face. What the hell am i doing?!

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