who's better?

This story is about Lola, a 17 year old girl and she and 5sos are really close friends. And that's al you need to know for now :)


10. And the winner is...?

Lola POV.
I think i know who i like the best and i’m going to call them right now. It took them a little while pick up but when i told them that they had to come over they didn’t say bye but instead they hung up. I thought to myself how i could tell them but than my door opened. Than i could feel 2 people sitting next to me.
So? Ashton ask.
So? what, i ask.
Who won? Luke ask.
I don’t know if i should say it… i said.
Yeah that was the deal, now go on, tell the guys that i won so that i can celebrate, Michael said.
Yeah, i should probably tell them, i said smirking. I saw that he wanted to scream. And so he did it.
YESSSSSSSSS!!! he yelled, IN YOUR FACE, he said pointing to the other boys. They looked really mad.
I’m happy for you but you don’t have to be so mean, Ashton said looking quit upset. Whats his deal? he could have know that he could lose.
Who’s second? Luke ask.
You, i said looking at him. He smirked.
Third? Ashton ask.
I’m not gonna tell because i don’t want to hurt the fourt one, i said.
Ok, Ashton said a little mad.
Well because i won i wanted to ask the guys something, Michael said holding his hand up. The other 3 guys took something out of there pocket and than i saw them giving Michael… money?
Thanks guys, Michael said smiling.
What the hell, i said.
We had a bet, the losers have to give the winner 50 dollars each, Ashton said looking pissed at Michael who was holding his money.
Oh, i said, did you won something else in this little bet of you? i ask looking at Michael.
Yeah, i wanted to ask you on a date with me, Michael said getting redder every second. I looked at him in shock, i’ve always had a crush on Michael but i didn’t wanted to ruin our friendship.
Yeah, i-i like that, i said blushing. I looked at him and i saw him blushing too. He is so cute when he’s blushing.

Ashton POV.
I saw Lola blush when Michael ask her out. I hate him right now. I’ve loved Lola since the beginning but i knew she liked Michael. You could see it in her eyes when she looked at him. I want her to look at me like that...


(Hellooo, so Michael won and Ashton is in love with Lola which you already knew but now he is jealous as fuck so if you think its sad for Ashton say #poorAsh in the comments, byeeee)

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