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This story is about Lola, a 17 year old girl and she and 5sos are really close friends. And that's al you need to know for now :)


8. My day with Calum

Chapter 7

Lola POV.
So today its Calums day and i can't wait to it to be over because its really weird. I don't know when he comes and i don't care because i know what is going to happend.  I was just thinking about today and tomorow when the doorbell rang. 
Shit, not now, i muttered in myself. I walked to the door and when i opend it i didnt saw Calum, i saw my ex Jonah. I tried to close the door but he stook his foot between it. 
I wanted to talk to you babe, he said looking at me.
Yeah you want to talk but i don't and don't call me babe, i said looking pissed at him. 
Do you realy want to piss me of because you know what i will do with you, he said raising his hand to hit me. Just before his hand hit my face, he was pulled away.

I saw Calum pushing Jonah away and screaming something at him. I saw them fighting and then i saw that Jonah walked away and i just stood there shocked. I looked at Calum and than i saw that he had bleeding nose. I walked over to him and than i saw that he was limping and i decided to help him. With my help we walked in to my livingroom and i sat him down on the couch. I came back with a first aid box and started to clean his nose. When that was done i looked at his foot. It was swollen and blue. It wasn't bleeding so i can't do something about it. I looked at calum and i saw that we was already looking at me. I looked at his beautyful eyes and he stared in mine. We started to lean in and soon we were kissing passionately. His hands were going from my waist to my breast and he started to kiss me in my neck. I started to moan but than he stopped. I looked at him with a face like WTF go on and he started to chuckle. Then i decided to tease him to. I started to kiss his neck just like he kissed mine but in stead of just doing this i laid my hand on his dick and i could feel that he was getting tensed. I started to chuckle and than i stoped.

He looked at me with lust and i started to bite my lip. We started to lean in and we kissed again. And suddenly we were in my bedroom and we both were almost naked?! He was kissing my neck again and soon he started to give me hickeys. I started to moan and i pushed him down on my bed. I kissed him on his lips and he kissed back. And than we were both fully naked. He grabbed a condom and did it on. He pushed himself in me and he was going fast but gentle. And i liked it. Why do al the boys have to be amazing, i said in my head. I could feel him getting faster every second and o my god i love it. I started to moan and than i decided that i would take charge. I rolled us over and i was on top. I started to move my hips. I heard him moan a lot. And i started to chuckle. But that he rolled over again and he was in charge again. And now he was even faster. And soon enough we both came but he didn't stop just like michael. Now he started to go slower and man i like it to. And he was so gentle. And we came again but he still didn't stop! Now i wanted to be in charge again and rolled over again. I started to move my hips again and Calum started to moan. We continued to do it this way and than, you guess what, we came again.

I rolled of of him and we were both out of breath. We looked at each other and than i looked at the clock. It was 9 PM. Calum stood up from the bed and started to get dressed. 
Ca-Calum, i said shy.
Yeah Lola, he said sitting down again.
Thank you that you helped me with Jonah, i said looking at my lap.
No problem because your my best friend who isn't a guy, he said, and i love you.
I love you to Calum, i said. We hugged each other and than he walked away. 

(a/n btw they love eacht other as friends)

And now i have to decide who i liked the best. 
Luke: fast and sexy.
Ashton: first shy than faster, sexy talk.
Michael: hard en rough.
Calum: hard but gentle.

It's the hardest decision I've ever had to make.


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