who's better?

This story is about Lola, a 17 year old girl and she and 5sos are really close friends. And that's al you need to know for now :)


7. My day with Michael


Chapter 6:

Michael POV.
Today its my day and i'm going to show Lola that i'm the best. I'm going to be in charge. And i know for sure she will screaming my name today.

Lola POV.
Today i my day with mikey and i have no idea what i should expect. But i have made up my mind about Luke and Ashton. I know which one of them i like the best. But i'm not going to tell. Its like 9 PM and Michael hasn't shown up yet. Thast what i tought. I heard the door being unlocked and there is Michael. 
So should we start because i want to hear you scream my name, he said winking at me.
Hello to you to and yeah we could start and i don't know about that screaming, i said sticking my tong out. He walked over to me and he had his hands on my waist. I could feel that i started to get goosebumps everywhere.
Oh relax i'm only going to fuck you, he said with a sexy voice. He started to lean in and than we kissed. I kissed back and our lips move in sync. He picked me up and I put my legs around his waist, not breaking the kiss he walked to my room and when we were there he threw me on my bed. He started to strip to only his underwear and i could feel that i started to get goosebumps again. He came over to me and he sat on top of me. He started to feel me and soon my shirt was off. And my pants, and the rest of my clothes. He started to kiss me on my breast and i started to moan. But than he stopped. I looked at him and than he looked back at me.
I have an idea, i said winking.
And your idea is? he ask.
Lets play titanic, you be iceberg and i go down, i said winking again. He said that in an interview and i had laught my ass of because of that. He looked at me and started to laugh.

(a/n hey this is the youtube video where he said it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IaITicAF7-w)

When we were done with playing titanic we were going over to kissing. He took of his boxer and he did the condom on. He looked at me and started to push his dick in me and OMG he was big! He was fast from the beginning and OMG i like it. He was so good. i starded to moan and i started to go through his hair and than he started to moan. His moans are so fucking sexy. 
O my god Michael your moans are so hot, i said out of breath. 

*At the same time*

Ashton POV.
Today was Michaels day and tomorow its Calums day. I hope that that i'm going to win because the boys and i have made a bet. The one who wins gets 50 dolars from the others and is going to ask Lola on a date. And i have liked Lola sinds i met her for the first time. So i hope i win.

*back to Lola and Michael*

Lola POV.
I love this so damn much. He is so good. And he isn't afraid to be hard and rough. I could feel that i was going to come. And a few minutes later i came. But he didn't stop he just keep going on. Soon he came but he still didn't stop. He keeps going and omg i love it. We both came a seconds time and than he came of me and lie next to me.
O my god Lola you are amazing, he said looking at me.
Thanks, you to i said looking back at him. We looked at each other and started to lean in. We kissed and than we were going for round two...

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