who's better?

This story is about Lola, a 17 year old girl and she and 5sos are really close friends. And that's al you need to know for now :)


4. Lets start!

Chapter 3:

Lola POV.

Well lets find out then, Asthon said.
What do you mean? i ask in panic.
we could go find out. We all fuck you and you tell us who you liked the best, Michael said. The 4 boys looked at me and where waiting for my answer.
Okay, i said.
What did you say? Luke ask.
I said okay, lets do it, i say with a uncertain look on my face. What the hell am i doing?!

Are you sure because it doesn't seems like it, Calum said.
Yeah why not, i said.
Okay so what are the rules? Luke ask.
I make them, i said.
First rule: You al get a day with me, you can choose when you want to do it. After midnight your day is over.
Second rule: Its in my house. You leave after we are done unless i ask you to stay.
Third rule: You don't gonna push me to tell how the others are, if you do i seriously kick you in de balls.

fourth rule: I am going to take my time to decide who i liked the best so don't ask me, i don't say it untill i know for sure who i liked the best.
Fifth and last rule: We never speak about it after this and we won't do it again, is said.
Okay sounds good, Asthon said.
So who is going to start? i ask.
Me, Luke said.
Okay and who is going to be second? i ask.
Me, Asthon said.
Okay, third? is ask again.
Me, Michael said.
Okay so Calum is last, i said. We start tomorow and untill than we don't gonna talk about it, i said with a laugh.
Okay, Michael said laughing to.

We started to talk again but in the back of my mind i was scared for what the next 4 days will bring me. 
Are you thinking about my dick already Lola? Michael ask with a stupid smirk on his stupid face.
No i wasn't thinking about your dick Michael, i said rolling my eyes. I decided to go home because we were getting bored. 
Bye guys, i said i gave them al a hug and walked to the door. 
SEE YOU TOMOROW, Luke yelled. I just waved at him and walked to my home. This is going to be interesting, i said to myself.

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