Round & Round

Jason McCann/Justin Bieber, gets charged for something and gets into jail.. Where he meets Cameron Smith. She is a cop. The two of them start talking and it changes into something it shouldn't


14. Chapter 9

I liked being the one the other obeyed. I liked being in charge. I sat down at my desk and started writing a report on Francesca. I had to interrogate her in a few hours. My ex best friend. She was always so polite and sweet, but after high school she changed. She started getting tattoos and wear black clothes. Then she ran away. I thought she was dead. I didn't know her the last time I saw her. Now she had stabbed her boyfriend and shot someone. How did she end up like that? I had to ask about her past. To find out if it was something mental or just because she was crazy.

The few hours passed by and I was on my way to the interrogation.

I started recording and looked at her. "So Francesca Olsen.. Can you tell me who this is?" I asked her and showed her a picture of her boyfriend. "It's my ex boyfriend" she said coldly, "he's so ugly I don't understand what I saw in that guy." I looked at the picture. I thought he was kinda handsome. "What's his name?" I asked looking at her. "It's Caleb Rivers" she told me. She didn't have any guilt in her eyes. She didn't look sad. She looked like she didn't care at all.

"So um.. Someone stabbed him which caused his death" I told her, "do you have any idea of who that is?" She nodded, "it was me." I frowned. I knew she did it but I didn't know she would be that quick to confess. "Okay.. Why?" I asked her. "Because he cheated on me" she said, "and I stabbed him." I nodded, "okay. Then you did kill Caleb Rivers." "Yes I did.. I killed Caleb Rivers.. I stabbed him but I didn't know he would die. I don't really care though.. He's better off dead anyway" she said. I looked at her shocked then cleared my throat. "Um okay Francesca.. Do you know this girl?" I showed her a picture of the girl she had shot. She nodded, "it's the one he cheated on me with. It's Bailey Gibson." I nodded and continued.

After the interrogation I went to my bosses office. "Olson confessed every single bit of it" I told him. I was kinda shocked. "You recorded it?" he asked. I nodded and gave him the chip. "But court's not for another 6 months" he said. "I know sir but she confessed" I said. "Well good job Smith" he smiled, "if you please will make a report.." "I'm on it sir" I smiled and walked away. "Smith" my boss called. I went back to his office. "What sir?" I asked smiling. "Can you tell McCann that court's the May 6th? It's 2 months" he said, "he just have to answer these questions first.." "Yes sir" I nodded and grabbed the piece of paper. When I came back to my office, I asked David to bring McCann in there.

I started on the report about Francesca. I had all the papers all over my table when it knocked on the door. "Come in" I mumbled and the door opened. "McCann as you asked for Smith" David said. I looked at him smiling, "thanks David if you just place him in the chair right there.." I pointed at the chair on the other side of my table. "Bye" he said and walked out.

"I'll be ready in a sec" I said and put all the papers into a folder and placed in my locker. Then I sat back down and opened a new document on my computer.

"So Justin I have a few questions about the day you know" I smiled and looked at him, "my boss told me to ask you about this.." He nodded, "okay go ahead." "So.." I continued asking him all the question. When I was done he stood up. "Can I get these off?" Justin asked. I nodded and locked the door, "sure but not for long.. I have to finish my report." I unlocked his handcuffs and placed them on the table. Then he grabbed my waist and mumbled, "you're beautiful Cameron.. Very beautiful." He had never said something like this to me before. Not like that. I decided to smile at him instead of saying anything. Then he placed his lips on mine.

"You have to be honest with me Justin" I said when me pulled away. He nodded, "I am.. Why would you say that?" "I'm afraid that... When you get out.. You'll leave me" I looked into his eyes. "I'm gonna be honest with you Cameron" he said, "I don't wanna leave you.. But I've never been good at relationships.. So I can't promise you anything.. But I don't wanna leave you. Trust me!" I nodded, "okay.. Me neither. We might just run away together or alone." "Probably" he mumbled and kissed me again. "I've always been good at running away you know" he told me. I looked down, thinking about when I ran away. Maybe I should tell him.

"Me too" I sighed. He was finally opening up. He was acting weird. He was acting normally. "Everything's fine?" I asked him smiling. He nodded looking wondering at me. "It's just.. You seem so calm today" I said. He shrugged, "I don't know.. Maybe I'm just happy to see you." "Did I tell you that you're going to court May 6th? Aka in 2 months?" I asked smiling. He shook his head, "no you didn't!" "That's amazing Cameron!" he exclaimed, "I'll be free soon.. In a year or year and a half.. But it's soon to me.." I chuckled, "it is amazing Justin!." He kissed me roughly and when he pulled away I could see his eyes had changed. No more sweet guy for me. He kissed my neck and started undoing my shirt as I taking off his coverall.

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