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This story is about Lola, a 17 year old girl and she and 5sos are really close friends. And that's al you need to know for now :)


5. My day with Luke

Chapter 4:

Luke POV.

I'm making myself ready to go to Lola. I think its a little weard because she is such a good friend to us. When i am ready i text Lola that i'm on my way.

Lola POV.
Luke just texted me that he is on his way. I had cleaned up my apartment and i had condoms in my room. I think its a little weard that i'm doing this because i have known them sind we were fighting about our bottle of limonade. And now i am gonna have sex with the 4 of them, its just weird. My thoughts were interrupted by the doorbell. I opend the door to see a verry handsome Luke standing there. I didn't know what to say so i just let him in and i'll see how it goes. 
Hey, he simpely said.
Hi, is al i could bring out my mouth.
So what do you wanna do first? he ask.
Lets go watch a movie, i said.
Okay wich one? he ask.
why don't you pick one than i'll go get some food, i said with a smile.
Okay, he said with a smile on his face. I walked to the kitchen and i grabbed some popcorn and chips. When i came walking back i saw that Luke was al done with picking a movie. 
So what movie are we going to watch? i ask already knowing wich one it would be.
Mean girls, He said.
I knew it, i said.
What is that supposed to mean? he ask trying to look offended.
Nothing i just know you and you like that movie even though its a chick movie, i said with a grin on my face.
Oh just shut up and come sit, he said.
I sat next to him and because we always watch movies laying down, we dicided to do it even though we are going to have sex later the day and it could be awkward. 

The movie was almost over and Luke was really liking it. They were at the prom and they were about to kiss but then the tv fell out. 
WHAT THE FUCK, i yelled. I looked around and i saw that the power was off. 
Nice, i said. I walked to the door to look if my neighbours had the same problem. I walked back in side. Some neigbours had the same and others had there power still on.
The power is off and some neighbours have the same problem, i told Luke.
That sucks because now we don't know how it end, i sad. He walked over to me and stood verry close. 
I can show you how it end, he said with the most sexy voice i have ever heard. He started to lean in and then we kissed. The kiss is getting more passionated and before we knew it we were in my room. 

He started to strip down to his boxers and i stript down to my bra and underwaer. He looked at me wide eyes. He whas checking me out.
Take a picture and it will last longer, i said with a smirk. He walked over to me and started to kiss me again. We were laying down on my bed now and he took off my bra and underwear. He started to kiss me again and he started to go down to my neck. He started to give me hickeys in my neck and than he took of his boxers. I looked at him and than i looked down. His dick was really big! Before we go on with what we are about to do he grabbed a condom and did it on. Than he looked at me and he started to push himself in me. He started to trusht and he was getting faster and faster. I liked it a lot and i started to moan.

O my god Lola your moans are so damn sexy, he said. I looked at him and he looked back at me. He started to kiss me everywhere and i started to moan again. When he stopped kissing me i started to kiss him in his neck. Than he started to moan. And before i knew it i could feel that i was about to come. Luke i am about to... I know me to, he said interrupting me. And before i knew it i came and he came a few seconds after me. He rolled of me and than he lay beside me.
That was... Nice i said. Luke looked at me like i was grazy.
Nice? it was weird as fuck, he said.
I know but it wasn't that bad, i say.
No it wasn't that bad and btw your moans are fucking sexy, he said. I could feel that i started to blush.
Should i go or can i stay a little longer? he ask.
You could stay untill midnight, i said reminding him about rule number 2. He nodded and than he wraped his arms about my waist and than we snuggled up to each other and than we fell asleep. 

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