who's better?

This story is about Lola, a 17 year old girl and she and 5sos are really close friends. And that's al you need to know for now :)


6. My day with Asthon

Chapter 5:

Lola POV.
I woke up and i think about my day with Luke. He was gone now and today was my day with Ashton. I don't know what to expect. But i am going to see in a hour because he just knocked on the door.
Hey Lola, he said with his famous smile.
Hey Ashton, i said.
I hope your day with Luke was fun but with me its going to be much better, he said with a smirk. I started to blush.
So what do you want to do? i ask.
I wanted to take you to the movie, he said. 
Okay which one? i ask.
You see, is al he said.

*skip car ride*

The Fault In Our Stars. Thats the movie we are going to? i ask.
Yes why? Ashton ask.
OMG thank you Ashton, i said giving a kiss on his cheek. 
I knew you would like it, he said with a smirk on his face.

*during the movie*

They were at the point of the movie that they kissed in the anne franks house. Its so romantic. i started to drooling about it. Ashton saw it and started softly to laugh.
What? i ask whispering.
Your cute when you are watching a movie, he said. We looked at each other and started to lean in. But just when we were about to kiss a girl behind us said something to us. 
Can you please do that somewhere else because i can't see the movie when you do that, she said with a bitchy voice.
I looked at Ashton and he looked back at me. We started to laugh realy hard and people around us started to say, shut up and ssst and stuff like that. When we were done laughing they were done with the movie and we just stood up and walked to Ashtons car.

When we came to my house again we started to kiss. And soon enough we were in my bedroom. He started to kiss me in my neck and i started to take of his shirt. And in 2 minutes all of our clothes were on the floor. He started to kiss me everywhere. He looked in my eyes and he was going down. 

When he was done with me i couldn't take it anymore. I need him now and i need him fast.
Ash, Ashton, i moand his name.
What is it Lola? he ask smirking knowing exactly what i wanted. He grabbed a condom and did it on. He started to push himself in me and it felt so good. He started to trust and i started to moan.
Lola you are so fucking tight, he said. Its like Luke didn't fuck you at al. I couldn't say anything because my body was weak and only could let moans escape my mouth.
You like that, he said still trusting very slow.
Ye-yeah, i said. But than he started to go faster. And when i say faster i mean realy faster. 
O my god Ashton, i said moaning a lot. than i could feel that i was about to come.
Ash i can feel that i am about to come, i said.
Not yet, you can't come until i say so, he said. I nodded but i could feel that i couldn't hold it much longer.
Okay Lola in 3, 2, 1 NOW, he yelled. We both came and than he rolled of of me. We just lay there and we didn't say a word. Than Ashton stood up and dressed himself.
Hey Lola, it was fun we have to do it again, he said winking at me. When he was gone i thought about what just happend and how i liked so far out of the 2 boys. I can't dicide. But tomorow is Michaels day and i'm afraid of what he would do with me. But i know for sure that its nothing like the last 2 times, thats for sure.

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